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Sex Story - The Businessman-1

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Sex! everyone has a different feeling about this. Some feel it as just a word and some others feel it something special. For some people like me its the greatest pleasure but for someone like Jyoti and Pooja, it is a nightmare.

Yes, I want to tell you about my life. It was my real experience with Jyoti, Pooja, and some more. Myself Hari a 41-year-old rich businessman. It was my life story in which I married thrice and have sex with four ladies.

It all started around 19 years ago when I joined our company as a managing director. The company was established by my dad who passed out in an accident when I was just 15. My mom also went along with him in the same accident. Ram uncle, our company manager brought me up. He was very old and leading a lonely life. I lost him too after some years.

I spent all my teenage in studies. I never get an urge for sex until the completion of my degree. I started watching porn and reading sex magazines at the age of 22. I have a good friend named Deepak who help me a lot in gaining the knowledge of sex. I wanted to lose my virginity at 24 and told about this to my friend.

I need a safe and experienced whore to take my virginity off. Deepak helped me a lot in this and finally came with details of a lady. Her name is Jyoti and she is 42 years old. He also told me that she is not a professional prostitute but only agreed to take with me for an amount of 1 lack rupees. I was shocked by the amount but agreed as I can afford it.

Deepak gave me the address and appointment time. I was in a full mood that day and get ready to meet her in the evening. I go in search of that address and finally found it in the middle of some very standard houses. Her house is small and I parked a car in a suitable place near it.

I walked into the house and the door is open to welcome me. It was a tiny house having only one bedroom. A girl of nearly 20 years of age welcomed me in. My heart beats for her and for a second I forgot why I am there. A girl watching the TV.

After a wait of about ten minutes, Jyoti came and greeted me. She was in a hurry and just came running from inside. Her clothes are wet and the water is still dripping from her hands. I think she came finishing some household work. “One minute… I will be getting ready..” She go and lock the room.

My heart starts beating up faster. My manhood slowly start arising by the look of such a beautiful lady. She looks very young in her 40s too. Although her assets were not big they are very attractive. I think her figure may measure around 34 32 36 with a short height of 5.2′. After a couple of minutes, the door lock opened and a pregnant lady comes out from it. She was also very attractive but I don’t give much attention to her. Jyoti popped up in the door and invites me in.

I go and sat next to Jyoti who got ready in a saree. The smell of flowers which she wore give me an attraction towards her. She drops her saree pallu and offered herself to me. I doesn’t know what to do as I was still immature.

She was not ready to wait and hence broke the silence “Come… make it quick… I have a lot of work to do…” my heart pumps fast to her words. I slowly moved my hands up to take her melons. They were as big as an orange and fit perfectly in my palms. Although I was squeezing them like a fruit her face has no expressions on it.

I tried to kiss on her lips but fall on her as she bent backward. My hard hood is piercing my pant and beating her thighs. She lift her saree up to the trunk. As she has no underwear I got a full vision of her hairy cunt. I think it was an invitation and opened my zip to take my tool out. She even doesn’t give a look at it but bent more and spread her legs. I moved slightly and placed my dick in the gate of her hole.

I slowly started inserting it in. It was too tight because of less lubrication. Both me and she are in pain and it is expressed in her face. I never give up due to pain but started pumping instead. It made her to arouse and her pussy secret some juice. This eased me and also helped me to increase my speed.

The session completes after half an hour of hard fuck. I loaded my cum in her hole and she just wiped it out with a piece of cloth. Both of us dressed and I handed over the cash and asked her the reason for the need for this large amount “Is this amount of money worth only this much of sex?”

She feels some guilt about her actions and so replies “You may come several days for this amount …i may ask if I require more… ”

I agreed with her and told her that I will be back tomorrow evening also.

To be continued.....

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