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Sex Story - The Best Goa Trip !

I m Himanshu 33 working in a private company as marketing executive in Jaipur and hence, I have to undertake extensive travelling. The story told in this, happened with me during my tour to Goa to participate in a meeting.

To participate in the meeting, I board air flight from Jaipur which was to be changed in Delhi. When I boarded another plane at Delhi, I was in window seat. Next to me was a couple (around 35/33) with a boy (5 yr). They had one seat in froth row. They requested me to take the seat, and I agreed and then they seat together, man was just behind me, lady in middle and boy on window seat. During the journey, I talked with man and lady as they talked with me quite friendly and I also got friendly with their son. We were feeling too close. The family was going to Goa on fun trip, and will stay there for 4 days. I was also staying there for 4 days as 3 day meeting and one day for some fun. We said good bye at Goa airport, and also expected to meet somewhere if possible during the period in Goa. I reached to my hotel in office vehicle. It was almost evening and after refreshing and bathing, I come out of my room in casual wear. Surprisingly, I seen that couple in the hotel, who were going to their room with waiter. Suddenly the boy (Raju) seen me and called me. I waved and then all seen me. I reached to them and again we meet with happiness as we are in same hotel for next 4 days, and decided to have dinner together. I was expecting few people from office side, to discuss about the meeting agenda. They arrived at around 8.00 pm and we had meeting for 1 and half hour. I reached restaurant for dinner by 9:45 pm, and also forgot about them. I was very happy to see them waiting for me. They asked me for my choice for menu, but I requested Pooja (his wife) for ordering. She happily ordered for all of us (complete veg food).

Let me tell something about her. Pooja was a quite beautiful lady (33) with sexy figure 34-28-36. She was in salwar kamij in plane, but now she was wearing a very beautiful white cotton sari with blue border with sleeveless blouse and looking quite sexy. He husband (Ramesh) was a bit dull type man, speaking quite less, on the other hand Pooja was quite spoken lady and hence, we become good friends and were talking on different issues, while Ramesh also replying in between. We had the dinner for quite a long time (more than a hour). After dinner we started walking in lawn of the hotel. It was quite late around 10:30 or so, then the boy feeling sleepy. But as we were talking (Pooja and myself), Ramesh took the boy to their room for sleeping, while we also said that coming just behind him. When he left, slowly we started to talk on some romantic issue with filmi scenes and also I started to complement her on her beauty and sexy look and friendly behaviour. This way our flirting started. She was also enjoying my talk, but after about 15-20 min or so her husband called her, and then we said good night and come to our own rooms.

Next day, when I reached for breakfast, I met her again with her son. Her husband was getting fresh and she told that he will come in some time. But I was getting late for meeting, I asked to have breakfast together and she was happily had with me while her husband come when I was to depart. I asked her programme, and she informed that they will visit churches and then in evening to some sea beach. I told that probably, I will be free by 5.00 pm and also like to enjoy some beach. Then I proceed to my meeting in office hired taxi, which was exclusively hired for me for whole day. My meeting continued till 4.30 pm. Although the meeting was continued further, but I did not have any business in that session so I decided to come out. I decided to visit some sea beach. I inquired from driver, who told about famous Colva beach is good and it is near to Margao where we are staying. So asked him to take me to that. I find the beach very good and much crowded by tourists. I was also enjoying and walking near the sea shore. Then I went to one restaurant for some snack, but surprising see that couple in the same restaurant having some snack. They greeted me and I shook hand with Ramesh. I also joined them and talked about their day tours. Instead of Ramesh, Pooja started telling, how they enjoyed in day time visiting two churches, then taking lunch in road side daba with specialty dishes of Goa and finally come to this beach. They hired taxi for all travel. I proposed that why not to go on sea shore and enjoy for some time. So we all went on sea shore. And sit on bench. We were talking about further visiting places in Goa as they had made some research on that before coming to Goa. I was not aware of that much. I asked whether they have plan to have some plan to bath in sea water in beach. Ramesh told that yes. we will surely do that as it is most important enjoyment here. He told that tomorrow we will go to some beach other beach and also take our cloths, so that we can enjoy. I asked him, I will also like to join if you go in evening, if I get free from meeting. The boy was quite enthusiastic for that and asked me to certainly join us. Both his parent also happy with that. Then I took his phone number and saved for future contacts. It was quite romantic to spend time with Pooja, while her husband and son were busy in some other things, especially on the romantic environment of Goa Beach. After some time, Ramesh got phone from their taxi driver that it is much time and asked them to come back so that he can drop them to hotel back. I asked that why not you relieve the taxi from here also, as I am having car and we can spend some more time. It is around 8.00 pm and the sea was looking very good. Both father and son were enjoying together by running here and there and also going in sea water. We both were sitting on bench and looking at them and also talking. Then we returned after half hour so to our hotel. We took dinner together and then spent some more time walking in garden together (both), while boy went to room to see TV. Then said good night. Next day, I woke as usual in morning and prepared for some morning walk. When I returned, I see Pooja in her balcony wearing a silky type gown. I greeted her from road and she also waved. When I come to our floor (we have rooms on same floor, but 2 rooms away), I also come to balcony and looked at her. I asked her to have morning tea, if not had already. She accepted and asked me to come to their room. I inquired about where Ramesh and Raju are. She informed that they are still sleeping. Then I asked in that case, why not you come here, we can have tea together. She accepted and asked me to order, she will join in 2 min. I ordered tea and waiting. After about 5 min tea was served, and Pooja also come in simultaneously. She was wearing two piece light blue gown (silky type, a sleeveless nighty inside with thin cloth covers) and looking quite sexy. The outline of bra is visible as she was wearing a netty white bra. We were sitting in Balcony and enjoying tea together. I complemented her for beautiful and sexy figure she have, which she accepted with smile and also praised me on one way or other. I asked her whether she will invite me in Delhi, when I visit to Delhi. She smiled and told that surely she like to invite and also will have some fun together like we are enjoying here. I smiled and accepted. Then we good bye to meet on breakfast. After breakfast having together and promised to meet in evening at some beach, I departed for my meeting. I was free from meeting by 5.30pm. I inquired on mobile and found that they are on a beach and told about its location. I told the location to driver, and I reached there. I see that they already had enjoyed in sea water and changed. She was wearing a blue salwar and kurtee and looking very sexy in wet hairs. I expressed sorry that I could not come early. Ramesh told that Raju was insisting so we started, and it was also going late. I told it is fine and asked how they enjoyed. She told (when Ramesh was a bit away) that they enjoyed very much in sea water, but it would have been better if you also joined us and smiled naughtily. (I was also very much depressed to miss the chance to enjoy with such lady and see her in wet cloths). I expressed sorry that I could not enjoy with you and such a pretty friend and winked. She got blushed with smile and turned face other side. I turned to Ramesh, and asked what next programe. He told nothing decided. Then I asked, why you join me in dinner organized by our company at a good hotel just nearby, it is arranged for all person come for meeting. He looked at his wife. She told me that how they can join there as we are not participants in meeting and do not know anybody. I told that it is organized by us and we can invite our guests. She asked about the nature of party and whether women there. I told it will be cocktail party and very few women participants, although 2-3 family are there, and you will be enjoy. They agreed, as then we come back to hotel back by 7.00 pm. I asked to have one tea before we go for changing. Pooja accepted, but as Ramesh and Raju were tried, they went to their room. I selected a table in corner in restaurant and ordered tea with some snack. She smiled looking at me. Then I asked her, how she enjoyed today in sea. She told that they went inside the sea upto waist and then played for some time with son. Her husband is not that much active in all that, but he was also there. I expressed that if I was there, I would have pulled her more inside the sea and then played with her with water and else. She smiled and told that she could not enjoy much because of her husband not that much humorous as you are. I like you as you are good in all. She told with smile and a bit naughty expression. Now I am confirmed that she is interested in me and now I should make some advance to seduce her. Slowly I spread my leg under table and touched her leg and looked at her. She did not respond. Then waiter kept the tea and snack on table. I give a cup to her and winked and also rubbed her leg below the table. She smiled and took the cup from me. Then she gave me pakode but instead taking offered her to take first. In this way, our hands were touched. She did not respond. I again continued the talk and told that will you like to go again tomorrow for sea bath, as I also like to join you as I will be free tomorrow by afternoon. She was happy and told ok..and we can fix somewhere. I told.but promise me you will do as I ask you for full enjoyment with me (again winked). She smiled and blushed. Suddenly I caught her hand and started to rub. She smiled and pulled hand. Then we got up and returned to our rooms to get prepared. After half hour, I got call from Ramesh that their son is not feeling good, and therefore they will not be able to come. Then I went to their room to look at Raju, he was having some light fever. Then I asked Ramesh to join at least as Pooja may be with Raju. But they could not make out. And I had to go alone to party. But, as you people know, I could not enjoy much there. Had 2-3 pegs of whisky and dinner and returned back to hotel by 11:30. I knocked at their room, and she opened. I asked about condition of Raju. She just allowed me to be in and told that he is well now and sleeping nicely. I see Ramesh was also sleeping sound. I asked her..she is also sleeping or waking. She told not till now. Then I asked why not we talk sometime if she like. You may come to my room for some time till you get sleeping feel. She smiled and told.. how she can come this time.. if somebody will see then. I told no problem in that and what about your husband wake up.. she told that is also not problem. He is in sound sleep.. will not soon. Then I told who else will be there and you can come to my room… we will enjoy some coffee and chat for some time. She agreed and I returned to my room and ordered for coffee and changed in barmuda and t-shirt and removed underwear and baniyan. I was sure that today she will be fucked by me. The room service kept drinking water and coffee material and gone. She came in 10 min in same pink gown. We sat in sofa together and I served her coffee in tea mug. She took the coffee and started to sip. I looked at her with smile and asked how is coffee. She also smiled and told it is nice. “But Poojaji…your looking very beautiful and sexy in this gown…u know” saying this I touched her shoulder and caressed as bit. She just with shy just moved away and looked at me with some surprise. Then I got up and started TV to see some romantic movie going on. Returned and sat just near her as touching her body with mine. She just smiled at this but did not respond. After 2-3 min of silence, I asked her.. Poojaj tell me more something what you enjoyed in Goa. She was just told nothing much, just 2-3 churches, one temple, and beaches. Tomorrow we will go to Vasco market for some purchase. But all is not that expected as my husband is not much interested. Then I asked why he planned this trip, if not interested. She replied it is on his LTC, and I planned to come here. I told it is my pleasure that you planned and we could meet. I could have company of such a beutyful lady and make you my friend. With this I took her hand in my hand and kissed. She did not care, but smiles and told I also like ur company as u are much interesting person and also charming, you made this journey a bit more interesting. I told yes of course.. but just missed today to have some fun with you in sea (winked), but no way… tomorrow you will see..saying this I kept my hand on thigh and started caressing a bit and looked at her. She was feeling a bit nervous.

Then I asked her “Pooja ji, if you do not mind… can I kiss you once..”. She was not expecting and just got up from sofa, “what are you talking… it is not good.. we are just friends nothing else”. I also got up and took her hand.. “please don't upset…I was just joking..if you do not like then fine..”. But she did not removed her hand from my hand and again smiled at me. This I took green signal, and pulled her towards me and hugged her. She was just blushing, but did not stopped me. I hugged her tightly and slowly started to move my hand on her back down and touching her hips on gown. Then I kissed her on her ear side and slowly released her and started to kiss her on cheek. Slowly lowered to her lips and then kissed on lips for 5 mins. It gone passionate slowly and slowly with opening of her mouth and inserting my toung inside. I was also messaging her back and hips with the hands. After 10 min of kissing, I pushed her to sit on sofa and continue kiss by sitting before her. We also talking some romantic and praising her body as I am touching her on hips, back, on cheek, etc. Then I put hand on tits over the gown and started to squeej gently and increasing the pressure slowly and she started to moan with “ahha…ohhh..” Slowly, I removed the outer gown. Now she was in nighty type cloth sleeveless and deep cleaves visible. I started to kiss on her neck and slowly lowered to kiss her cleavage and pulling the nighty from leg from other hand and caressing her leg and thighs. As I touches on her panty, she got up from sofa and removed my hand, saying it is enough…no more as she was ashamed of all this. But with a little force, I again convinced her that it is no wrong, and again hugged her and kissing on her neck, ears and lips. This made her sensual and hot. She also started to cooperate and opened my T-shirt and started to feel my hairy chest and scratching my nipples, while i started to finger fuck her by moving her panty sideway. She was very hot by that time and also wet in pussy. Then I pulled her to bed, but she got stand and lowered my barmuda and seen me without underwear. She was surprised. I told her that I have already planned to fuck her. She smiled and kissed my lund and told that she also wanted the same since morning. Then I started to talk a bit dirty which she also enjoying. I called her Randi and rakhail type words which she enjoyed, but did not she told anything vulgar. She took my lund in her mouth and started sucking and I was just caressing her hair. After 10 min of sucking, I felt as I will unload so I removed her mouth and pulled her on bed. Then pulled her nighty over her head and removed. Then slowly removed the bra and panty. Now she was completely nude before me. I come over her on bed and started to kiss her and massaging her boobs and rubbing lund on her thigh and on chut. Then licked her nipples for 4-5 min, but now she was asking for fucking… and pulling my lund in. Then I got standing and pulled her legs on my shoulder and inserted my lund in her chut with a force, and it goes in one jerk. She just moaned loadly “aaahaa” and then I started to stroking slowly and also messaging her one boob. After some time we changed the position and she come over me and fucking me by riding. After 10 min of fucking, I come in her chut and she also collapsed on me. She kissed me on my lips and just slapped with love and got up. She wore her dress. And then we departed after a good kiss.

On the next day as usual, when I was returning from morning walk, she was standing in balcony. I waved flying kiss to her whom she accepted with smile and shy. When I come to my balcony, I asked her to accompany for a tea and about her husband and son. She accepted and told they are sleeping. She came to my room in 2 min. As soon as she entered my room, I just closed the door and hugged tightly and kissed very passionately on lips for 2-3 mins. She also cooperated for the morning kiss and then we get separated and then I ordered for tea and came to balcony. After 5min the tea was served and we enjoyed together and talked about night experience. She expressed that it was quite romantic and enjoyable for her. Her husband is not romantic at all, and could not enjoy the same. I smiled and kept hand on her thigh and with little caressing, told that we can enjoy much more as it was just a starter. If we get chance, then I will get her to the tour of haven. She smiled and shown her willingness for that. After 15 min or so, she went back to her room, and I started to get ready. It was third day of meeting that will be closed by afternoon. I decided to enjoy the company of Pooja on a beach at least for the afternoon and evening.

When I reached to restaurant for breakfast, I see Pooja was waiting with her son on a table. I wished Raju who was very lovely, and came to me and asked that whether I will join them today. I told that yes beta, I will join after my meeting is completed in afternoon. And then talked with him about what he enjoyed in two days, and also told that we will enjoy today in playing in sea water in the beach. His mother also shown happiness, and then her husband also joined. We had b/f together and asked Ramesh about their plan to today. He told that they will go to some see some garden or temple and then on beach in afternoon and evening. Then I departed and told him that I will call him when get free.

My meeting was over by 1.45 afternoon. Then after taking lunch in the venue, I called Ramesh that where they are. He informed about their location and told that they are just taking lunch and relaxing at a restaurant. I told to join in about one hour, as I do not want to disturb them while lunch. Then I joined them by around 4.00 pm on beach. When I got down from the taxi, I see Pooja was standing far behind as Ramesh and Raju were just running for something. Pooja was wearing a beautiful sari with sexy blouse outfit. I looked around and finding safe.. just went behind the Pooja and caught her from behind and put hands in her waist. She was just afraid, but when see me, got angry for that behavior. I said sorry and just calmed down, but she shown that she loved it. Then I asked, will you go in sea, she told yes. But in sari or you change. She told she carried other dress for this, and how she can go in sari. I told, why not she go in sari… it will be quite enjoyable for others if you are in sari and I winked. She got shy and told you are just making my joke. I expressed that we will see that joke in evening when we go to hotel and get chance to be alone and again winked her naughtily. She again got shy and got again angry that why I talking all that here. By that time, both Ramesh and Raju come near us, and then we talked for some time sitting on a bench and enjoying the sea in front.

Then I proposed to walk on the sea, and we come to sea and upto ankle deep water we started walking, leaving the shoes near bench. After some time, I proposed that why not to go in sea to enjoy water, everybody agreed. Then we come to our vehicles and took dress to change and used nearby changing area. I wore a burmuda and T shirt. Ramesh and Raju were also in similar dress, but Pooja had T-shirt and pajami. She was looking quite sexy in that dress as her boobs were quite heaving out and looks inviting. Her hips were also quite sexy and the crack between front and back in pajama… hey what I started thinking, I got my hard on just imagining her condition that time, and now I have to relieve myself. When I find the opportunity as Ramesh and son were some behind, I came near Pooja and whispered in her ear that she is looking quite sexy in this dress and will be more when you get wet. She just blushed a bit and smiled. I also wanted to tell more, but Ramesh came near us and we all got into the sea. Raju caught my hand and we were enjoying sea waves coming to us and sand is flowing below our feet. Initially, we just enjoyed knee deep water. Raju was quite enthusiastic about going more deeper, but Ramesh not allowing him. I asked Pooja to go a bit deeper, but Ramesh was not willing. I encouraged Ramesh that nothing will happen if we go a bit more. Reluctantly he node in yes, and I asked him to come. But he shown unwillingness, then I asked Pooja to come, she looked at her husband and then come near me and Raju. We went a bit deeper upto waist level, and Raju was quite happy and enjoying the water. I looked at Ramesh and again asked him to come, but he did not. I caught hand of Pooja who was just behind me and pulled her before me and asked how she enjoying, and also throw water on her face. She just bend to escape and caught my hand and also got slide under water wave. With this she just like sit in the water with water upto her neck. I also got sit near her and just caught her by waist (under water not visible to anybody) and pulled to me. She struggled to escape and came near to me a bit, but I left her. She just pushed me a bit underwater with blush and angry look, but I put my hand on her breast and squeeze a bit (under water). She pushed my hand and got standing. Then Raju called me to show me something, I seen him and after satisfying him, I again come near Pooja and asked how she is enjoying. But she was just shy and telling it is quite enjoyable with u, but take care of others please. I asked her do you wish to go beyond in water, and I told that I know swimming, there will be no problem. But she did not reply me anything. I looked at Raju who was enjoying with some other kids who were also playing in water. I caught hold of hand of Pooja and pulled her in a bit deeper. I also looked behind and seen Ramesh was just sitting and looking other side in shallow water. He was also enjoying the scenes of some ladies playing his nearby.

Looking the chance, I pulled Pooja near me and whispered that she is looking quite sexy in wet cloths and I like to make love to her here only. She just pushed me, telling what I am telling and how it can be here. I told “Janu, why not, in deep water nobody can see” and just smiled at her and winked. She just blused.. and told “are you mad…no way”. I told “hey…I am just kidding… I know that…but we can make some romance at least” saying this I just squeeze her boob under water and rub on hip with other hand. She just shying all then, but I continue this looking here and there, as no one looking at us. Then I caught her hand and put on my burmuda, she also become a bit bold and caught my lund on zipper and started to rub. I came near her and took a dip, and while in the water is caressed her legs and also moved fingers on her triangle between the legs over the pajama. She was just standing and moving hands here and there and enjoying. I could do this for half minute and then come out of water to breath. This way I did with her for many times and also tried to insert finger in her love hole through the cloth. Then I come out and looked at her. She just blushed and shown me to beat me. I came near her and whispered that how she felt fucking in sea water like this. She just smiled in shy but did not tell anything. Then I asked what you wants more. But she did not tell anything but she also got down and took dip in water, pulled my legs as I also got slide and dipped in water. She did nothing, but just tried to kiss on my legs and on lund, but as she could not take long breath, she just came out. I also come out, and smiled at her and told that you are also quite smart in doing all this. I also took dip and tried to come to her love triangle and kissed and caressed her hip with hands for half minute which she loved as she moved her hand on my head and hands. We played and talked romantic and sexy for some time and also kept eye on Raju as he is playing with his age kids. Then we listen call from Ramesh and looked at him, he was calling us.

It was already more than an hour for us to in water. We came near Raju and asked him to come back. But as expected he asked for some more time. I told Ramesh that we can allow him for more 10 min. He said ok, and told that he is going for change. As he moved out, I pulled again her in deep water upto chest and started again caressing her legs with my legs. Pushed her to be in water as she got half sitting in water and water upto neck, I caressed and squeeze her boobs and also taking dip to lick her for some time. Once I pulled her into water and kissed on lips too. When we come out, she was just close to me and just expressing happy with all this. She told that Ravi, you are really very enjoying and romantic person and made me your forever. What a fun you have…. Really quite unimaginable.. I am very happy to be with you this time. And kissed on my chest as our face was towards sea. Then we come near Raju again and insisted him to come out. He reluctantly come out with us. It was nearly going to dark (may be around 6.30pm or so). Then we changed and come to a restaurant for something to eat and have tea. I offered noodles and other snacks we enjoyed there. Then we returned to hotel by 8.00 pm, promised to meet on dinner after one hour, I come to my room.

After one hour and freshing up, I reached restaurant, but none of them were there. Then I phoned to their room, there she picked and told that as everybody is quite tiered, both went sleep, and she is getting them wake up and will come soon. Then I came to reception and watching TV news. After about half an hour I see Pooja and Raju were coming. I joined them, but Ramesh was to come as he is just getting fresh. In restaurant, we had dinner all together. But as Ramesh and Raju were already slept and got fresh, Raju was insisting that I like to go garden, where he want to play for some time, and this was last day for them. The garden is in hotel premises and have lot of kid playing gadgets. We all then go to garden where Raju started enjoying and we sit on bench and started gossiping. After some time, Ramesh got up and went near Raju, and he tried to help him on rides. I seen the opportunity and looked at the Pooja and asked her to come to hotel and let them enjoy here. It was time around 9.30pm or so, she went to Ramesh and talked something and returned and told that we can go. They will come after sometime. I smiled at her and we come to hotel back. I asked how much time they will take. She replied do not know, but may be one hour or so. As we entered in lift, I pulled her and kissed and asked where we go..in my room or her. She just blush, but did not tell anything, and as lift stops she turn to her room. I also turn to my room and we depart.

But before I reach my room, I see she opened and entered, I again reached to her room and pressed the door, it was open. I come inside the door, but she was in bathroom. I just sit there on chair. After 2 min she come out in just blouse and peticot, and stunned to see me there. I smiled at her and comment that she is much sexy in this dress. She asked.. why you come here. I replied that you know janu and with this I closed the door and bolted. And come to her and pulled her to kiss and tight hug. She also smiled at this and cooperated and hugged me tightly. After kissing for 2-3 min, I let her sit on the bed and I sit on floor before her. And then started to caress her leg by one hand and other hand on her boob. She was started to moan with all this. Then slowly I bent her to lay on the bed and I also come over her and started kissing and squeezing the boobs with hands over blouse. Slowly I lowered lips to her cheek and then to neck and licking her till cleave and licked for some time there. With other hand, i started raising her peticot and caressing her thighs and near her love triangle close in panty. Then I moved down the bed and started to lick her legs one by one and slowly rising. I took about 10 min to reach from toe to her triangle with lips. She was just laying and moving hand on my head. Then on panty, I tried to kiss which she respond with big moan and throwing my head away. I lowered her panty with teeth and then fixed on finger to remove it below legs. The slowly I moved lips around her love hole and trickled with lip tip on her clit. She was just getting mad and got up and asked me to fuck her. But I told wait dear, we are not in hurry now. But she just got up from bed and opened my belt and lowered pant with underwear and caught hold of my lund in her hand and smiled at me and asked me to give it to her. I asked her to kiss it. She just kissed its head and started licking the same. I was very happy and told her that she is very sexy and very good in all this. I love you darling. Suck my lund. She smiled and told that I like sucking lund. But you are very smart and romantic person, you made me mad in sea water itself. How you do all that… every woman will like person like you… and she started sucking my lund with great force, which is again new to me. So far no one sucked my lund with so force. After 8-10 min of her sucking, I laid her on bed, and while standing, putting her legs on shoulder, I entered her with one stroke, which she just made sound like “ooouuuchhh”. Then I lowered my head and kissed her on lips and opened the blouse and lowered bra and kneading the boobs and pinching the nipples, and also continued to make strokes. I could do that for 10-12 min then took a stopover and then again did for 15 min, then changed the position and made her to doggy and fucked for 5-10 min before I could empty in her chut. I feel she also had orgasm for twice or thrice. Then we realized that its is more than an hour, and anytime Ramesh may come. So we dressed quite fast and then opened the door and sit for talking. She told that your very sexy person and good in romance. I asked her that will she like to continue after we leave from her. She was very happy to, but has to be done carefully otherwise her family may spoiled. I promised that we will take care. They come after 10 min and then I left.

On next day, as usual, we had morning tea together in my balcony and I kissed her for 5-8 min and also messaged her all over. But not made fucking as she was not prepared for that and refused. Then we had breakfast with her family with leisure as it was just off day…no meeting.

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