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Sex Story-School Receptionist

I’m from Mumbai. This incident took place when I had completed my 12th in 2014.

I had finished my 10th at an international school. There was this lady by name Ritu working in the reception. She was like the sex bomb of our school. I enquired about her in the school as she was a new entry. It seems that she was actually a divorcee with a girl child of 8 years. And she was living alone with her child. And her parents were settled in Kerala.

She had stats like 34-28-32

She had these long nails grown which made her look even sexier. She had this smile on her face…my god my cock always wanted to fuck her pussy. She was 33 years old when this incident happened.

So since my class was on the 2nd floor I could only see her in the lunch break that too only for a few minutes.

When I was in 10th I was really fat like almost 90kilos and no one would find me attractive and my cock was 6 inches long.

So since I couldn’t be in touch with her when I was in 10th. My lust for her was long-awaited. After 10th I got busy with my studies and moreover, I left my school and joined another college for +1 and +2 even I thought o could have stayed back in the school.

So there was this reunion in school. I finished up all my 12th exams and I had got a seat for medical in a prestigious college in Rajasthan.

I decided to slim down my body and I hit the gym hard for 4 months and a couple of days after that I was invited for the reunion so I decided to go to the reunion.

Everyone was shocked to see my body it was muscular and I Had become tall about 6 feet. So I took a chance to meet Ritu ma’am in the reunion.

She was standing aside from all of us partying and was having a fruit juice and she was wearing this dress till her knee only…I went MAD OVER HER.

My tool started to raise up although somehow I controlled it. Me: Hello ma’am! How are you doing? R: Hey there! I’m good! How are you? How are your studies?? All these nonsense talks went on for 2 mins.

I started to flirt. Me: ma’am you still look so young! You’re looking really sizzling in this red in this cold night… R: oh come on! For your physique, you can get any girl you want. Me: haha! But you’re really beautiful.

( I don’t know where I had got all that courage to speak) R: Thank you, darling! Ans this talk went on for 15 minutes but we both knew what we wanted for ourselves. since it was late evening and the party was going on on the ground.

I asked her. Me: Can I please have a look at my old classroom? R: sure, why not? come let’s go!

And the whole building was empty and dark except the lights on important rooms. I decided to fuck her in the school.

So she took me to the 2nd floor while the rest of my friends are enjoying in the ground I decided to enjoy her.

We reached the classroom she switched on the light. I just immediately pushed her to the wall and started kissing her…her saliva was just too good to handle. She didn’t resist a bit.

Our kiss went ok passionately exchanging saliva and all the saliva was dripping from our mouth. As the kiss went on I started to caress her back and grabbed her ass! She didn’t utter a word as she was enjoying.

I started to press her boobs and started licking them. She resisted and said “please not here in the school, please let’s not do it in the school I need you for the whole day not only for a quickie!

To this, I agreed and we exchanged numbers and we went down and continued the party. The very next day I texted her. She said she fingered herself that night.

Like this, our talks went on for 1 month and we used to text and meet up in the cafes and have beer etc..

We decide that we need to fuck each other and our lust was filled. So we decided to go to a different place and stay there and have sex. We decided that the place is Goa.

She sent her kid to her friend’s house saying she is going out with her school friends she said the same thing to her parents too.

I told my parents that I’m going there to meet my friend and will be staying in a resort near his house. (I actually had a friend there)So she reserved the room for 1 week. We decided to meet up at the airport.

We did and everything was ready and on the way, I got myself 20 condoms.

We boarded the flight and we reached the resort by the afternoon and we had lunch and we went to the room.

We took rest and she said ‘ make me your slave for the next 1-week and use me however you want’..

And we kissed hard and we slept and we woke up in the evening. This is where the adventure started. As soon as I woke up I went and opened the door and put the ‘ do not disturb sign on the door of our room’ I locked our room’s door She was preparing coffee and she was in her shorts and a loose tee. I was in my boxers. I went near her and put both hands on her waist. And slowly kissed her on the neck.. and threw her to the bed…

She said fuck me the whole night babbbbyyyy….ahhh…I’m all yours… I jumped on the bed.

Quickly went down to the Pussy and I started to lick her juices were already out as she was horny.

She was moaning…ahhhh eat that babbyyyyy bite me….I’m all yours….ahhh ahhhhhhh yeahhhh come on fuck me'

I then went to her boobs and started putting love bites…

She resisted and directly went down to my cock she pulled down my boxers and my 6-inch cock was ready for action and she gave me a blowjob and within 10 mins I had cum on her boobs She said ‘stop teasing me anymore and just fuck my pussy you asshole….come on..what are you waiting for I want your cock without a condom…’

I fucked her in all positions for the next 3 hours. And the time was 8 we were hell tired and she couldn’t even walk as I fuck her really hard without any oil or lubricant.

I put on my clothes and went to the nearby bar and got ourselves a box full of beers and whiskey and vodka.

Like this, I fucked her wherever possible the next day we were drinking and we went into the pool she was wearing a bikini.

We both were in the pool for the whole night standing next to each other and drinking. Like this, I fucked her brains out for the next week.

We had a shower together..we had sex on the floor…we kissed in the hotel whenever possible I tied her to the bed…all sorts of adventure was done with her. It was the best weekend of my life.

I cannot write down all the stories of 1 week as we had sex more than 60 times in one week This is my first story here


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