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Sex Story- Online Friend

The story which I’m going to write here is real and. Myself Bharat six feet, athletic and caring from Kota and also married. I am not a desperate person for sex. I don’t like to seduce whoever girls or women I find outside. I like to be decent always professionally and personally, So to fulfill my fantasies I figured out that Chat rooms are the best option.

I did search for some chat sites and ended on a chatting site where I thought I could find someone to talk to. I am very bad at sex chats as those don’t excite me until I know that person. I like to know them better as I said like I’m not desperate. It took a very long time to get someone on chat as everyone is for time pass but one day my luck turned out and I met a hot Manager who works in a reputed IT company she is married and have a kid so the first chat was pretty simple she didn’t reply a lot but I was successful in getting into my Gmail so we had a voice call. It was pretty dry.

After one week she’s online again and requested her to call me. Surprisingly she took my number and called me for an hour and we had a good conversation. So we both were excited and wanted to so we plan to meet after her office the next day I reach her office by 6 o’clock and waited outside as I didn’t see her I just was excited. I don’t have any sexual intentions other than meeting her. She called me and there she comes in her office formals.

She is 5’6 with huge boobs and a nice ass to die for. She looks average but has a great body which makes everyone die for her. She got into my car and we both were in disbelief as all this happened in very few days. We started heading to her home as I was supposed to drop her. She asks me what are you planning to do with me which hit me by surprise. She is open and bold but frightened also in away. Now Sexual Intentions started creeping into me.

Now I have to take my chance so I kept my hand on her thigh and started rubbing while I was driving. I have to make a quick plan and then there itself. So I thought of a Private place where cars are parked and no one checks around. We reached the place as its 6:30 the evening it’s dark out there. We discussed our married life, we want to do something out of marriage. As we both are very open to each it was easy for us to strike to the point. No dramas or show-offs. Now big step as I looked into her face and came close to her lips as I find those juicy lips inviting so has to taste those with mine closing and searching for her tongue inside. My hand slowing moving onto her boobs trying to unbutton her casual shirt while my tongue reached its partner with saliva. Our Hot bodies meet so do our tongue edges working together to find their best erotic sensation.

Our Exploring reached for the next level and her hand started to feel my bulge above my jeans. The Darkness and Secured Car parking allowed us to go further. My dick was hard enough to cut loose. She opens my zip and let my dick get its free air. While she started stroking my dick and my fingers worked on her shirt buttons (My fantasy to fuck girls with buttoned shirt excited me more and it turns me on madly. I love to open few buttons and suck boobs hard) So I open all buttons expect open pulled her boobs out of bra and started sucking slow.

My tongue was making circles on her nipple area while my other hand was pressing her second boob as I was not able to take a complete breast in my mouth as they are big enough. So I worked on nipples areas with tongue and saliva while I slowly bit her nipple and hold it between my teeth while my tongue inside was licking pressed nipple from inside. She was moaning and breathing heaving as she can’t control them. We moved to the back seat of the car as it’s a big spacious place.

I smooched her lips, licked her neck earlobes while pressing her boobs. As time was less I moved down to her legs and pulled her jeans half down. I pulled the panty aside to see her pink pussy lips wet and dripping. I gave a smooch to it which led her to let a pleasured. My tongue was creeping into her pussy. Wetness in her pussy let me pass easily into her. She never had Pussy licked by her husband. So you girls know how it feels for the first time.

I kept on licking deep while my fingers fucked her pussy. She enjoyed it to the core until her cum. I can see the relaxation and the happiness on her face. Now it was the turn to please me. So she slowly took my dick and massaged it with her fingers and her lips moved on to the foreskin licked the tip with her tongue. I can feel the sensation of that touch.

Slowly her magical mouth showed me heaven giving the best blow job I could get. I wished time should pause at that moment to feel that. Her mouth started to move faster and her fingers played with my balls and I can feel my pressure building inside. When the real volcano was about to erupt she removed it from her mouth and I gasped looking for breathing as I kept on Cumming. We were there for about 40 minutes.

So we had started to her house from thereon. As her husband works late I drove to her home and she asked me to come in for a quick fuck. She hinted to me that no one at home as her kid was at her MILS house. I grabbed the opportunity and pushed her to the wall once we entered the home. I asked for condoms if she has any and she got one from inside. I don’t want to waste any more time and she helped me in placing the condom.

I just pushed her to wall opened her shirt buttons and asked her to remove her bra while I want to fuck her to the wall in an open shirt over the sides of the boobs which is my fantasy always. I placed my dick at her pussy while holding her leg. I can see her semi-nude with an open shirt and nude down. Now I pushed my dick into her as she cried in pain. Of course, my dick is big enough (No exaggeration).

I let my dick move in and out as she is supported by the wall and her on the leg in my hand. I continued fucking her in that position sometimes. Next was her favorite which is doggy. I always wanted to fuck near the dining table in doggy. So I told her we go to the dining table and made her bed with her holding dining table edge. I told her not to remove the open shirt as I want her to be fucked like that way. I hold her shirt bottom with the left hand and my right hand was holding her neck. Wow, at last, my fantasies are coming to reality. So I kept on pumping her from behind. She is moaning and shouting.

“yes, aahhaaa..ooorrrr jooorrr seee…fuucckkkk meeee haaarrdd…” So I kept on pumping my hot baby in away. I am riding her in real way fucking while Aim pulling her shirt and fucking like a horse. I want to climax in the doggie style and so I increased my speed. She was also nearing for orgasm…So we both want to end at the same time.

She shouted, “am Cumming…yes cumming” …Those words made excited me and we both climaxed at the same time. Oh, no words to describe it. So its time to move out. I hugged her smooched her again and bid goodbye. Everyone ends here but I want to end what happened next. After that She felt guilty maybe or some other reason. She doesn’t want it again and we had the best. I respect her feelings and opinion so I didn’t try to contact her again. I hope she will call sometime in the future.

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