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Sex Story- The House Owner

This a Story of a Horny house owner how she was fucked by me in different sessions and in different ways in her own house.

A small intro about me for all, I am a 32-year-old male married and working in a good company in Mumbai. I relocated to Mumbai 1 year back and when searching for a rented apartment to settle down in Mumbai, after many options I found a good place in Mumbai.

The apartment was a newly constructed one and was good and a big one in size for rent of 14K, the house owner who is the heroine of this story is a lady who is married and has a 6-year-old daughter.

To give you a point of reference she looks almost like heroine Sonakshi Sinha but little more on the heavier side, But the fat in all right places. Her face looks rude and is a cruel lady who came to know later only.

Trusting her and by the good looks of the house, I paid the advance and confirmed the house and moved in there. Almost 5 months went by with any issues in the events between me and the house-owner also I was living with my family hence the options of any try is very less if you know what I mean.

Starting of 6th month Sonakshi (Let us call her that) started to give problems to us, asking us to look for a different apartment for rent because she is planning to less this and the new owner would occupy the same.

I was very pissed off that only 5 months since we moved in apartment spending for transport etc… and we are new the city and are still settling down and this bitch is asking us to relocate so soon.

Since she also used to live with her parents and family in the same flat in a different apartment, she uses to come to our house uninvited many times and ask about the dates when we are packing and all. Sometimes she will come with unknown people to show the apartment for sales and would disturb us off.

One such Sunday I was fucking my wife hardcore and my dick was in its full length as it has been 20 mins and I was about to come soon. My dick in full length would be 6.5 to 7 ” and 3″ thick.

There a was a doorbell and we thought we will finish our session and would open, But Sonakshi was going on with the doorbell. I got irritated and put on my shorts and went to open the door to see who it was, but inside I know it would be this bitch of a house-owner.

Since I opened the door only in my shorts my erection was very much visible and she saw it as well and was rolling her tongue. My wife was naked and she has to run to the bathroom and lock herself.

The bedroom was in bad shape and the party who came along with her would have come to know that we were having sex since it had all the tell-tell signs.

After this incident, my wife was very much angry with me and we cannot even have our private time in our very own house. I took a call then that I should do something about this lady for good.

Also, after this, her look and actions towards me changed a lot. After a few days, I took work from home and about 11 AM door was knocked, I went and opened it to find Sonakshi standing there in a transparent black sexy saree. Sonakshi was white in color hence the black saree was looking very hot on her. I was shocked to see her like this and was struck for a few seconds.

Then Sonakshi, in a very bossy voice shouted at me and entered the house in force pushing me aside. The dialogue as following:

M: I came to my sense and asked her what is the meaning of this?

S: Site down and we need to talk. I took my place next to her on the sofa giving a good amount of distance from her. S: She asked me right away how many times you fuck your wife? M: What the hell why should I answer this to you.

S: Your fucking in my home so you have to tell me these details. M: Alright I have sex with her at least 4 to 5 times a week. S: You’re a horny little fucker right….?

M: That is none of your business she is my wife I can fuck her whenever I want to. S: Good From today you have to fuck me as well at least 2 times a week. M: What the fuck I asked? Are you playing with me?

S: No, darling I saw your dick last time and I am horny always; my husband is a waste he cannot please me in ways that I want him to…Hence we can make a deal here if you’re interested. M: I am hearing you go ahead.

S: You Fuck me whenever I need you and be my personal sex friend, I will allow you to be in this house, I will make the arrangements and protect you and no one will come and ask you to move out of this house here on.

M: If your husband cannot fuck you properly how come you have a 6-year-old daughter? S: My daughter is from my husbands’ father, He was fucking me well but he died in a road accident 1 year before and since that time I am waiting for someone like you to take me and burn my pussy with there hot cum.

S: I will not ask you to use a condom and all you can fuck me as you wish and make me a mother as well my husband does not care about these things. M: Ok let me think about it and let you know.

S: Ok but have a sample now then only you will know what is waiting for you darling

Saying this she jumped on me and started kissing me with touch action. I was shocked and not sure what to do I was not reacting for her actions. But she was pressing her ass on my dick and it was getting rock hard.

M: Wait Sonakshi, this is wrong you have a husband and I have a wife and I cannot do this now, I have to think about it.

S: Boy I am 5 years leader to you and I know to please a man better than anyone, trust me after you have had me you will not go back to your wife for sex.

M: Ok I need a promise from you, 1. You will not ask me to move from this house. 2. Sex will be on my terms only, you have to be my personal sex slave.

S: To make me your bitch you have to prove to me what you can do in bed, Then I will hear you boy.

M Ok Bitch I will show you what a healthy man can do in bed.

Saying this I got her hair and pulled it making her come with me to my master bedroom, I ripped off her blouse and started to suck and bit her boobs, her boobs were so soft and firm because it was not used much other than feeding her daughter.

For her white skin, the black bar was so sexy, I started to bite and suck her nipples one after other so hard and same time I pulled down her saree and started to rub her pussy and, in a few mins, I pulled her panty down and inserted my one finger and started to fuck her.

All this happened without me taking my mouth from her bar cover boobs and I was seating in the bed and I make her stand. Within 5 mins, her pussy was wet and she started to talk in dirty language and it was sexy as well.

Fuck Crazy son of a bitch! along with fucking me as much as you want.

Even though this bitch is into me now, the things she has done to be crossed my mind and to make her pay for it I used my nails and hurt her pussy a little and she shouted like anything and scolded me and started to hit me.

I again overpowered her and held her firmly and said sorry, She was ok now and I removed her bar and balance clothes from both of us and we became naked. I was looking at her so dam hot body and my dick were in full force at 7 ” and 3″ thick.

She told a WOW after see my dick and right way came pushed me in bed and got on top of me and started to such my dick. She sucked for 2 mins and made it wet and then removed my foreskin and started to suck more and did touch action, which was out of this world and I was about to cum, Hence I hold her hair and pulled her on me.

I started to 1st suck her boobs and bit a little she was moaning like anything and I pushed her even above and started with her pussy again and did touch action I have experience in pussy tornados with touch and she started to cum in my mouth itself.

Since mooed like a women wolf and started to cry in pleasure and told me that I am her master her on and will do anything for this. I wet my dick and started to put it in her pussy slowly 1st and then started to hit the right places.

She was enjoying herself and asking me for a baby, but I told that will not happen for now. Let us enjoy sexy for some time 1st.I was going hard on in different styles and ways like doggy, spooning, and girl on top, etc… 35 mins hard cord sex and I pulled out my dick and cum outside her pussy. She and I was so worked out we slept like that for 2 hours and got up she was still sleeping and I went to take a bath. In 10 mins she heard the sound and joined in in the shower, where we had one more standing fuck which did not go for long cum in 15 mins.....

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