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Sex Story - Rich Mom !

I was born and brought up in a rich family, my dad is a rich businessman and my younger brother is studying in a reputed medical college. My mom is a homemaker and sometimes looks over our businesses. I loved to my parents as I took the responsibility of promoting the ancestral business.

It was a sunny morning, a corner of my mind is telling me about some special things that may happen that day. It was a pleasant day but the fate turned other side as our car met with an accident. Dad was injured heavily and immediately hospitalized. I got some minor injuries and hence taken home after some treatment.

I and mom reached home by the evening after making the necessary arrangements for dad in the hospital. My younger brother takes dad’s responsibility. It was completely dark when we reach home and I took a hot shower to relieve pain. Mom makes some tasty dishes for dinner.

After finishing the dinner we took our time to watch TV but it was too boring for us and hence turned off soon. Mom arranged my bed in her room, as my room is on the first floor it was just for me at that time. We took our bed early but didn’t get the sleep. Mom slowly started talking about my marriage and this tends me to remember my girlfriend. I started memorizing our dates and some sexy actions. This causes me an erection and also a lot of pain as my groin which is hurtled a little much by the accident.

I started screaming in pain. Mom got more tensed by this and asked ” What happened dear! is any problem?”. As I was not that open with mom I lied as everything okay. But my expressions tell the truth and mom understood it clearly. “Are you getting pain?” she questioned. “Yes, mom. A little bit.” “Tell me where the pain is. I will apply the balm. “The mother’s heartbeats. I feel ashamed to tell and hence show towards my trunk.

Mom took the balm and came near me and requested to lift my T-shirt. I had no option other than doing whatever she tells. Mom came more forward and pulled my shorts a little down. That day mom looks different for me. I didn’t look like that here before. Her white melons oozing out from her black Churidaar cause me more erection because they exactly look like my girlfriend’s. I got furthermore pain and shouting is the only option left.

Mom started literally scolding me for hiding the region of pain. After a couple of minutes of suffering, I finally broke the truth “Mom…the pain is inside.” My fingers pointed the groin and mom’s eyes looks strange. There is total silence in the room and I find the mom’s deep breaths. “Take it out. I will apply the medicine” “Mom. Please don’t. It will go by its own” I tried to convince her. “It’s not like that honey. It costs nothing for me.. no problem. You are my son… “She filled some confidence. But I am not ready to accept that and told “No mom…this balm is not good for it..” As mom realized it, she rushed out to bring some other things.

I was sitting alone in the room thinking about the possible happenings. Up to the date I never think about mom badly but that day she started killing my mind. Her short and cute structure with a milky fair complexion turned my mood. Her dressing sense which I think normal daily seems special that day. I started estimating her figure as 36 32 38 and those juicy melons which once fed me attracts my eyes again.

I was again on a hard-on when mom enters the room with a cup in hand. She closed the door and slowly walked towards me. I just saw her actions as she tied up her hair exactly the same as my girlfriend. I slowly leaned back to ease her in applying the oil. She bent again to show me the view I wanted, which cause me a big erection. She never bothers about it and simply pulled my shorts down. My heated rod erupts with an explosion and mom doesn’t take it as varied.

She slowly moved her hands and finally made an effort to touch my thing. Her soft touch causes me a heavenly feel and by the time I feel pleasure in the pain. She takes oil in her both hands and started applying with a lot of care. I was enjoying it so much as my pain is slowly relieving. I closed my eyes and take pleasure in with a stone heart. I feel special for mom as she is able to give more than my girlfriend what I wanted. So I decided to utilize a good opportunity.

“Mom…stop mom. It is hurting even more…!” I pushed mom’s hands away. “What. What is happening to you. Tell me.” Mom asked me in worry. “Your actions giving me a pain mom. Please stop.” I made a big lie.

“Okay I will take doctors to help…” she takes this issue to another level.

She call the doctor and explained the situation but it becomes no use as the doctor says the same oil massage which I denied strictly.

Mom is a little emotional lady and it was shown in her water-filled eyes. I tried to catch her emotions and broke the silence “Mom…I think the pain may go by the thing which you cannot perform…”

“What. What I should do..?” she was exited with my words.

“No mom…it can be only possible with my girlfriend…who is not here…”

“Oho… then tell me where she is.. I will call her immediately…”

This time her words drag me to a confusion “No mom…I had no girlfriends yet..” a big lie explodes. “Then. Whom I will call? What can I do?” “No mom… You can’t do that… and you shouldn’t also”

“Oh come on my son… I am your mom… Tell me what is needed. I don’t have such restrictions…” her words shocked me and build some confidence too.

“No mom. You can’t… “I repeated again. “I can understand you, dear… I know what you want… I will do it for you but only if you are comfortable.”

I was not getting the idea of what she is thinking of me and what she is talking about. To know what she is going to do I said ‘YES’ with a smiling face.

She kept the oil cup aside, tied her hair tightly, and also wipes my cock with a clean piece of cloth to make it free from oil. Now I get an idea of what she will do next. She bent down to take a comfortable position. Slowly takes my 7″ dick in hand and jerked it to expose its red hot tip. Once she confirms it is oil-free she directly takes it in her mouth with a deep breath. I have no words to explain the feelings which I got when she placed my rod in her hot cave. I just whispered “Oh…mom…!”

She seems my cock as her own and licked its every part separately with care. She blew it from top to bottom as a professional cock sucker. She also squeezed my balls with her hands to make me feel even more pleasurable. Her sucking actions goes endless until I feel my cum coming out.”Mom….!!it’s coming” I alarmed her. She got up and hold my base to stop my flood.

Both are bathed in sweat and I am sure that both are willing for some actions, but no one have the guts to express. As a male partner I take the responsibility to move on. Mom is again busy in her work of sucking the holy dick.

I interrupted her “Mom…what happens if my cum shoots?”

“Hey…don’t do that.. I am not your girlfriend.” she teased me.

“Are you going to become pregnant?” I questioned back.

She can’t control her laugh for a minute ” Ha ha ha.. Why are you joking like this my kid…didn’t you study science in your school days?”

“Yes, mom…but. But…you will if I shoot inside your cunt…!” I expressed my feelings.

“What…how dare you to talk like this… that too with your mother” she was angry. She got up and move back a few steps.

Now I have to convince her for my dream to come true. “Moms listen… I am just asking what we both needed this time…”

“No…You have no rights to ask me this.”

“Mom… I have the right… I asked you this just because I would like to thank that place. It’s my pleasure to honour my birthplace…” I gave a reason.

“Is this the way for it… how you can imagine me like that…?” she was in the pool of emotions.

“Nothing is wrong mom… come on… let me give you a memorable night…”

She got shortage of words to speak out. Tears started rolling over her cheeks and I understood her state. Although she needs me, she is trapped in relationships. So I decided to break the laws first.

I moved up and hug my mom tightly. My lips go near and locked her lips. We were in that state for minutes until she stops resisting me. Now I released her lips and started kissing her from head to chin and from ear to ear. My right-hand grabs her boob tightly and the other one hold her buttocks. I removed my cloths in no time and become naked. Now I am in the birth suite to witness my birthplace.

My hands made some hard efforts to take those milk pouches out but as I told before she doesn’t have that much big they slip from hand and hide in. So I take a chance to remove her top, it become easy with mom’s cooperation.

Those black lingerie made her beauty even more beautiful. I take them in both hands and started kissing all over it like a hungry mad.

I never waste much time in that and successfully unhooked her bra. The melons I love the most in my life came to my hands. The vision of the red hard nipples gave me a lot of hunger. A small black mole on the left boob near to the nipple catches my eyes. The god has made this sculpture with extra care so included that black dot too. My hungry mouth automatically moved down to take her nipple in.

Although I am aware of her dryness I tried a lot to extract milk from them. My hard suckling’s cause mom to moan loudly ”

Haa…hmmm..no…hmm..”I think that’s the time to proceed even more and hence moved my hands to untie her pants and loosen her shorts. Finally I reached my goal as my own mom is completely naked in front of me.

Her look made me stun and I sat looking her beauty without blinking the eyes. Her neatly carved hip and perfectly placed tiny navel made my eyes cool. One thing I should share with you is the beauty of her cunt, literally my place of birth. It is a smooth and clean clit covered with rarely dense bushes. God placed another small black dot there too to protect that beauty.

The holy liquid flowing down the clit increased its shine and the watery bushes blessed my hands after a gentle touch. My fingers eagerly move inside it and mom hissed “hzz…hmm”for my actions. I was very happy to please her like that and hence increased my speed which made her to release several large loads.

I was very curious about its taste and for that I sucked my fingers as a sample. Oh my god! the taste was not less than her milk which I drank most. The sweet and salt nectar provokes my mind to suck from source. She laid back as I bent down and spread her legs apart. My lips kisses her down there and my tongue take pleasure to go in.I really became a hungry man and mom turned to a hungry bitch. She pushed my head more inside with a loud moan “Come on kid…make me cum…Take mine in you… My son…”

I paused the actions when I realized the ultimate goal of mine. It is to please my cock with her cunt and what I am doing now!?

I questioned myself and got up to begin the real action. My sudden pause make mom confusing “What happened son..?” “Take your position.. I want to fuck you..” “Are you serious?”

I was not ready to answer all of her questions and hence directly make my position to start the game.

I positioned my cock in her gate and slowly pushed it in.I think mine was bigger than the one she regularly have. I take some seconds to go completely in and once I reached deep she opened her lips “Oh… dear… be careful…” I don’t know in which context she gave that caution but I didn’t take it much serious. I increased my speed from the beginning itself which made her to moan loudly “No son… do it smoothly.. I am not a bitch… I am your mom…” I somehow reduced my anxiety to slow down fucking.

When I came to moderate speed a little smile appears on her face. I smiled back and again increased the speed. This time she encouraged me “Come on… fuck me… Fuck me hard … you motherfucker…”

I think it was the moment I should remember in whole of my life. I fucked her hard for several minutes which satisfied her the most. Her several unloading sessions tell the story how she is satisfied. Finally the time has arrived for my satisfaction as I am at my endpoint. “Mom…it’s coming….”

“Cum inside…no problem.. I want to feel your heat…”

I finished before she completes her sentence and keep my tool inside for couple of minutes.

After taking out my dick from the hole it becomes shiny with her juices smeared. It very much attracts mom’s eyes and I understood the watering in her mouth.

“Do you need this..?” I enquired her. She was very shy to express her feelings and said ‘Yes’ with a low voice. I kneeled down on the bed and positioned my cock to her mouth. She was very happy to take it in hands and mouth. She sucked and cleaned it completely for nearly half an hour.

“Dad was so lucky…!” I prized. Her shocking question “For what?”

“He is lucky to have wife like you… how good are you at sucking and how smooth is your hole.” I expressed gratitude.

“Don’t tell this again… I am lucky to have this day in my life…”I understood the whole story in a single sentence.

“Mom…can you give me this daily…?” “What… what about your marriage?” “I think I don’t need that…..” A big laugh to end the day and make it memorable for the whole life.

Our sessions continued for several days until dad came back home. We created several chances even after dad’s return. Now it’s the day before my marriage and I am sharing this experience to make it memorable till life. I am marrying my girlfriend tomorrow but she may never replace mom.

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