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Sex Story - unmarried Neighbor !

Hi everyone myself Chandan a 23-year-old guy wants to share my first experience with my neighbor. Her name is Nalini, a 31-year-old unmarried woman.

I completed my diploma in fashion designing last year and came back to my home town to help parents in our family business. We run a fancy dress store in our town which is always crowded by the customers. Dad got some relaxation from work when I joined him to help.

The incident I am going to tell you happened around a year ago. Nalini’s family were our neighbors since my childhood. Although they are richer than us it doesn’t matter between us. Nalini is one of my closest friends from childhood. After her father’s demise, she takes care of their family business. She remains unmarried and stayed with her widowed mother.

It was a Friday afternoon, as Friday is the off day for our shop I slept in the home watching some hot movies. My phone rings suddenly and its nothing but a call from Nalini. I was surprised because it’s her work time. She wants some help and hence invited me to her home immediately.

I adjusted my half erected dick inside the shorts and ran towards her home to help. Nalini opened the door when I knocked. She was in an orange churidar in which her beauty is blooming like a flower. Let me tell you about her. She is a fair and tall girl with her assets measuring 34 32 36. She becomes a little fatty these days and weighs about 60kg. Her perfect body is more defined by her height 5.8′.

Her face is fully covered with sweat due to summer heat. I can guess she is in a hurry by seeing her expressions. Apart from this, she welcomed me with a beautiful smile. N: Come in Chetu…I need you urgently.. C: Hey what happened!!? N: I need to attend a wedding now. I want your help to get ready for that. C: What! Why you didn’t call your mom for it? N: She was already gone to that wedding… C: Is it! how can I help you? N: I think you know how to wrap the saree. Could you please help me with that.? C: Of course I know… but… N: I understood you… I will go and change the dress first and call you later.

She ran into her room in a hurry. I stood in the place in the imagination of the upcoming events. As I had lusted her many times but didn’t get a chance to feel her close. All these years I tried hard to just give her a shaking hand but now she herself presenting her whole body. My mind becomes a monkey and suggests me to use the opportunity. After a long wait, her voice filled my ears “Chetu….come in…. ”

I was fully on my hardon and once I go in my hardness reaches an extremity. Nalini stood in a black blouse and a black petticoat in which she looks like a heavenly whore.Her curved hip and bellybutton are glowing due to the dress combination. I was stunned by the look and stood holding my dick inside my pocket.

N: Hey…come fast Chetu… it’s already getting late Her voice came to my ears but never gone to mind. N: Chetu….what are you looking for? I have no words to describe her beauty but had to broke the voice. C: Nandu…Are you going to wear black? N: Is it looking odd? C: No it suits you best but no one wears black for the wedding… N: I didn’t know that Chetu… what can I do now? C: Just change it… N: Ohh no… its already getting late C: Make it quick… I go out…

Although I like her dress I intentionally made her change. I came out from her room and rushed to the washroom for unloading my filled lust inside. My dick came out as a heated rod from the shorts. The effect of Nalini’s looks is greater than the porn I have just watched. After few minutes of jerking off my cum shoots into the toilet commode. I flushed it and go back to Nalini’s room. I feel a lot more relaxed now.

She wore a yellow blouse with a yellow petticoat. I think she is not looking good in that and tell her to change once again. C: What is this Nandu… Yak!! N: What’s wrong with it? C: This doesn’t suit you… N: Chetu.. don’t play with me… It already getting late… C: Okay.. I will select one for you… I opened her wardrobe to check for a better one. There I got a pink dress which suits more to her body. I pick that and gave her it.

I walked a few steps out of the room. N: Chetu….it got stuck…help me… Her blouse hook rolled with the threads and remain undetachable. I was waiting for this time and rushed her in a second. I use all my efforts to take her hook off. My hands feel lucky to touch her soft boobs. I intentionally pressed them many times which she unnoticed.

After a long time of work her all hooks got opened. Her blouse didn’t take much time to come out with a burst. Her boobs look charming in that black bra she wore. Her perfectly shaped cleavage welcomed my dick to place it there. I touched it too without her notice. She takes off her blouse and moved down to take her petticoat out. In her hurry, even the petticoat thread got jammed. I went to her help and removed her petticoat along with a treat to my hands. Now she stood in a bikini in front of a sex hungry man.

I tried to execute a plan to hold her but failed when she started wearing that pink blouse. C: Can I help you in wearing that? N: No thanks dear… better you tie my petticoat instead… C: Okay.. whatever. I put on her petticoat up to her trunk and started tightening it. As her tummy aroused me more my hands made her thread fully tight. N: Hey no… I can’t bear that tightness.. please make it free… C: No Nandu… it should be properly tightened to hold the saree. N: But if you do that my bladder will be going to burst. I didn’t even go to the toilet after returning home from the office. C: Is that!! better you empty it first.. N: Okay..just give me a minute…

She ran to the attached toilet and locked the door. I kept my ears on the door to hear her movements. The sound of her piss give me an erection and my hands automatically started jerking my cock.

A couple of minutes passed in jerking when she suddenly opens the door. I somehow manage to hide my cock inside.

N: Chetu…what are you doing here? C: I… I just came to warn you about the time… N: Ohh god… It already late… come and wrap the saree quickly… I was not in a mood to do that as my mind is thinking about undressing her. C: Nandu…again an odd happened!! My words take her to a confusing state. N: What… is this pink dress unsuitable? C: No it was not a problem of the pink dress. It is your black thing that looks odd. N: Oh my god..! What can I do now? C: Just change it.. that’s all. N: Are you kidding!? C: If you have no problem then I will help you… N: Okay…select a suitable one quickly… I ran towards the wardrobe and at the same time, she started unhooking her blouse again.

I acted like searching for the cloth in the wardrobe but my full concentration is on Nadini’s boobs coming out from the blouse… N: Hey Chetu… it’s not there, search in the basket below the bed. C: Why didn’t you tell that first…? I showed a fake disappointed and moved to take out the basket. I was happy to see a large collection of panties and bras in the basket. I moved my hands over them and finally found one suitable bra. C: Nandu…take this… it is more suitable… N: Oh. I think it may become too tight.. it’s okay let me manage it… She takes it in hand and turns around before removing the bra. My mouth becomes wet when her hands start removing the bra hook. It takes not much time for her to remove. The vision of her bareback made my dick like a heated rod. She drops it on the floor and put on the new one. N: Chetu…please put the hooks… I wanted the same thing and done her job without hesitation.

After she put on the blouse its again my turn to wrap her a saree. I start doing it in a double mind. One side of the mind is happy to touch her soft body but the other side is disappointed because of failed efforts of making her mine. My mind completely turned towards the wrong side and told me to use the last possible opportunity.

I finished all the procedures except the hooking. I need to take her permission before hooking as it involves putting my hand inside her petticoat. But I have done it as my own to test my luck. I put my hands inside her panty and touched her hairy space instead of putting a hand in her petticoat. My hands feel her wetness and start to enjoy it further. She was shocked at my act and tried to push me away.

N: Hey..what are doing? C: Have you lusted for me? N: What.. what are talking about? C: Yes I know you are aroused… N: Hey stupid.. what do you know about me? C: Yes I have seen in many movies how the girls arouse when they need sex… N: Sex!!!what the bull shit are you talking about? C: I can understand you… how hungry you are for that… N: Chetu..its enough joking.. leave me.. I have to attend a wedding… C: What will you do by going now? The time has already passed away… N: Whatever…leave me alone… C: Are you still want to be alone? How can you survive without a man in life? N: Chetu…you are crossing the limits. C: I know that dear… its a help to you in leading a happy life. N: Chetu.I am like your sister and I am too older than you… how can you think about all these things? C: Doesn’t you want me? N: I want you… as a friend… I don’t need you on the bed. C: But I need you!!! I hold her hands and begged her for it. She resisted me a lot initially but surrendered to my passionate kisses over her face.

The time when she melted completely is when I kissed her neck. I hugged her tightly and kissed every single cell of her neck. Her hands slowly move on me and in the next minute she held me back. My hands won’t remain intact and removed her saree which was not even pinned.

My hands are squeezing her buttocks while my lips locked with her. Even her lips also retained virginity as its sweeter like honey. I dumped a lot of saliva into her and sucked it back along with her juices. The atmosphere got hotter and hotter and sweat started flowing like a river over both of us

Although my hands are rolling over her body to remove her dresses one by one my kissing kept her in the melted state. I successfully made her topless and started rubbing her softback with my hard hands. Her red and hard nipples are pressed against my chest but my shirt doesn’t allow me to feel them. I removed my shirt to show my muscles to her…

N: Chetu…I think we are doing badly… C: Just shut up… don’t spoil the environment. N: Are you really want me? C: Still have a doubt? N: What if others noticed? C: Only the wall is around us. don’t worry.

I made a big mistake by leaving her free to talk, so without much wait, I kissed her breasts and take them in the mouth. Her salty nipple is treated to suck. Each drop of sweat feels me like milk and I become a hungry kid at that time. I chewed her nipples hard, bit them to hear her sound”hzz…haa.. hmm”.I think the nipples become redder due to my erotic suckling. I liked her sweat to such an extent that I lick each drop flowing down through her cleavage.

During all these arousing activities my cock has already pierced my underwear. I think it as a good time to free it and made it in a second. It stood as a heated rod at 90 degrees. Its color is matching with Nalini’s nipples and calling them to touch it. I slightly stretched my body up so that my dick started beating her bellybutton. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. It became harder due to her touch and her soft hands unknowingly started jerking it.

I was in a state of bursting my cum out. I need a hole to fill it now… C: Would you suck..? N: What? C: Wanna taste my cum? N: No… C: Better you taste and then talk… My hands pushed her down. She kneeled on the floor. My dick is very near to her face. I hold it in hand and try to push it through her unopened lips.. C: Open your mouth darling… She finally obeys my order and I got some little space. I used a lot of force to slowly insert it into her mouth. I feel like I was in heaven due to her heat. She felt dirty initially but start rolling her tongue once got the taste.

Her slow sucking is not enough for my dick to lose heat so I hold her hairs cupped in hands and started pushing her towards my dick. This helps me to reach her throat. She has no space left in her mouth and hence her saliva is leaking out on my balls. I pumped her hard and reach the peak to unload a big stock into her mouth. She has no option other than swallowing it as I continued fucking her even after cumming.

Although I got satisfaction a clear sign of hunger showed in her eyes. She looks like a ready to fuck slut to me. I pulled her up and kissed again her lips. It was tastier as it also has my cum attached. I eat her lips itself as her pussy and meanwhile my hands made the job of removing her panty.

I just wonder to see her cum hole. It is covered with a thin brush of hair and some heavenly liquid is dripping out of it. My mouth eagerly wants to taste it and I waited for no time.

When I sat down and kissed her down point she gone to the gate of heaven. Her moan like “hmm… hmm.. “give me a clear indication of how much she likes my performance. I smelled in between her thighs and licked slowly the upper part. It was her clitoris and hence a touch made her arouse. I think her dam of cum had already filled as it burst on my face with just a single kiss. I sucked her juices till the last drop. Her down lips are tastier than the upper and I spend much more time on those.

I heard about virgins and virginity from somewhere so I spread her lips and inspect deep to check for it. I was shocked to see a clear passage in that middle-aged virgin.

C: Did you have sex before? N: No. C: Then who stole your virginity? N: What the hell. there is nothing like that. C: Tell me.. who fucked you before? N: Hey gets out… you bastard… C: Hey sorry… why so serious?. I just asked in curiosity…

I have done again a mistake by asking bullshits. So I decided to keep my mouth closed until my work is done. I kissed her pussy a lot more times and make her beg for my cock. She was pushing my head under her thighs to such an extent that I feel difficult to breathe. I think it is the correct time to get her on the bed.

I take her to bed and rested her on a pillow. She herself spread her legs to invite me in. I jumped on her and kissed all over her like a mad. She is finding my cock in hunger and finally caught it in hand. Her jerking is an open invitation to me and so I take the best helping position.

I beat my dick to her wet lips and slowly inserted into her pussy. It was too tight for my dick. I cursed myself for doubting her. She tried a lot to hide her pain as she knows a lot of pleasure is waiting for her. She screamed “Ohh.. no..haa.. you.. ” when I inserted deep of her canal using all my force.

I started pumping slowly and increased the speed gradually. A smile of satisfaction starts arriving on her face. This boosts me to fuck her hard. Her moan filled the room”haa..no… fuck… fuck me hard… speed up my boy… come on.. fuck.. ” I was totally lost my control over my tummy as it starts moving like a piston.

I said to her to turn around. I got thriving energy when I see her big ass. I slapped on them to hear her moan again. “haa…” sound boosted my confidence. I inserted my dick into her pussy by pulling her in. It reaches the ‘Greatest spot of her cumhole and so increases her rate of orgasm. She leaked her juices several times.

I was fucking her at a rate not less than a porn star. As I reached my peak I removed it from her pussy suddenly and my cum spread all over her bareback. I massaged it completely over her and again turned her around to kiss.

The fucking continued until both feel tired. I slept on her breasts and she slept holding my cock.

C: Now tell me who is that lucky guy..? N: No one. C: Then where is your virginity gone… N: I think it has gone to food… C: What… I don’t understand… N: You innocent kid… I told that I had given it to vegetables… C: You naughty… there is no need for it from now… N: Yaa…it is my vegetable from today… She jerked my cock and even sucked it too…

I stayed with her until her mom arrives. It was nearly a year since that incident and I am still her bed mate.

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