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Sex Story-The Married Angel

Well, I have got a real true story which has happened to me this year. Let’s just say the new year started with a deep wet hard bang. I am a Gujarati guy 31 years old average body with stamina for Africa from South Africa born and brought up in Dubai. Currently living alone. My parents are Indians (Gujarati) strict and disciplined. So while growing up hardly any sex stories, porn or live matches .

Well enough about the boring intro of me. Let’s get to the main course. This is a story about a married angel named Shweta. She was hot as fire. Married with no kids in her mid-30s living in Dubai with her hubby. Shweta was like a model fair-medium height, figure to kill 36C boobs waist of 30 and the ass of 36. If she has to walk in a mall or street she would get drooling Pervy eyes all over.

How I met Shweta and how the story Unfolded was I was at a restaurant on my birthday alone in a mall in south of Dubai standing in a queue to order food. I was browsing around and my eyes set on a beauty. 1st look at her and my eyes glued on her boobs, fuck they were huge and milky. She had on a tight t-shirt and under push up bra which was pushing her melons halfway out. She was sitting alone sipping away on her on her coke. I was just gonna order the food, collect and walk away but my inner devil awoke and I ordered my food and told them I was gonna have a sit-down. They gave me a number and told me to have a seat. I walked right up to her greeted her with a “Hi” is that coke finished coz I just ordered another 2L and I cannot finish it alone.

She smiled and said I wouldn’t mind more. I introduced my self, she told me to take a seat. We talked for a while had our food, exchanged numbers and left for home(the blessing of living in SA no1 gives a fuck and everyone is friendly). That very night I messaged her and fuck she was naughty.

Not like I was an angel. We talked for hours had phone sex. She told me everything about her. She told me she is married and her hubby is mostly out for work. ( back of my mind I’M Like JACKPOT) I asked her if she was free this weekend we can go to a movie, tiger Zindaa Hai was playing. She agreed, we met, booked our tickets and went inside it wasn’t so full coz the movie was playing for like 3 weeks now.

So as the movie started she put her hands on my thighs. (I knew I wasn’t gonna watch the movie my INTENSION WAS EVIL) here in South Africa, you will find plenty fuckers fucking in the cinemas but I wanted her to scream so I had to plan to take her to my place. I wasn’t gonna fuck in the movies.

Salmaan bhai entered and the music went loud just then I slid my hands inside her g string she was wearing a skirt with a g string. I just tickled her pussy she gave out a loud moan luckily the music was loud so I was not worried. I Fingered her till she wet the whole seat. Her hands were shaking and running on my Monster. Lucky she had a black skirt on the aircon were on and she got dry. Yes, the entire movie I fingered her. She was in 7th Heaven.

After the movie we had supper. Her hubby was gone for a conference so she was alone before I could open my mouth she told me to come Sleepover its weekend hubby is gone and I’m alone and scared. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “well you just invited the devil” now you should be scared.

As I entered her place I kicked the door behind me and grab her and French kissed her wild. She was nervous coz she never does anything like this before. I just whispered baby don’t be scared I don’t bite just lead the way, she grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me to her main bedroom. I was like, baby please switch on the aircon coz now you are gonna be fucked till you sweaty and wet. I just ripped her clothes but not the g string she made me naked and she stood in front of me like a clay statue. I just looked and drooled slowly lowing her g-string damn what a sight clean shaved cute fluffy pussy. I do not suck so I just slid my finger in, it was warm and wet already gently pushing deep and her moans were loud by now my dick was in salute mode.

I got up laid her down on the bed and sucked every inch of her lips neck nipples boobs and navel. She was shaking like a snake. Then I gave her my Special gift “BUTTERFLY KISSES” (can’t describe it just have to show you)

I laid on her took my cock in my hands and tapped it 4 times on her pussy every tap I did her hips moved up. I teased her by just taking my Cocks head inside and removing it., running on her pussy and more and more teasing. While doing this her pussy was so wet that my cock slid in. Aaaaaaaah she moaned in pleasure. I’m like O FUCK that feels GOOOOOOOOOD. She Grabbed my back dug her nails deep into me( I still have those marks on my back) and she moaned. I slowly pushed in and out she was moaning aaaaaaaah don’t stop fuck it feels good baby please tonight I want you to fuck my brains out. I whispered in her ear baby your wish is my command. I lifted her legs on my shoulder and my cock went deep touching her inners and she was in ecstasy. Her pussy had some magic I wanted to fuck it all night. I carried on ramming her pussy with legs in the air after 30mins of sex she was looking at me shocked while I’m Still pumping her she’s like O M G you Stil didn’t Come when will you?

I just laughed and said baby after 40mins ( YES I TAKE LONG TO CUM) why? are you not enjoying cock. She’s like hell yeah do not stop fucking me. I just asked baby coz my hubby cums in 7MINS. I JUST LAUGHED AND CARRIED ON PUMPING HER HOLE. With a loud moan I pushed my cock even deeper she raised her hip opened her mouth to intake air and I cummed inside her. 45MINS OF ROUGH FUCKING.

I laid next to her she put her head on my chest and she’s like thank you.

I’m like for what? She’s like for showing and making me feel what real hardcore sex is and for satisfying my hunger. I just looked at her said you are welcome babe.

I smiled and looked at her cherry lips and sucked on them and I’m like but we still not done baby. (Hahahaha you should have seen the expression on her face) her eyes opened wide and she’s sitting up and ask what do you mean?

I’m like get me a glass of ice cold water and be ready in 15mins on your knees. She had a huge smile. She obeyed like a cute puppy. I was ready for round 2 and this time I decided to be gentle on anal didn’t wanna make her bleed coz she told me she and her hubby tried but to no avail. So I put Vaseline on my cock and mounted my cock at her shit hole and gently I slid it halfway. She grabs my hand and screamed baby pleeeeeeeeeease stop it’s sore I can’t take it! Babyyyy (You Think I was gonna stop? Hell no! I said ill be gentle) I pushed more and it went in fully. I Grabbed her melons from the side and fucked her, after a while, she began to enjoy it and started moaning. After 30mins I cummed in her shit hole. She was tired laid on her back and I sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs. I didn’t tell you guys but I have a thing for big boobs and big ass.

I slept suckling her boobs. Next day I left. We kept in touch for a while fucked a few times when she moved to Cape Town coz her hubby got a new job. We lost contact.

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