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Sex Story - The Train

As usual, I was going for an office meeting out of state I have to leave for Delhi which I got a reservation of the first-class ac.. it was only 2 beds in a cabin. I got late by the traffic and the train was about to leave the station as it was moving… I just got run and catch it in a harry… Seeing such a situation an elder lady give me a water bottle… I said thanks and moved to my cabin. Luckily for me, she was the same in my cabin… We introduce ourself.. she said her name is KIRAN and going to Delhi to attend a relative’s wedding…

I got settled in my seat she said she was going for a chance I said ok and I changed there itself as I was also..

She came back in a black t-shirt and shorts she was looking so dam hot in those… I got changed into night tracks.. she was looking so hot in the t-shirt I can see her nipples popping out of the t-shirt.. she was so dammed hot.


Kiran: what do you for a living.. where you are from Me: I am a student working part-time Kiran: you look so attractive. How many do you have Me: thanks but I had long before one now.. no one Kiran: poor teenager what’s your age Me: 23 and yours Kiran: I will tell the truth to you I am 39 Me: you didn’t look like 39 you look like just 26 or 28.. she laughed and got impressed Me: are you married Kiran: I am separated and I am a mother of 3 Me: you maintained so well about your figure Kiran: thanks handsome She got up and sit by my side and asked her to join me to see the movie on her phone… I was so happy

After 1 hour the TT came checked our tickets and the TT asked whether she wanted to change her seat she said it is fine and good… The dinner arrived and we ate it… While having dinner I asked Her how did he got separated.. she said I will tell you after some time.. after half an hour she told me that her husband was cheating on her so she left her Me: how can anyone leave such a gorgeous and hot lady (I said it in a flow ) she winked and smiled.. As it was chilled and brazing she got her blanket and was watching movies on one blanket me and her.

She made her first move and said Kiran: Malik you look so decent and nice person can I share something with you. Me: yes you can Kiran: don’t get me wrong… I am craving for having fun and I cannot trust so soon as the society can blame me.. can you please help me with me Me: tell me what can I for you Kiran: satisfy my desires…

Listening to this thing from her… I move forward and planted a kiss on her lips she responded so well and we had smooched for 10 mins and I was pressing her boobs on a t-shirt to make her hot… She was getting hornier now and she pushed me on the bed, down my hoodies and underwear.. she smiled at me by seeing the dick and said… I love hairy dicks..

And started to give BJ I was on cloud 9 within 5 to 8 mins I cum in her mouth… Now it was my turn I tour her clothes and bra sucking her nipples so well that she was moaning so well and pressing my head against the Boobs… I was sucking and biting them.. brown nipples so big woowww Kiran: shhhhhh oohhhhhhh you are doing so well ohhh Malik.. suck it please harder.. ohhh I came down and suck her clitoris and started fingering she was moving her body away and pressing my head down deep..as I was sucking so well she cum on my face in 10 mins… Kiran: no one did this before to me… Me: there is more to get honey Kiran: I am waiting

As soon as I got up and took condoms from my bag ( I always keep them with me ) and rub my dick on her pussy… She was begging to me insert it as hard as I can.. I started to move in her.. it was so tight as hell.. she was screaming in pain… I put her handkerchief in her mouth not to make much noise… By the 3 pushes it was completely inside. My dick is 6 inches .. now I was giving thrust to her… For every push, she was moaning like hell… Kiran: yes yes yes… Fuck me .. fuck me harder yes… Oohhhhhhh..ohhhhhh

I changed the position and turn to doggy style and this time she was enjoying more and opening her legs wide… Enjoy more than 15 mins she was about to cum… I changed the position and turn her to missionary position and started to pound her hard.. then she cummed… I didn’t stop I was pounding her so hard that she pee and let my penis out… She was breathing so heavily… I didn’t cum yet…

Kiran: go on who said you to stop insert it again.. come on… I have again inserted my penis in her pussy this time in Cowgirl position.. she was riding like hell… I cannot control myself and cummed in her within 5 mins…

She was happy and lay down naked in my arms we slept for a while and exchanged our phone numbers we got down in the station and move to the same hotel and had 5 times there I will you in the next story…

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