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Sex Story- The Businessman -2

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The whole night is sleepless but that is not because of Jyoti instead it is because of that beautiful girl who welcomed me. The next day evening I back to her house and that is not for sex instead it is for proposing that girl for the marriage. I clearly convinced Jyoti and she agreed to marry her second daughter Pooja with me.

I finally married Pooja the one who I loved the most on a very beautiful morning in a register office. My first marriage happened only in the presence of her family and Deepak was the one from my side. She was the most beautiful girl I have seen. Her look, her smile, and her curly hairs killed the bottom of my heart. Her assets are perfect and resemble a zero figure. Her height was cute but her innocence was most preferable.

It was our wedding night and that was arranged on the same bed where I fucked her mother. It was 10 in the night and we both are sent inside together. It was my best opportunity to express my feelings as she is completely available for the first time. The best thing was she somehow reduced her shyness which she had before marriage.

“Do you know what to do on this night? ” I was curious to hear her answer. “Yes,” she replied in shy. “What” I questioned again. “The one you had done with my mom.. “she told in innocence. “Darling… it’s not like that. I will show you today… ” I started kissing her on the face and head.

The kissing turned erotic and we both locked our lips. I slowly started undressing her starting from the saree to her panty, she becomes nude in no time. I requested her to undress me and she did the same. I kissed her breasts and chewed the nipples to get her into the mood. I inserted my fingers into her cunt and confirmed her arousal as she is wet. I got ready for the next action, which is defloration.

I made her sleep freely on the bed. I gave a pillow to rest herself in a relaxed state. Before starting the proceedings I bent down and kissed her pussy lips. I licked and sucked it for some minutes and made her completely wet.

I then took the position applied her juices and my saliva to the cock and slowly started inserting. It was a hell tight and I used a lot of energy to go in completely. She was screaming in pain and literally pushing me out with her hands. I made my entry into her hole completely by holding her tightly.

Once I reach the deep I slowly start pumping her. She started feeling pleasure and her pain go down slowly. Once she is comfortable I increased my speed and I fucked her like a piston. This continues for several minutes in which she got an orgasm twice. I finally unloaded all my cum on her belly after a very hard fuck.

Both were tired but need more of it. She also needs it for relieving her pain. So we decided to do it one more time. I suggest her to suck my cock so that it becomes hard again. She has done as I said and her mouth itself felt me like another pussy. I fucked it for some time and then moved to the real pussy. We enjoyed sex for another hour and slept naked holding one another.

Our sex life continues on the same bed for several days. We moved to my four-bedroom mansion on the day of discharge of Jyoti’s first daughter from the hospital after her delivery. The place was new to her but our sex sessions don’t change. We decided to go for a honeymoon but canceled because of a shocker, that is my friend Deepak committed suicide. We all shocked to hear it and attended his funeral with a lot of sadness.

The days were passed and its the time for giving a sweet name to the newborn. Jyoti told me that her daughter Reena is a widow and we have to do all the rights. I and Pooja agreed with Jyoti and the ceremony was done according to the system. I was still curious to know who is Reena’s husband and asked the same to my wife. She told that it is better to hear the story in Smith’s words.

It was the night after the function and I joined my wife and Reena in the room. Reena was feeding the kid with her milk and my wife rise the topic of discussion. I also asked the same question and Reena starts telling about her after making the baby sleep.

She was the only daughter of her mother. Jyoti is her step-mom because her father married after her mother’s death. Everything was good until she reaches puberty. In her college days, her father made an attempt to force her for the sex but Jyoti rescued her from him. That is the same day that Jyoti left her husband’s house along with her three daughters including Reena.

Reena also showed me a burn mark in her tummy made by her father with cigarettes. She also told us that Jyoti has a bitten mark on her right nipple. She asked me whether you observed or not. I said ‘yes’ because a ‘no’ may result in another question.

I was sad to hear the story but my curiosity still remains about her marriage. She continued the story and told us that she was unknowingly married to a man who has already married thrice in his life. She left him on the same day when she knew the truth and again returned home. I raised the question about her kid and she hesitates a lot to tell me about that.

Pooja convinced her and that made her tell me the shocking truth. She told me that her initial days after coming back were horrifying so she developed a friendship with a guy none other than my friend Deepak. The friendship turned to a relationship and finally into sex. This results in pregnancy which she never wanted. Deepak tried a lot to convince his family but failed and that’s the result he was not here with us. She was crying in sadness and both me and Pooja tried a lot to convince her.

Jyoti joined us to convince Reena and raised the topic of her remarriage. Reena denied her request but Pooja came up with a new idea. The idea was really shocking for me but I was convinced to agree with that. The idea was about to make Reena as my second wife. They give a lot of supporting reasons for it including Reena’s happiness and kid’s safety. I finally agreed after Reena herself asked me to marry her.

Reena was also a beautiful woman like others. She looks fantastic even after childbirth at the age of 31. Her assets are good and we can say her beauty as fit and fine. She may have the figure of 36 32 36 but her height is more matching with me. Her beauty and complexion are more different than the other three.

My second marriage happened in Jyoti’s family hall. Both Jyoti and Pooja were happy to see a smile on Reena’s face after a long time. The first night was arranged in the same bed where I fucked two before.

Pooja decided to keep the baby with her for that night and Reena entered the room with me. I take her to bed and after a few minutes of flirting, I started kissing her from head to neck. She was aroused by that and hugged me tightly. It was her third night with a man and it can be understood by her matured actions.

She herself removed her dresses and me too removed mine. We again started kissing each other passionately and I take no time to insert my dick in her cunt hole. It was loose but hotter than the other two. I fucked her hard until Pooja knocked on the door.

To be continued....

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