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Sex Story- virgin Neighbor

Hi, My name is Aman and I live in Bangalore. I am 26 years old. Here I want to share my sexual encounter with my neighbor. Her name is Suchita. She is an attractive and cute girl with whitish complexion, long hairs, and sexy figure, everyone dies to see her n thinking about her in dreams. Her figure is 32 28 34. But I have seduced her and fucked her romantically when she is alone.

This incident happened one month ago…I have a dream to fuck her from when I am matured…But that early came true…

I went to her home to speak with her about the job. That time she is staying alone in the home. we have discussed a few things about jobs then started seducing her by looking at her eyes continuously. She also started staring at me. Then I went behind her and started kissing her neck and ears. She is shivering with my kiss and not responding and not stopping also…I got a positive signal to enjoy her.

I started kissing her neck and hears in the meantime, I was pressing her stomach in one hand. I understood that Suchita also getting the mood. So I take the advantage and slowly pressing her boobs softly… Continuously I was kissing her neck, ears n pressing her boobs and nipples. Now she is responding to me now I placed my penis with her ass crack, continuously kissing n pressing her boobs.

Now I came in front of her and started kissing her face n sucking her. After that, I pushed her into the wall n given lip lock her, on the other hand, started rubbing pussy slowly.She started shivering when I was rubbing her pussy lips. After that, I removed her too, and started kissing her neck n boobs. Then started sucking her boobs slowly and pressing other boobs

After that, I laid her on the bed and removed her bra and started sucking 32 size boobs and pink Nipples nicely. I sucked her boob like a kid. After I had applied chocolate cream on her boobs and stomach, I started sucking her.. she’s was moaning loudly and pressings my head to her boobs.

After that I removed her pant and started kissing her pussy lip, it’s already full wet. I started biting her pussy lips and she was screaming and asking me to fuck me, hard babe, I can't control and all.

Anyway, we were on with our foreplay and then I got into some serious pussy eating as I was hungry for that. I teased her with my tongue and bit her clit.

She started moaning and now kind of shouting because she couldn’t take it anymore and she jerked and she came in a bounty.

I ate all of that heavenly juice, but did not give up licking her, I made her cum twice there and then. It was my turn to get satisfied but she was kind of not prepared to take my dick in her mouth, so I decided to take things one step at a time and decided to enter her, put a condom on, and tried getting in. she was god damn tight. I mean she was really very tight.

It was an effort, she was in pain and begged to stop and that she did not want to go thru, I said it would be the pain but pleasure would follow and started smooching her. I consoled her for a while and then with a big thrust got in, she was in tears and could not shout because my mouth was covering hers. So could just hear a moan, I was in, but only a little with another thrust I got in and I think then I broke the Hymen, she was bleeding.

I did not stop, I was now at my doing best, I was pumping her hard and wild, I came in my condom and then I got my dick out and saw the whole condom red with blood and missed with her juices. We were both exhausted and we just slept there. After a while, I got up licking her pussy once again and my little Pappu was up again, ready for another fuck. I asked her to get on all fours and I entered her from behind. This time it was a little easy, but was tight in any case. We had another wild session and then we went into the shower and had a hot water bath, where again I licked her and entered her from the front, this time without protection but just before I was to cum, I got out and sprayed the entire load on her belly button.

Thanks for reading...

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