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Sex Story - Old Friend !

I am a 38 yr old man now. It was the year 2009 or so when one of a friend was posted in Mumbai. He was a bachelor and his profile used to be there on all matrimonial sites.Due to this, he had made some friends there thru these sites and some actions had started happening in his life. Once I got a call from him that he wanted me to get an Inverter installed at one his female friend’s home where her Mom used to stay. I got it fixed and infact got the payments also from her Mom.

This female friends name was Aditi, and during this coordination, I got her number on my phone. Few months passed away and then came Holi. As a good practice I decided to send Happy Holi wishes to all the numbers on my phone. 2 days after Holi, I left for a business conference in Amsterdam. Came back after 4 days. We landed at International Airport Delhi at around midnight . Took the cab and was proceeding towards home at Charmswood, Surajkund at Delhi-Fbd border. Its a approx 1 hr plus long drive.

As soon as Ileft the airport, I got a thanx message for Holi wishes from Aditi. I was wonder, she replied after almost 7-8 days. I immediately replied that, “its never too late to acknowledge, I appreciate “. and then started the series of conversations. From discussions, I could make out that she had some fight with my friend who gave me her reference and she was high on alcohol and pissed off with him.. Anyways, our chat continued till I reached home. Next day again we chatted and then spoke to her finally after few days. By then we were quite comfortable in conversation. Sharing jokes..veg n non-veg.

Then she was travelling to Delhi for 2 days. She was putting up at her mom’s place, but we could meet up for lunch on one of the days. We order for Vodka initially and the interaction happened. While talking the touching happened and we landed up sitting next to each other and holding hands for a while. Nothing happened, we departed and she left for Mumbai. Texting converted to Sexting. and we started sharing desires, the colors we wearing inside, anything and everything connected with Sexual.

After a month or so, I had some work in Mumbai and I was putting up in a hotel near Sun n Sand. Invited her in the evening. Aditi was staying as PG there and agreed to come. She came in and decided to stay overnight. It was a dry day for some reason in Maharashtra, so got a Quarter of Vodka somehow thru Hotel staff and we started having in the room. She was carrying a couple of Thongs which she bought while on way.

I suggested her that she should wear them and then show me. By then she was little high and agreed. She changed into her thong and just a T-shirt and came out of the washroom and I was in my boxer and Ts in the bed. I said you are looking like a beauty, and I wanna kiss u. and grabbed her and put my lips on hers. We got heated up. My tongue was moving in her mouth and vice versa. We were sucking each others tongue and smooching deeply. While do this, my hands were grabbing her by waist and one hand was moving on her thighs and naked butt. My hand slid in her Ts and started feeling her soft cupid boobs.

My fingers and palm were massaging her bobs and I was moving my other hand all over her back. My Dick was all hard On and was dying to come out of my shorts. It was hitting down on her crotch. even she was pressing hard her Crotch on my Hard dick… We lead to the bed and got comfortable and said lets not hurry , take it easy and first finish our drink. and we started sipping the drink. Her smooth silky legs were on my hairy legs removed my Ts. and she came closer and kept her head on my chest.

Listening to my heart beats. we were still sipping our vodka and feeling each others breath and talking . i finished my drink and was hugging her tight to and smooch her again. By then she had also finished her drink and was all set for action. She was still in her T-shirt and Thong while I was in my Boxer shorts. She then broke the smooch and then started kissing my earlobes, behind my ears and neck, then gradually moved down. She said I smell pretty masculine which is turning her ON. and then I realized my chest and tits were in her mouth. she pinched a bit my tits ( I am not used to it) and then moved down.. She then pulled off my shorts and I was all naked lying on the bed.

She holds my 6 inches Hard Tool in her palm and started appreciating. I asked her if its below average or a good one. She is in medical profession, she said its better then average Indian in length and thickness and makes a good grip. and then she kissed my dick. She pulled the foreskin down and my Dick Head was oozing our for her kiss and gallop. She finally moved her tongue on my dickhead made it wet with her saliva and started giving blow job.

Moving the dick in and out of her mouth. while doing this one of her hands started playing with my balls and made me hyper excited. In 8-10 mins of continuous play with my Dick, I was there to Cum and I told her I am Cumming. She became more hyper in moving my Dick In and Out of her mouth. and I just could not control and shooted in her mouth itself. she then pulled her mouth away and moved my dick with hands. Her hand was full of my cum and her mouth also had my Cum which she gulped down. I asked her how does it taste, which said , its warm and salty and she loves it. We then cleaned my stomach and her face and again lied down to watch TV.

She was all heated up and I wanted to move at the slow pace. So we thought let’s take a break. And I went for a quick shower. When I was back, with my hotel towel wrapped around my waist, she was moving around in the hotel room just in her maroon thong and t-shirt, which she had worn back and was eating an apple from the fruit basket of the hotel. I also picked up an apple and finished it. And held her by arms, hugged her tight. Was feeling her soft boobs on my bare chest. Nipples pressing min body.

Since Aditi was not too tall, my face was facing down on her shoulder and I could lick her earlobes. Kissed her behind her ears. Which was heating her up? She was rubbing her face with mine, and then landed up her lips on mine. Her tongue just slipped into my mouth and she was all sucking my mouth inside. I could feel her hot breath and be getting aroused again. My hands were on her back, they slipped under her ts and I could feel her bare back. My hands started moving up and down all. She had a pretty decent average Indian body, not too thin, neither too plump, but amazing skin texture.

It was so smooth waxed body moved my face on to her shoulder, pulled her ts on the side and started kissing and licking her bare shoulders. She was feeling hot and even I was turned on, with dick getting hard on for the second run after showering my semen during a blowjob. I pulled her ts up and she was all naked with just thong panty which could just cover her crotch, my hands went down on her bare butt and I was still in my towel. Pulled her towards me so that her crotch hits my dick, my hardness was getting more brittle.

My hands then moved on her boobs and I started fondling her boobs and put my head down on her bare boobs to suck them lick them. I started licking her nipples with my tongue and then chewing the same. She started moaning and the atmosphere was all heated up. But again I wanted to go slow and wanted her to get at least a set of orgasm first before I penetrate in. Aditi pulled off my towel and I got full naked there. There was a mirror at the back of beds and one at the sides of the tv. We could see the bare bodies these. I pulled her down to bed made her lie down, asked her to stretch and lie down and went down on the end of the bed. Sat down on my knees and took her feet in my hand. Started massaging her foot, took both of them and put them next to my face.

I started kissing her feet base and then took one-foot toe in my mouth and moved it well in my mouth, as it got full wet with my saliva, it was turning her on all over. Did same with her other foot also and then started kissing and licking the legs and gradually moving up on her body. My face came to knees and my tongue was licking her smooth silky waxed legs. My tongue was rolling over her knees and she started moving her knees up and down. She was moaning which was prompting me more. I moved a bit up more and was licking her thighs now. She was moving her legs up and down.

I spread them a bit and approached her inner thighs and started kissing and licking them. I could feel the sweat on her inner thighs. The aroma of her body as she was all heated up. I started gradual bites and eating of her inner thighs. My sharp teeth were making waves in her body and she was wet all over. My face moved up and I was on her crotch. She was still wearing her thong and her crotch was covered. She had a shaved pussy so there were no pubic hairs showering out of her thong panty. My tongue was moving around her thong panty edges and she was die-ing to get rid of her thong by now.

Since my face was already up in her crotch area, my lower body had also come up and my hard dick was touching her legs. She was moving her foot massaging my dick. The dick was hard enough and the foreskin was pulled off due to stiffness. The dick’s head was being massaged by her bare feet and her legs could feel my dick. My tongue moved all over the edges of her thong, on both the legs and then moved to her flat bellow around the naval area… She pleaded with me to get her rid of her thong and I was pleased to do the honor.

I pulled her thong panty down and she was stark naked lying on the bed. I moved down to her crotch again and wanted to give her the best oral of her life. Since she was all shaved down without wasting any more time, my hands went down on her pussy and one of my long fingers could find its way to get into he vagina. My body weight was on my knees and my face went down on her boobs. I started kissing and chewing her nipples and at the same time, my right hand was on its vigorous move inside her. She was all wet in a few seconds and had already started moaning loudly, which encouraged me to go harder and deeper. I moved my other finger also inside her and was fingering her with my 2 fingers rigorously. She was enjoying this to the core and was moaning and by then she already had two orgasms.

Continued fingering for about 10-15 min, and then she pleased and request me that she can’t wait for any more longer for me to get inside her. By now she had started again jerking my dick, playing with my balls. After reaching to such an ecstasy level, she just wanted me in. I pulled my fingers out and opened the pouch of a condom and pulled it over my hard shaft and then slipped it inside her. She was still lying down and I was standing on edge of the bed on the floor, with both her legs on my shoulder and started ramming her.

She was all wet by now and was dripping out and making a huge noise and wanted me to use more pressure and force as she was on top of the glory of ecstasy. We fucked for another 10 min, and then once I again cum heavily inside the condom and my dick mellowed down, I moved out of the vaginal garage of hers and moved to the washroom for a wash. She came after me and before I could say anything she just went on to my lips and kissed me hard and she started the shower. We 2 naked bodies were under the shower and after that, we went for a sleep, before another set of sexual act next day.

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