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Hi Guys, This is Ajay, following is my incest story about how I fucked my Rakhi sister. We are not related to each other but I made her my Rakhi sister long time ago. Things took an unexpected turn and we started fucking each other. We have fucked a lot and now also fuck each other occasionally. This is yet another sexual incident between us. Now coming to the story. It was in the first week of June that early morning i got a message from Srishti that ” hubby is on tour,so m not coming u come”,i was excited by the message and replied saying that i cant bunk office,immediately she replied,” he his out for two days. if u don’t come you will miss”,i replied saying i will not miss. I will join you for lunch, she replied Always welcome,then as usual i went to office,but was not busy with work as she was sending me messages with pictures and making me horny.

I somehow worked till 12-12.30, in between i went to washroom and seeing her picture shook and then left office,i messaged her while starting ” be ready am reaching in an hour,she replied ” ever ready”,i messaged her by sending icons of bra and panty,she got aroused and immediately called me “- bhai ye kya,anything special,i said i will prefer black or pink,she said bhai dono hay,aurvek hay ,par woh suspense hay i said ok,and asked about daughter,she said don’t worry,will put her to sleep before you come,i said ok Sweety,she said love you bhai and cut the call,my tool became hard,i reached her home by 1.15-1.30.as usual i buzzed her before going,she said bhai all clear,i went and before i could press the calling bell ,she opened…..oooo. she was wearing a pink colour kurta and black colour bra and white leggies and pink colour chaddi….ooooomy. seeing her my tool got full 7” she welcomed me inside and i tightly embraced her,i like as her height is less so you can really enjoy and feel the embrace,and i kissed her forehead and put my hand inside her leggies and we kissed each other lips to lips,full saliva going from mine to hers,then she removed her lips and said bhai andar chalthay hay,aram say aaj aur kal hay,abhi aap socho kitna time aur kya kya karna hay. I said o Sweety my love and i put my hand in her shoulder and we walked to her another bedroom as bachu was sleeping in her room.

Once inside the room i made her sit in bed and opened my pant and she kissed it and slowly took in mouth,oooooo wat a feeling,a girl whom all wanted to sleep with and who shared a brotherly relation with me is now sucking my tool…oooo.when she was sucking i was playing with her hair and slowly lifted her kurta and started pressing her boobs….aaaaa what a feeling….fter 10-15\’mnts i asked her to remove it and i then slowly asked her to raise her hand and removed her kurta ….o ooo what a lovely scene,no doubt why my colleagues were thinking her in bed…oooi,then in the same position i asked her to sit and i bend down and lifted her bra and kissed it passionately.then slowly took in mouth. she murmured”aaaaaa bhai aaaaa bhai bhai “and pressing my head/ mouth in her balls….i was suffocating….but this was too good to leave. Then i signalled her with hand and i removed my head / mouth from her boobs and made sound oooppps Srishti kyavhay yaar …..Rajesh ( her husband\’s name) ka naseeb,she said aa ,i asked kya huva ,she told bhai ,aap ko kya lagtha hay woh mujay satisfy karthay hay?

Fir aap idar thodi hothay ? Between our talks i had made her stand and pulled her Leggies ….oo what a scene how sexy was she looking in that panty,i bend down and pulled her chaddi,i could see a soft medium colour little hairy wet chuth,i touched it fingers and then slowly kissed it passionately..oooo wat a smell…oooooi kiked it,unimaginable…she got excited and pressed my head in-between her legs,like she did when i was sucking her balls,and telling. Bhai bhai aur chooso…aa bhai maja a raha hay,my hands were down her ass and i was pressing it gently…..we both were going mad and were in the peak of excitement….then for one second i removed my face to breath and also to ask her ki Srishti ek bath bol ,she asked ha bhai ,tera aur Rajesh ka sex life kaisa hay,and i again started to kiss,lick her chuth,she then started her,story,bhai pehlay sab karthay thay ….abhi mujay jab chahiye hota then soja that hay,ye bolke ki thak gaya hu,or office may work load etc,fir mujay kuch tho karna hay na bhau apnay lite,so i still lucking her chuth,ask her in sign by touching me and asking why me?

To which when she replied i was shocked,that she wanted me long back because of my nature etc,but unfortunately It so happened ki we landed in bro-sis relation…..hearing this i gave a good press to her hand,and she said bhai asthay…now my 8\” was full….so i got up and raised her and helped us stand and immediately made her lie down,….o what,a scene it was i could not have patience,i straight away touched her chuth with my lund …oooo,i was excited although not my First sex with her ,but she was such a sex bomb….and slowly started jurking inside.she was telling ayega ayega…..bhai asthay asthay….now i was getting horny so no slowing….on the contrary i increased my speed,and asked her Srishti….rajesh ….ka aysa hi kartha hay kya? For which she replied bhai pehlay is say acha tha ,so i asked kya size tha,mere say bada,boli nay bhai …6-6.5 woh bhi jyada jada nay,maja nahi tha .fir bhi may adjust karthi thi as daily hum karthay that,lekin pichlay itnay time say woh karthay hi nahi….may kitna din,ayse rahu,unko bhi mera balls pasand tha dabane aur choosnay and apna bhi mujay dete that,aur hum,roz maja,karthay……fir,suddenly ignore karne lage,may unka pant kol nay jaavu tho bhai bolnay lage ,tujay raat ko neend nahi atha hay kya….chup chap sona..and while,telling she was crying.

I slowly put my tongue on her cheeks…. Lord it,was,so soft and wiped her tears….hearing all,this my timing got increased and it was more than 25 mnts that we were doing sex …..oooi it,was really super,then i slowly pushed in speed and,told her Sweety am going to cum,to,which she told bhai muhay,aap say,bacha chahiye,andar hi nikalna….o lovely,then in 5-7 mnts i cummed the full load inside,she held me tight and we,slept in that position for sometime and i removed my tool and then we both ,went to,wash room nude…..i putting my hand in her,waist and she,also.then we both bathed each other inside we took shower and once down the shower i gt aroused and told her,to suck,immediately she obeyed and i was enjoying the shower and suck,ooosuper she was moving her,head in and out,ooowhat a feeling i touched her head and told ki acha huva Rajesh tujay nay kartha hay…to which she slowly bit it,that was a way of acknowledging….then i was to cum i told she did not,respond and i off loaded my cum inside her mouth……but smart she was she did not swallow it ,after all she is PG…- so brainy,she removed my tool from mouth and spat the whole load inside the floor of washroom,then she washed my tool and now it was my turn to bend down and i put my tongue inside her chuth and started my pussy licking job.she was very happy and pressed my head more in between her legs and i started to press her soft gaand and my right hand was slowly going inside her ass hole….she told bhai…..aaa maja ,a raha hay. And soon she orgasmed and her pussy juices leaked on my mouth as i slurped every last drop of it!

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