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Sex Story- Sasur Ji (Father-In-law)

My name is Kavita. I’m from Surat. I’m 41 years old. My hubby lives in Dubai for work and I have a son who stays in a hostel for studies. My hubby lost his mother 13 years ago, so my father in law is alone and stays in his house alone. I used to visit him every now and then. He too used to visit me. So it was one fine evening he ranged my calling bell. I opened the door and saw him happy in a happy mood. Don’t know why he was happy. He asked me to switch on geyser for bathing, I switched it on.

I was wearing a green cotton saree and no bra inside. I went inside the room. He was sitting in bed adjusting his Dhoti. Since his wife’s death, I take care of his clothes and food and stuff. So he can be shirtless sometimes and only in underwear for hair massages sometimes. It’s very common that I bathe him.

So as usual…I went inside the bathroom and bent down to check the warmth of the water… When I enter the bathroom I usually tuck my saree into my belly button area. (You know just putting it inside so that I can work easily down while washing clothes or something) I bent down with my saree up in my belly tucked.

He watched it… All of it…He can see my belly, blouse, and my legs till my knees. Suddenly I felt hands on my ass. I thought he might have come in for his bath but hands kept on rubbing my ass. When I saw him, I was shocked.

I couldn’t utter a word. He suddenly grabbed my boobs and started pressing them and his fingers going round and round my nipples. I didn’t have my bra on that day, so he could feel my nipples. I was going crazy but started resisting him. He was too strong. He held my saree and bent me down against wall into doggy.Standing doggy to be exact, he tore my panty and petticoat in a swing, took off my saree completely and put his dick at the ass entrance.

I thought he will ram my ass and I was afraid. I couldn’t move at all and I couldn’t shout .I could feel his dick…Huge…and wide…I was terrified.

He arranged himself right behind my pussy rubbed his massive dick on my pussy. I was breathing heavily and let out a small moan. I think he heard that. He didn’t make me wet. There was no pussy licking. He just put his dick in my pussy entrance. I couldn’t believe I was wet! This was my father in law for god’s sake!

He widened my legs a bit… and the nipple rubbing was still going on from the beginning. So I couldn’t control myself and to be frank, I was waiting for him to enter. He grabbed my boobs.

And let me tell you again he was very strong. He pushed his dick in me. And then I came to know he couldn’t enter me completely. I thought his dick was small and wide….but no… He pushed it in again… Harder…It went in halfway.

I thought it could be around 7 inches long. He then took it out …..bent me a bit more…..tore my blouse out and he rammed his dick in…Fuck.

It was 8 inches and 3 inches wide I guess or even more! I gave a big moan……. a large big continuous moan for one stroke. I felt his hold loosen a bit. Maybe he came to know I liked it. Now he was just pressing my boobs with his dick in completely.

So… there was no talking nothing whatsoever…I was breathing heavily… He took out slowly…Rammed in hard and faster than the previous time.

I couldn’t control it and I shouted!

He spanked my ass hard and I shut my mouth soon…He continued this for a while ….slowly out….fast in. It was like someone hitting me from behind…..spanking my ass….nipple arousal….he multitasked and then he took it out.

I thought he might have cumin but he didn’t. He said he wanted to enjoy my body. He usually has a chair in the bathroom to sit on so he sat in it first…I turned around… I couldn’t see his face but I got a visual on his dick though. Huge as fuck! Like very huge…

He asked me to face away from him… He saw my ass….spanked again…. and put his finger in my ass and asked me to sit on him facing away from him. He started kneading my boobs …harddddd!! very hard…

I was moaning continuously and vigorously. He held my hip positioned my pussy on top of his huge dick. He slid it in slowly this time. My nipples were harrddd…..

He opened my legs wide on the chair armrests and drilled my pussy slowly…..He did that for half-hour I guess… I am sure he fucked me in the bathroom for half-hour…

I came about 5 to 6 times in the bathroom. He fucked me against the wall but he didn’t cum yet. But I was exhausted almost ……rammed my pussy on the bathroom floor….in the commode…missionary against the wall…..every fucking position… then held me in his arms and threw me on the bed. He went to get water. He came back and poured water on me … washed my pussy and asshole… then he got a hair oil bottle.

I knew I was gonna get ass fucked.

He poured oil on my pussy and asshole……massaged there for a while…He came up and got into 69 position….he didn’t say anything. I just put his dick in my mouth and started blowing it like a pro… He liked it and he drilled my pussy with his fingers….3 fingers at a time…

I came there about 4 times…

He then asked me to be in a doggy position again and came near my ass. I felt his fingers first then I don’t clearly know what I had in my ass after his fingers….but it was hard. Some bottle I guess… he was rubbing my pussy and pushing the bottle in and out. I came there again. Finally!

Then after a while, I could feel his dick around my asshole…It went in a bit easier because of the oil. He fucked me like a goddamn beast! Just fucking my ass and spanking it as hard as he can….. my butts were red I guess…Just ass…

I was totally exhausted by then but he turned me around and kissed me all over and fucked me in missionary. After 3 hours of vigorous sex and spankings, he cam in my pussy cum a lot… I could feel his semen hitting inside me flowing like a water jet.

It gushed out for a while from my pussy.

I slept there for a while…Woke up…I had a bath and slept.

The next morning he said that I was moaning even in my sleep and my pussy was wet in my sleep. That means he had another long session with me in both of my holes. Since then we both have sex ….vigorously…He won’t be soft …..as usual…

With love, Kavita

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