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Sex Story- The Businessman -3

We both were nude and I opened the door in the same state when I confirmed the voice of Pooja. She came in with a crying baby in hand. Smith takes her baby and started breastfeeding at a corner of the room while I kissed Pooja and invited her to the bed. I undressed Pooja too and inserted my dick in her whole. Reena feels happy at the moment as she is witnessing her husband fucking her sister. Reena finished her duty and came near us to support. She massaged Pooja’s breasts and also breasted her.

I feel thirsty by this and asked Reena to breastfeed me also. She was happy to put her nipple in my mouth. Her milk was sweet and it had become sweeter by Pooja’s saliva. I sucked and fucked at the same time until Pooja feels tiered. Reena replaced her sister and came under my dick to get a fuck. Pooja feels the hunger in tiredness and sucks Reena’s nipple to get milk.

I feel the moment will be more erotic if they both show some lesbianism. I turned Reena and made her bend like a dog. Reena knows my trick well and invited Pooja to the front. Pooja feels heaven by Reena’s pussy eating technique and I got some more power to fuck by the scene.

Pooja in her excitement, so need my cock badly and came near to get a fuck. Now Reena sits with her legs wide spread in front of Pooja and I pumped Pooja in the doggy style. Although Pooja is not good at pussy eating Reena herself vibrates her clitoris to moan loudly.

When I reached the climax I informed it to both of them. They came before me to beg for my cum. I shared it equally to both of them and slept naked holding both in arms.

Our threesome continued for several days in our place also, but it becomes a big hurdle to our privacy. So I made a plan to which both agreed. According to the plan, I fuck both on odd days and anyone on the even days of the month. By this, each one will get a private day with me within a gap of three days.

The days were spent like all the three are in heaven. Nearly six months passed in happiness. One night during our threesome they both asked me about the first sex of my life. I told everything in detail about the incident that happened with Jyoti. I also told the way Jyoti liked my fucking. This rises a sprout of feelings in both of them about Jyoti and her lonely life. They both requested me to give Jyoti what she needed the most.

Everything was arranged and Reena took the responsibility of preparing me and Pooja made an arrangement to invite her mother to our house. Up to that day, Reena gave me a special privilege. She gave me an oil bath daily and moreover gave preference to my cock. She sucked it, oiled it, and massaged it daily.

The day finally arrived and Jyoti is present in our place to take our honor. We four got inside the room and conversation begins with casual talk. The things are getting erotic with each word and finally, Pooja became successful to convince her mother for having sex with me.

Pooja started undressing her mother and Reena is making her husband ready for the action. For the first time, my eyes witness Jyoti’s nudity and undoubtedly she is more beautiful than my two wives. I also saw her husband’s gift on her right nipple. I feel angry about her husband for disturbing such a nice beauty. I then came to know that she also got more gifts on her tummy, buttocks, and pubis as both of my wives explained by showing them.

I was totally sad to hear her story but that’s not my duty at that time. I have to make her feel sex is divine, sex is for enjoyment, sex is a gift and not a curse. So I moved on her slowly and started the process with a long kiss on her right nipple which was disturbed. It was hard and salty.

She was completely aroused by my sucking. I don’t waste much of her time and directly inserted my cock inside her pussy hole. She was enjoying my fuck sleeping on her own daughter’s lap. Reena wants to make the moment more erotic and she removed her dresses to join us. Reena undresses Pooja too and now all of us are naked.

When my fucking was in extreme Reena gave rest for her step-mom and replaced her to get under my cock. I fucked in the same way as I did with Jyoti. Pooja now gives her lap to her sister and also encourages her by pressing boobs. Jyoti was completely tired and hence taking rest on the other side.

When Reena released loads and loads of her pussy juice Jyoti noticed the baby crying in the other room. Reena ran out naked to feed the baby. I take Pooja to middle and spread her legs to make her pussy flesh visible to me. They are thicker nowadays and attract my eyes very much.

I bent down to eat it and her mother moved forward to give her lap. I licked and sucked her each lip like a hungry man. The eating goes on continuing till Reena come and catch my dick. She slept at my legs and started blowing my cock. The scene was just mesmerizing.

The sex becomes really exotic when I started fucking Pooja. Reena takes her step-mom aside to fill her lesbian urge. Reena sucks Jyoti’s nipples and played with her pussy by fingers. Jyoti is completely aroused and show some kissing and hugging actions on her stepdaughter. I also came to know that lesbianism is the way in which they controlled their sex hunger up to these days. Pooja was getting deeper and deeper shots into her pussy whereas Reena and Jyoti are in heaven.

I feel orgasm after several minutes of a hard fuck to Pooja. As Pooja is in her early pregnancy I call others to take my cum in. Reena always love my taste and hence came front with a widened mouth. But I denied and convinced her that the day is Jyoti’s. Reena made room for Jyoti and set back. Jyoti presents her pussy to put my cock. I got another few minutes to fuck a pussy and hence I took the chance.

After several minutes of sex, I called her down to give her mouth. As it is her first time with the mouth, she resisted initially. I put my dick in her mouth and pumped as done in her downhole. My cum load into her mouth with a few shots. She swallowed everything and also lick to clean. That’s the sign of her love for my taste. Reena fills her need by licking Jyoti’s lips.

This weekly foursome continues along with the daily sexual schedule. Several months later Pooja needs to be sent to her mother’s house for delivery but it is a great disappointment for everyone. So I called Jyoti to our house to stay there permanently. After a lot of convincing chats, Jyoti agreed to shift. Jyoti and her youngest daughter Kavita came to our house. As Pooja is given rest her mother replaced her in our daily schedule. I never lose a single day without sex as each alternative day I get either Reena or Jyoti and both on odd days. Pooja gets a special privilege in which she can suck my dick and get eaten her pussy by me at any time. Sunday is the foursome day as usual and both Jyoti, Reena got a hard fuck while Pooja is restricted to oral sex only.

This continued several months even after Pooja delivered twin girls. Kavita was at the end of her teenage. She observed each of her sisters and mother’s actions closely and this creates a strong sexual feeling towards me. One-day she expressed all of her feelings to her mother. It was shocking to hear for every one of us but Jyoti still remains calm.

Jyoti convinced me to marry her second daughter too. I denied her order as Kavita is just 18. I made all the arrangements to send Kavita to a distant city for her higher education and become successful with it. But fate has other things to do. Shockingly Jyoti left us in her young age of 45 due to a severe threat she was suffering from many years. She hides it from us and that caused her life. Her last wish which I should full fill was her daughter’s marriage. So I married Kavita a month after Jyoti’s demise and my third marriage happened in our family hall only.

The important thing here is that our first night was arranged in the daylight. Kavita is not so beautiful as my other wives but very bold and physic. Her assets are good and measure 32 28 34. She is taller than Pooja and shorter than Reena. Anyhow, I am very lucky to have three wives that too under the same shelter.

Kavita was made ready for the process and I got all the necessary preparation before going in. Kavita loves me so much and she kissed me first. I kissed her back so passionately and this aroused her a lot. She herself removed her dresses and started removing mine too. We both became naked and jumped to bed to fill our hunger.

First I started to suck her nipples and squeeze her breasts. She holds my dick in her and started jerking. Her intention to take my dick in her hole becomes more and more and hence I don’t waste much time. I put my fingers on her pussy lips and give a little finger fuck.

I did it until her pussy become properly wet and then jumped on her. I put my dick on its door and slowly started pushing inside. She holds and guides my dick which was slipping out. She was in extreme pain when I half enter her but stretched her leg further to take my dick in completely.

I reached her deep and waited there until she said to me to proceed. I moved slowly and rhythmically which is often liked by Pooja. But Kavita needs fast and hard fuck which she later requested. I accepted her request and banged her like a slut and which made her very happy. The fucking continues still both get tired.

The Sunday morning foursome was postponed tonight and Kavita replaced Jyoti in that. Pooja places a photograph of Jyoti in the bedroom to feel her presence. The sex happened as usual but this time Reena got no partner to her lesbianism. This feels bad for me also and hence I gave special preference for sucking, licking, and eating pussy of Reena. As I said before Pooja loves slow pumping and I gave her the same. Kavita is a hard sex lover and hence I banged her pussy until it becomes swollen.

Sex life with three wives continued happily. We made some changes in our schedule and prepared one temporary time table.

According to that, I fuck Sunday – Reena Monday – Pooja & Kavita Tuesday – Pooja Wednesday – Reena & Kavita Thursday – Kavita Friday – Reena & Pooja Saturday – Reena, Pooja & Kavita

Kavita doesn’t want a kid as her sister had twins, so I decided to undergo a vasectomy, and this boost our sex life as my wives have no fear of getting pregnant. The schedule which is earlier said temporary now become permanent.

My son is now studying medicine and my two daughters are in +2. We never experience an age factor working in sex till now. And another important thing about Reena’s lesbianism is she got a new partner, non-other than Kavita. Although the age gap between them is 19 years it doesn’t matter for them. I am also happy that my three wives never quarrel between themselves till now....thanks for reading.

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