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Sex Story-Younger Sister

Updated: May 15, 2020

My name is Pankaj. First of all let me tell everyone that this is not a fictional story its a real story, this happened to me recently…now I will tell my experience…

I m 20 years old and my family consists of my father, mother, my elder sister, me and my younger sister…my elder sister is married and lives in another city..my younger sister is 2 years younger to me and we share same relations as a normal brother sister would…I am a MBA and got a job in an MNC as associate software engineer… my joining date was after a few months…now coming directly to the story… It was July and my sister had just joined a college to pursue her graduation. It was starting of her 1st semester and thus she was a bit excited to start the college life.But a couple of weeks before her semester start, our parents were to go to some relative’s function which was in another town. however it was decided that they will go there leaving both of us as we were not kids now. My parents left for the function the very next day and we were left at our home alone. I had no wrong intentions and everything was normal till then.we cooked food at night and then we slept at the same bed(which was pretty normal for us) after watching some TV and doing chit chat…

The next morning I woke up but still lying on the bed started using my mobile.after a few minutes my sister woke up as well and she also kept lying on the bed(it’s hard to get up in the morning). As I was busy in mobile, she tickled me on my foot . I asked her to stop but she again did this. now I kept my mobile aside and held her legs and tickled her continuously to which she became uncontrolled. she asked me to stop but I did not, then she said she will not do it again and I left her.

But she again tickled me. now I was in no mood to spare her and I sat on her and started tickling her on her neck and belly. while I was doing it, my hands touched her breasts and for the first time I was shook from inside. She didn’t realize it and was continuously tickling and pinching me. I then went to, my side of the bed and laid there, she then came to my side and kept one hand on my neck tickling me slowly which was unintentional from her side.

I then hugged her and said please let me sleep for sometime and stop doing that, when I hugged her she stopped suddenly and rested herself. I didn’t had any wrong intentions till then and I just wanted to sleep, i pulled off my pillows as I felt uncomfortable. When I pulled off my pillows, my face was a few inches away from her neck and we both were still hugging each other. At that moment, she came more close to me and my face was on her neck.

This was the 1st time I sensed something unusual, she was not moving and was breathing heavily. We lived at that position for about 5 minutes neither of us courageous enough to take the next step, then she again pressed me towards herself and now I don’t know how but I kissed on her neck to which she responded in a long breath…I lost control on myself and started to kiss her neck passionately and we both were started by now.

I placed my body on her and passionately sucked and kissed her neck. It was our first ever experience, I wanted to place my hands on her boobs but I had no courage to do that. But suddenly she opened her legs and placed me in between them. I then lost control and took my hands to her boobs and we both shook heavily and she pulled me towards her. I placed my one hand on her boobs and slowly kissed her and went up to her chins.She closed her eyes and I kissed her cheeks.

All this never made her loose grip on me and she was pulling me closer and closer. I then planted a kiss on her lips but she did not respond. But I continued to suck her lips for long. I then took her one hand in my hands and tried to keep that on my dick under boxers. But she pulled her hands away. Now I was very horny and tried to remove her t shirt but she resisted. I did not forced her and continued to press her boobs, after sometime we separated and without uttering a single word went to do our works, the day was hard and we did not face each other much.

I was in guilt but I don’t know why I was planning what I would do at night. I thought I would hold myself as much as possible. But one part of mind was telling me 2 be ready..In this dilemma I decided that I will be ready for everything but try to not let anything happen. I then went to a medical store about 2-3. far from my homework that no one sees me and bought a pack of condoms and 4 Viagra(I didn’t know how it exactly worked but I heard that it increases stamina). I came home and kept it safely, my sisters friends had come to our home so I got out of there to my friends in park near my home. The night came and we as usual ate our food and went to sleep.

I was getting mixed thought of whether to do anything or not. I then placed one of my hands on her waist but she went away from me. I didn’t try again and thought to sleep but I was not able to, with loads of thoughts going into my mind I didn’t knew when I slept.

The next morning I woke up and found my sister’s hand on my chest and she was half asleep I guess. I don’t know why but I started caressing her hands, she came close to me and turned my head towards her breasts. I was no more in a dilemma and my mind had decided to go with the flow. I started to kiss her passionately all around her upper body and she was a bit wild as well. I then went up and again kissed her lips. She did not respond but was not resisting as well.

I continued to kiss her for a few minutes and decided to go down, i slowly went down continuously kissing her and parted her legs. She did not stop me but held my hairs. I then started to kiss her pussy from over her pyjama and she moaned which made me horny. I started to bite her pussy and she was moaning loudly..I did this for 10 minutes and then took out my boxers and freed my cock. I decided to undress her and went up. She again resisted but this time I didn’t wanted to give up.

I kissed her and again tried to take her top off. She now didn’t stop me and I pulled off her top, there she was in her bra and closed eyes. she then directed her face and body away from me and I was facing her back. I thought she was ready for everything now. I now pulled out her pyjama and she covered her pussy area with her legs in shyness. I then pulled her close to me and stared kissing her back with my one hand caressing her pussy, she was wet .

I straightened her and got over her, she was not watching me and closing her eyes. I then took off her bra and saw the most beautiful sight I have ever watched. Her boobs were medium sized with brown nipples. then I took off her panties as well and she was very uncomfortable. I then started to suck her boobs and she pushed me towards them while I was constantly running hands over her pussy, she moaned . I decided to make her more horny and went down..she was well shaved down there.

I then licked her pussy and her moans were becoming louder. I thought this was the time. I took out the condom from under the bed and put it on.it took me some time as I was simultaneously rubbing her pussy with one hand. I wore it in a couple of minutes and was ready, i looked her face and this was the first time she was opening her eyes and looking at me. I parted her legs but she was hesitant.

I then laid on her and comforted her through kisses..she was nervous and so was I.I then stood up and guided my dick towards her pussy, she shivered and moved here and there, i then put my dick in her pussy and gave a slow thrust, she pulled the bed sheet tightly and was in tears and cried. I went to her and kissed her lips and for the first time she was responsive. We kissed for a while in that position tears continuously running over her cheeks.

I now stared making little moves and she was still in pain..after about 5 minutes of slow thrusts and kisses, she was calm and then I stared making big moves…we were in missionary position and I was kissing her boobs and neck all the time..after 10 minutes I came and we laid there for an hour without talking and moving....next day we did it for 5 times from morning to evening....next day she told me her pussy has swelling and our mom dad cam back home.

It has been 4 months from that incident. We talk normally nowadays but we did not make out after that..

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