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Sex Story-Sister's Wedding

It was the occasion of my cousin sisters wedding in Jaipur. I was on duty to facilitate my sister’s friends/colleagues during there stay. I went to the airport to pick her friends from Bangalore. I picked three guests from airport Suchita and Shital.

This story is about me and Shital who was also her boss at that time and a high designation official at an international bank where my sister used to work. I picked them up and brought them to the house to make them meet my sister. I learned that Suchita is single and Shital was married but annulled. So all of them were available for me to hunt. I flirted with all of them but they took didn’t take me seriously as I was only 25 and they were elder to me Shital was around 30 at that time. After they met and congratulated my sister I dropped them to the hotel and went back home to get ready for the evening program.

I desperately trying to woo the girls dressed up well in an Armani jacket and reached reception venue. There came my sister’s friends, Anu and Suchita were wearing some western attire but I couldn’t move my eyes from her boss Shital. She was wearing a beautiful blue saree and a black velvet sleeveless blouse in contrast and a beautiful gold bracelet in her hands.

Her below shoulder hairs were flirting with her beautiful arms and her big dark eyes looked killer. She wasn’t fat but surely not slim. I would say curvy and voluptuous. Her figure was 34-32-36. All eyeballs turn towards that classy charming lady in the reception hall. I totally lost my senses to that damsel and was at her disposal. I roamed around her, talking and flirting with her and made sure her drink never ran short. But, unfortunately, due to family and chores, I couldn’t be around her all the time.

While Suchita and were all set to go, I sensed Shital wanted to stay and enjoy few more drinks. But since party got over they had to leave. I took the opportunity to drop them back to their hotel and cab wasn’t safe that late. I made sure Shital sat with me on the front seat and other at the back so I can get some more glimpse of hers. I dropped them and heavy hearted left for home.

Within just a few minutes I got a call from an unknown number she was none other than Shital she forgot her phone in the glove compartment as she was sitting on co drive seat. I returned happily thinking hoping to get one more glimpse of hers. I gave her phone and she smiled and thanked me. I reluctantly asked her ” Do you care for some nice wines?” Shital ” Didn’t already had enough at the party?” Me: ” Not me, and neither did you, I noticed you didn’t have much of food” Shital ( smiling and blushing); Stop oberserving me now, you been doing this whole day. Me: ” Who else was there to observe, and my sister told me to take special care of you” That its I was all flirty and shameless now. Shital agreed and asked me to wait so she can grab her belongings from the hotel room.

I was delighted and thanking go for this great company. What can be more exciting than having exquisite wine with such a beautiful lady on a romantically cold and silent night.

Shital came back and sat with me in the car. I roamed around the city to get some good wine but most of the places were closed or too shabby to take the lady with me. So finally i bought some 2 beers and bring in the car. She was reluctant to switch to beer but I think she was trying to unwind after a long time. I came to know she studied and worked in the US for a long time got married there to an indian who use to abuse her and hence I filed divorce and left for india as she got a job. But she was still married and was waiting for judgement on her case. I felt sad about her, how can someone be so mean to a charming lady like her. She sensed my sadness and punched me on my shoulder and asked me about my girlfriends to change the topic

Apparently, she didnt like the idea of switching to beer but she got tipsy after having one. So I had no choice but to take her back to her hotel room. I invited to me her room and have some drink from minibar of the hotel room. I liked the way this night was heading to. We got into her room I sat on the couch and she grabbed a bootle of wine from room minibar and I quickly pulled in two glasses to pour. She sat on the bed and we started sipping. Whilst were already a glass of wine down after all the booze we had that night. She took of her shoes sandals to relax. She feet were very bfull and petite. Very fair supple and so soft that the strap made an impress on her feet. I took the courage and held her hand pretending to see her bracelet.

“you are very beautiful and i am lucky to spend time with you” I said that and kissed her on her hands. She smile and said ” you are a kid”

No, I am not. I revolted and grabbed her shoulder and wrapped my arm around her and smooched her.

She closed her eyes and spread her lips letting me in. I run my tongue on hers and felt the tangy taste of red wine on hers. She was very hot and she started kissing me back and I grabbed her tight in my arms and came over her and bite her lips. I quickly unbuttoned my waistcoat and my shirt as my nads wandered on her waist cuddling and fondling her belly and back. She pushed me back and came over me and started kissing and biting my chest. She kissed me hard and bite my nipples. ahhhhhhh that seriously made my cock rock hard.

She could feel my hardness on her tummy as kissed me. I tried to remove her saree and grabbed her boobs over her blouse and squeezed them tight.

Auuuchhhhh she moaned.and tried to take off her saree. I helped her take off her clothes and took mine off. My cock as bursting out of my undies when I saw her in her maroon lingerie. She slipped her hand in my boxer and pressed my tool.

“ah, what do we got down here,” Shital said smiling at me. “Beast that’s hungry to devour you’ I replied.

She said no and pushed me back on the bed. Maybe she had some other plans. I thought.

She came over me and pinned my arms with her knees. She wasn’t that heavy that I couldn’t move her but I was enjoying her to take the lead. and she ran her fingers on my lips and I extended my tongue to lick her fingers.

“Good boy,” she said.

And bent forward pushing her crotch over my face. I sniffed her panty. It was already wet as I could smell her juices. Then I ran my tongue on her wet panty spot.

‘Ahhhhhh, I have been dying for this” she said with her closed eyes.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me.and dig my tongue deep in her pussy over the panty. She quickly pulled her panty aside giving me access to her cunt lips. They were moist and swollen. She was hot and horny it proved.

I spanked her ass. “ahhhhhh, keep doing it”

She shouted and I dig my tongue deep in her clit teasing her a lot and licking her juices well.

She was playing with my hairs and pulling them to push my face deeper in her pussy and then she bent backward and held my cock and press it hard. I was throbbing hard and was bursting.

Then she stood up and rub her ass on my cock and took off my jockey and held my cock and kissed my abs and around my thighs but not my cock.

” Baby you are killing me now” I pleaded.

She grabbed my cock tight and pulled my foreskin back and ran her naughty tongue on my dick head.

“ahhhhhh, I couldn’t control”She was playing with my balls and took it in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it.

umm, I was at cloud nine I grabbed her hairs and pushed my cock deep in her mouth.

Ahhhh, ahhhh auuuchhhh, auckkkkkkkk

She was gagging and trying to push me. So I pulled it out and pushed her on the bed. I spread her legs wide and came between them and grabbed her thighs and rub my cock on her clit.

AHHHH, don’t tease me, just fill me now. She commanded.

I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard. AHhhh she moaned and before she lost the sensation I rammed my 7″ cock in her dripping wet pussy.

AUchhhhhh, it’s too fat. She screamed and dug her nails in my chest but it even turned me even hornier. I pinched her nipples and pulled them.

Ouchhhh, you are so good, stop teasing and ravish me.

Ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh

We both were moaning and sweating.

Faster, baby faster…… she was moaning. I pulled my cock out and pushed it back again in her pussy all at once.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, she moaned with a smile. I bend forward and smooched her. I came twice she whispered in my ear.

I had a lot of drinks so was not able to cum. She said let me handle it. I pushed a bit and came forward and sucked my cock again licking and cleaning all of our juices.

Then she bent forward and came in doggy position. I fondled her ass and then squeezed her awesomely curvy ass cheeks and bite them.

” Just fuck me” I want you right there in my pussy,” she said

I grabbed her waist and pushed my cock straight in her pussy.”AHHHHHHHHHHH”

she screamed aloud. It was my first time doing doggy, I realized her pussy was very tight in that position and it was the best feeling it ever got. I bent forward and grabbed her boob with one hand and continue to push in her pussy from behind and keep on pushing till my balls started slapping her. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhh” AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

she was moaning and screaming. Which was turning me even more? I grabbed her hairs and made her my pony and kept on pumping her pussy and would pull her hairs to bring her to my rhythm of shots.

She was exhausted and crashed with her face on her. I was all sweaty and about to cum.her tight pussy was squeezing my cock hard. I spank her ass. SPANKKKKKKKKKKK SPAAANKKKKKKKKKKK SPANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

you sexy bitch, what’s wrong with you, I am not done yet. I grabbed her ass and spread it wide and kept on with my pace.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am about to cum i groaned aloud.

OHHHH God!!! and I tried to pull before I cum and jizzed it all over her ass.and crashed over her.

We both were drunk and extremely exhausted but deeply satisfied.I spooned her and grabbed her in my arms and felt her cold sweat on my chest and she loosened a bit in my arms and we passed out in the warmth of each other.

This was the beginning of my affair with that charming lady.

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