Send your story

Dear writer,
please read this article before you start writing your story. This will help you write your story well.

On free Indian story, you can send your sexy story by email to

If you want to send a story, then read the following points once and send your story accordingly.

Story sending guidelines- 

1. Writers are not paid any money.

2. The story should be written in English only, if a story copied from any other site or any part of the story is found, the story will be canceled.

3. It should be at least 2000 words.

4. The story should not be under 18 years of age, the story should not be based on animals and force.

5. There is no phone number, home, office, business, school, college address in the story. You can give your email id in the story.

6. There should be no point against any religion in the story.

7. There should be no sexual invitation in the story.

9. The size of the paragraph should be short.

9. Punctuation should be used according to need.

10. The story should be complete in itself, incomplete story will not be accepted.

11. Write a nice title of the story.