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Sex With Teacher in Train

This is my first sex story and real one Sex with teacher in First Class AC coach. Firstly, I would like to tell about myself. I am a 6 feet tall, dark, handsome guy. Although I never measured my penis size but since I belong to science community, I can say my size is around 8 inches.

The story goes back around two and half years. I was travelling in Mumbai Mumbai Rajdhani First Class AC coach. I always have been a very decent and silent guy. I used to study mathematics and solve problems whenever I get time. Same thing I was doing that very fateful day.

At around 9 o’clock in the night train arrived at surat Junction and a beautiful lady boarded the train. I was quite busy in understanding theorems, so I just give a look at her and continued my work.

After the train started, she in a very low tone asked me. Lady: Hi Me: Hello Lady: What are you reading? Me: I am solving some higher algebra questions. Lady: Ohhh. Me : Yep Lady: I am also a mathematics teacher in a Mumbai College. Me: Nice to meet you, I am a data scientist in a MNC. Lady: Nice to know.

After this I continued my work but somehow I wasn’t able to concentrate anymore. So I just thought, why not to have a chit chat anyways it’s a long journey somehow the time has to be passed. I asked her about her life and her experiences.

Me: So how it is in Mumbai College. Lady: Good but these days students are not that interested in studies they just want to do something else outside home. Me : That’s true. Lady: Are you married? Me: No, not yet. ( Although I can clearly see sindur on her forehead, but still I asked) Me: Are you married?

She was an intelligent women she understood I am just trying to have a conversation starter, she asked me, ” what do you think?”. I in a flirty manner said, “From your looks no, but from your bindi and sindur yes”.

She smiled and said, ” Nice way to flirt”.

She was much more comfortable than usual opposite gender strangers in train. The reason may be my looks and my study background. Whatever it was, it was a good start.

Slowly I started asking her about her personal life, what her husband does and all that. She told me that her husband is also working in MNC in London and since last 2 years he has been there only and she went to us only twice so she has not met her husband in the last 1 years.

When she was saying that I can see a gloom on her face.I immediately understood the cause but chose not to respond.

It was getting colder in train and as we all know that in railways the bed sheets are not that good and clean. So I started searching my bag, if I have any. But unfortunately or fortunately I didn’t. She understood that and asked me at least for the time TC will take to arrange new bed sheets, I can share hers.

I was also quite ok with it and agreed to her. The moment I said yes I found a little smile on her face. I thought that this could be my chance because that lady was damn sexy, her figure was 34-26-34, height around 5’7″, body tightly draped in light blue saree, kajal in eyes, light lipstick and beautiful hairs. A perfect material for marriage. We both sat on the same seat, and started watching a movie. In that movie some hot scenes came. We both started feeling hot. I can clearly feel her breaths got speed up. But I was waiting for her to make the first move. And it happened. She hold my right hand. When I look at her, she just close your eyes and whispered, please don’t judge me, I just want a pleasure any lady wants. Somehow I am feeling connected to you. Don’t waste time. Life is very precious and youth is very small.

Listening to her I found myself also to be somewhat connected with her and I put my lips on lips.

They were like pellets of rose. It was not my first time but undoubtedly they were the best lips I have ever touched upon. I started slowly rubbing my lips on the lips and waiting for her to make the next move. And again my patience gave me a very sweet fruit. The intensity of her desires was slowly increasing.

She started forcing my lips to open so that she can put her tongue inside me.

Till now I kept my hands in control. But now I started using them. Slowly I put my hand on her waist. And using , that 6 inch gap between the blouse and petticoat where the saree was tied , very judiciously to increase her craving for a manly touch.

I started rolling my fingers on her back and my first finger slowly moving from the front of her stomach to the back line of her waist. She was that much lost in my kisses and my touch that she did not open her eyes for about fifteen minutes.

Than slowly I made by hand moved in blouse from the back. She was wearing a very tight blouse, so only my fingers could enter.

Friends, one single tip to all the inexperienced guys. Always wait for the correct moment to make your move, believe me girls will fall in your feet for sex.

With my middle finger I was reaching strap of her bra and kissing her lips continuously. I slowly went to her ears and kissed her ear lobes. I whispered in her ears. Let me Unleash my love on you. She replied, ” I am all yours.”

I switched off the lights of the lights the compartment and removed my shirt. While doing so she stooped me and said, ” let me have the pleasure”. She came close to me and removed my shirt. As I regularly do gym, I had a good chest and abs. After my shirt is removed, she slowly went down to my jeans and unzip it.

She was amazed by looking at my size and said in exclamation,” my goodness this big, your girlfriend is very lucky”. I said how did you know that I have a girlfriend. She said, the way you kept patience an experienced guy only can keep.

I replied, ” you are smart woman, let’s not waste time.” She directly kept my penis in her mouth and gave a beautiful blowjob. I stroke on her face and her complete clothes get rinsed by my cum. I said I will clean, than I removed her pallu and slowly removed the saree. I must say, ” with every cloth I was removing , I was unleashing Gods beautiful creation. After removing everything I went down and sucked her pussy. I did till she did not reach the orgasm.

Then I asked her to lie down, and put my penis on her vagina and gave a little trust. I did not enter fully but still she cried. I put my lips on her lips and one again put some trust. I pierced her tight vagina and enters fully.

Within a minute or two, she was in seventh heaven and so as I. We finished first round and slept like that only. That night we made three times. While getting down at Mumbai we exchanged our contact numbers. We are still in touch and whenever I get opportunity I meet her and if possible we make out.

This is a real story. Presently, I live in Ahmedabard

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