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Sex Story - Sleeping Aunty

This is Bhavesh from Rajkot. This is my first story so do please forgive if any mistakes. I am basically a sex addict just love to have sex all the time.

I am basically from Rajkot with a normal 6inch tool and a perfect body. I am from a middle-class family, where my both mom and dad used to work. I used to stay with my aunt (moms younger sister) and uncle as my college was nearer from there residence. My aunt’s name is Soniya (name changed) is a housewife and my uncle used to work in private company. They dint had children as my uncle was not that much interested in sex with my aunt (which I got to know later from my aunt). So basically we 3 members used to stay in our house.

Ours was a single bedroom flat. Where basically my aunt and uncle used to sleep in the bedroom and I used to sleep in the hall. My daily routine was to get up in the morning by 7 get freshen up by 8 and used to leave for college. I used to return from college at 5 in the evening. My uncle’s office timings were from morning 10 to evening 8. So he used to come home at 9.

My aunt was a soft natured girl with a lot of respect and love for her husband. She used to care for me a lot, she was very friendly with me. We used to daily chit-chat with each other in the evening after my college, I even used to help her in her household works. Whenever I see her my hearts starts pumping a bit more, my eyes start to fill with lust and my manhood gets ready to salute her beauty. Man trust me she a sex bomb, was every boy who will see her will definitely want to have sex with her. In a single word, she is a goddess of sex with a perfect figure. She often wears sarees and nights when she is at home.

it started when I was in class 10th one fine day when I got up in the midnight to drink water as I was feeling thirsty I heard some sounds from aunts bedroom, I just wanted to see what those sounds were so I just tried to open the door a little bit, but by luck my aunt forgot to lock the door. So I just started seeing from there were my uncle was banging my aunt from backside in a doggy position where my aunt was screaming with pleasure. She was completely nude, that was the first time to see a girl nude, that too my aunt. From that day my intentions towards her started to change, I wanted to seduce her and fuck her.

From that day I used to stare at her whenever she used to clean the house as she used to wear nights in the house there was a clear vision of her boobs. Whenever she used to go for a bath I used to watch from the door gap, but it was of no use as I was not clear. I used to masturbate 3 times a day thinking of her. Time just in the same way for almost 3 years and time finally came when I was in the first year of engineering.

My uncle and his friends planned for a north tour for one week, so my uncle said me to take care of my aunt and help her if any need. My uncle left for tour on Saturday evening with his friends. I and aunt were only there in the house. I made my mind clear that it any case I have to seduce my aunt and fuck her in this one week only. We finished our work had dinner, chit-chatted for some time and left for sleep. As my uncle was not there my aunt said me to sleep in her bedroom as she was alone. I was in joy and just came and slept beside her seeing her beauty. She wore a red color nighty, man she was looking to me like an angel. I was just waiting for her to sleep so that I can start my work. It was around 1 she was in deep sleep her nighty was almost near her thighs exposing her legs making me crazy.

I slowly placed my legs on her and started to pretend as I was in sleep but there was no response from her. So I slowly moved my hands and placed my 2fingers on her belly and just kept it for almost 10mins, my heart was literally pumping with fear and excitement. there was no response from her so I placed my complete hand on her waist and started to move my hand on her waist all of us sudden she got up saw my hand and leg on her saw me and thought that I was in sleep just removed my hands and slept. My heart just stopped beating for some time with fear.

So that day I didn’t want to take any risk and just slept. Next day when I woke up everything was quite normal. So I made myself clear that she didn’t notice me last night thought that I was in sleep. The whole day went in a routine way. Finally, the night came where I lost my virginity to the goddess of sex. I and my aunt slept in her bedroom it was around 12 my aunt was in deep sleep I slowly place my right leg on her legs and waited but there was no response from her. Slowly I placed my right hand on her waist but still no response. I started to rub my hand on her waist but still no response from her side.

Slowly I moved my hand and placed it on her right boob, trust me guys my heart beat was almost double than its normal beating. I placed my hand for almost 10mins but no response. So I slowly started to press them still no response but her breathing started to pump up. I started to press both her boobs she too started to enjoy it as she was making sounds like haaaaaaaa yaaaaaa hmmmm I got some courage directly came on her and lip locked her for almost 5 mins. In the first she didn’t respond later she started to respond. Slowly I started to press her boobs in the meantime kissed her. I started from lips kissed her on her eyes cheeks and ears. Guys trust me ever women go crazy when kissing her on her ears. Slowly came down from her ears and started licking her neck and shoulders and in the meantime pressing her boobs. She was moaning in pleasure. I made her get up and removed her nighty and I too removed my t-shirt and short. She was not wearing any panty. She was just in pink bra inviting me to have dinner with the milk in her boobs. I slowly removed her bra and started to pinch her nipples one by one and started to kiss. She was moaning in pleasure like haaaaa yaaaa plzz moreeeer. I almost licked her breast for 15mins later slowly came down to her navel. I placed my tongue in the navel and started to roll it. She was just getting crazy and was literally jumping. Slowly came to her cunt.

Guys that smell of her pussy made me even mad at her. I just placed a kiss on her pussy and started kissing her thighs and legs. Later slowly came up widened her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs and was making her crazy. Slowly placed my tongue on her pussy lips and started to lick it. Guys the best best taste I ever tasted. I licked her pussy till she had her orgasm. Slowly came to her and started to tease her with my penis rubbing on her pussy. She was literally begging me to fuck her and stop teasing her. I with a sudden thrust entered my complete penis in her pussy she was screaming with pain and even I had some pain. Slowly I planted a lip lock and started to move my penis in and out. Slowly I increased my speed and she was screaming with pleasure like haaaaaaa yaaaaaa denguu inka denguuuu puku ni chinagotu (tear my pussy) I kept on banging her for almost 5mins and I cummed in her pussy as it was my first time. She removed my penis from her pussy started to lick my penis. She gave me a blowjob guys it was way to heaven when was giving me a blow job. My penis got big and was ready for the next round. This time she came on me and started riding my penis. She was screaming with pleasure. Her breath started to increase and in all of sudden she unloaded her cum on me and just slept on me.

We slept like that for five minutes and I wanted to fuck her in doggy style as it was my favorite position. I made my aunty sit in a doggy style and entered my penis from the backside. I fucked her for almost 15mins catching her hair pulling her towards me banging her on her ass while fucking in doggy style. She was screaming with pleasure ahhh abaaaaaaaa denguuuuuu gatiga denguuuu puku palagotu (tear my pussy). I fucked her for almost 15mins and released my cum inside her. We got tired slept kissing and hugging each other without any clothes. When we got up in the morning we had another session which will continue in my next story…

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