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Sex Story- Younger Cousin

Hi all! I’m Vinod, 35, working as an executive in a private firm in Ahmedabad. I am married to Manisha, who is an attractive and innocent woman.

Like all, I am too passionate about sex. Though my sex life with my wife is very very satisfactory, I watch porn sites now and then. Sometimes we both watch porn and have sex afterward. Ours is an arranged marriage.

I have has a few crushes with some girls, but have never fallen in love with anyone. My one only sex mate was my wife Manisha. This was only until a couple of weeks ago.

The last Sunday of 2017 gave me unforgettable memories in my life. I never ever had thought that I would have sex with my cousin. Let me explain it elaborately.

Neha, 28, is my Chithi’s daughter. She was residing in her husband’s own house, near my area in Ahmedabad. She, along with her husband and two-year-old daughter, was migrating to the US on 31st, as her husband got a good job there.

Neha’s parents, my Chithi, and Chitthappa are in Rajkot. I am the only close relative to them in Ahmedabad. So they all came to my home to send her off. My cousin had packed all her essentials and had dumped additional things on the top floor guest room and had rented her home a week before itself.

Her family was staying in my home for the last week. On 30th we all went shopping. After that Neha’s husband gone to give a party to his friends. We returned home after dinner by 11.

When I was about to go to bed, my cousin called me and said that she had kept some jewels in her house. As it is unsafe to keep jewels in a closed house for a long time, my wife and Neha’s mother advised her to bring here and keep safely in my home.

As the airport is in the opposite direction to her home, we decided to go and pick the jewels now to save time in the next morning. I took my bike and went to her home with Neha.

The house is a small one built for guests, with a hall and bedroom. They had dismantled all the cots and had kept them along with big furniture in the bedroom. Even the hall had very little space. Neha somehow has managed to open the almirah and collected her costly things.

When we got down to depart to my home, I found that my bike was punctured. Since it was late at night, there was no chance to repair the bike. Walking to my home along with a girl and jewel also was not a good idea to me.

So I called my wife and explained everything to them. They too suggested to stay there itself. I told them to send Neha’s hubby with me in the next morning to pick us up.

Both my sister and I went back to the guest room to sleep. There was not much space for two persons to sleep. I was hesitating to lie down and said my sister to sleep as she had to travel long tomorrow.

But she called me to sleep with her and also told that she would adjust with space. Even at that moment, we didn’t have any lust in us.

As she compelled me, I lied down to sleep. We both were very close to each other. Her boobs were touching my bosom. We both have touched each other several times.

She had come with me on my bike in a lot of occasions, where her tender breasts have hit my back. At no point in time, either I or she have sexually aroused. We both have had a brother-sister feeling only.

But that day a strange sex feeling aroused in me. I asked her if she is comfortable or not. She said ok. I asked her again whether she is embarrassed to be very close with me like that?

She said she is not embarrassed and likes that feeling a lot. Both we were speaking about our childhood days.

I asked if she remembers the days when I used to bathe her in our village river. She said that she remembers everything. I told her that I am going to miss her a lot as she is the only sister I have. She also felt very much and fallen in tears. She told that she was so lucky to have such a wonderful brother like me.

We both were serious for a while and were silent for some time. She broke the silence and told me “ we should never forget this night in our lives.” I nodded in agreement.

She added, “ if you don’t mistake me, shall I kiss you?” I thought that she would kiss me in cheeks and turned my face. But to my wonder, she kissed on my lips. I asked my cousin, “Shall I kiss you too Neha?”.

She said, “Sure !”

I turned her face and gave her a deep french kiss, chewing and biting her lips. She moaned a little. After a long kiss, I asked her if she liked it or not. She said “Yes na. Shall we go to the next level?”

Even I was kissing Neha, I did not think that I would fuck her. But once she asked if we go further, I never believe myself. I asked her “Why Neha? Did I sexually aroused you? Sorry for that.”

She said “No I always love you as my brother. But today, I got a different feeling soon after my breasts touched you when you lied down. I was hesitant if you think me wrong. But I could not control myself so I kissed you. Your kiss collapsed me totally. I need you …. Will you make me yours today? I need you na. I need you. Please na. Satisfy me.”

Do you think I would have advised her that doing sex with a brother is wrong? I jumped over her and pulled her T-shirt up and grabbed her beautiful breasts one in my hand and another in my mouth.

She started moaning “Mmmm… Ahhh…” Like that. Even though both of us are married to beautiful pairs and having a satisfactory sex life, that day was very much tastier than any other day. A strange feeling was there. I still wonder why that day was very unique.

I tasted both her boobs, then I pulled down her jeans. Her inner was very wet. I removed that also and started licking from her feet. When I reached her G spot, her cunt, she started breathing heavily.

I separated her legs. Juices started dripping from her vagina already. I licked her scented clean-shaven cunt. It was very tasty. She pushed my head on her pussy and moaned loudly. She got an orgasm very soon. I drunk her juice and she pulled me over her. We had another deep kiss.

I asked her “If she is enough or shall we go further?”.

She said “ I won’t leave you tonight. I want more and more sex today. I won’t let you sleep today. After all, this is my last night in India and with me. So I want to enjoy every moment. Please, ….”

I said ok and removed my pants. I haven’t seen that much erection in my life. Soon she took my dick in her hand. She made me lie on my back and went down to my hip. She gave a kiss to the top of my monster and suddenly swallowed it into her mouth. She gave me an excellent blowjob. I exploded in her mouth with a huge load. She said my semen is very tasty.

We both went to the washroom and refreshed ourselves. I lied down first then she lied on my left, one-sided, brushing her boobies on my shoulder. We chit-chat for a while. Slowly my dick started growing.

She noticed that and started to blowjob. I stopped her after some time and I wanted to fuck her. “What position you like Neha?” She said “Any position … But I want you to come inside me. I want to enjoy your semen going inside me.”

I asked, “Are you sure Neha?”.

She replied “, we started planning for the second child already. So no problem. If it gets pregnant with your semen, I would be equally happy too.” Her words aroused my senses very much. I separated her legs and inserted my penis deep into her pussy and fucked hard in missionary style. To my every push, she cooperated well by showing her pussy to my speed. I loaded her cunt with my gel. She was very happy as I was.

We had two more sessions in that night. I have had only two sex sessions in a night even with my wife. But I fucked my sweet sister Neha three times in her pussy and one time in her mouth in one night. I don’t know if I could do that again note with my wife now. But a strange feeling drove us that day. We both were totally drained and had a very little nude nap with my dick inside her cunt.

My wife called me around six and asked her if she could send Neha’s husband to pick us up? I said yes and we got ready. She gave me a long French kiss and told me that she would never forget that night until she dies. I too agreed with her. We went home, got ready, dropped them at the airport. We have a farewell to them with tears.

Before heading to the boarding desk, Neha hugged me in front of my family and shredded a lot of tears on my shirt. I patted and consoled her. My family would have thought ‘What a brother and sister they are…!’. But only we two know what happened last night. I whispered that she wants the same kind of night when she comes to India next time. I said ok.

So, this is my unexpected sex story folks. I hope you too would have enjoyed it… This is my first writing. So please leave your comments of you liked this.

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