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Sex Story-Office Girlfriend

Hello friends, this is Dipak writing my first sex experience, I am 26 years of age, Graduate from RTU, currently working in a law firm.

So let’s come to the story without wasting any further time. Let me introduce the characters of the story first. First is me, whom you all know already and the main character of this story and the lead role of this story Kavya (changed).

To describe more about Kavya, she is 5 ft 4 in tall, with measurements of 32-30-34 and has long hair. She is nothing less than an angel. Her curves can make anyone fall for her.

We Met in our office as we became good friends in two months time and after that, I proposed to her and she said yes. After that one day in office, she is not feeling well and she is shivering from cold and I make him relaxed in the storeroom as there was no one so nobody can disturb her and she makes a move.

She kissed me on my lips and I also responded here as this was my first kiss I m shocked by her and my reaction and I hugged her tightly. After that intimation, all this starts we kissed.

Almost every day we try to meet alone whenever we get time in office and we do naughty talks on messages and also we have started video calling in which she shows me the sexy curves of her breast and I want them to suck and we have done oral sex on phone so many times.

One day she said that she wants more she wants sex on the bed but I was afraid of all these as it was my first experience but she is already done all this with her ex-boyfriend who left her due to some reasons.

So she is starving for real sex and we got the opportunity as we have a single washroom in our office and in our office only 4 people works and one day all are absent even our boss not come to office daily as he is an advocate and he sits in court.

We go to the washroom and do smooches and we have sex there. I made her half-naked in the washroom and I sucked her boobs. But she is not satisfied with all these.

One day she made a plan that we only two will be in office and we got a chance and we have done oral sex there I made her hum by smooching and pressing her boobs.

After meeting with me her size got increased from 32 to 32 but we have not done proper sex. One other day we booked a hotel room and then she and I went there and she bought lingerie which is transparent and when she comes out of washroom I m stunned and I just grabbed her and pick her from back and lay her on the bed.

After that I make her cum by just fingering in her pussy she is moaning so heavily ah ah ah…. jaanu plz fuck na.

She is pleading me to fuck but I m sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy and she is moaning so loudly like aaahhhhhh….. aahhhh…. plz Jaan fuck me I m whole yours.

I am making round circles on her boobs which is making her crazy and I started the tv with high volume so no one van hear us after that I fucked her that whole day 2-3 time and after that we take a lunch and we fucked again and after that we take a shower and we have sex there also after that.

Then she said, “Be ready for a hell of an experience on this Sunday. You book a hotel room and send me the address, I will be there”.

I was so happy and was eagerly waiting for the D-day. Then I booked a suite in a 3-star hotel and reached there before her. I had bought a few packets of condoms, a sexy sari for her as I find sari as the sexiest wear. Also, I had bought a sexy pair of lingerie for her.

She arrived on time. As she entered the room, I hugged her and start kissing her on her lips. She also responded well. Then I told her to freshen up and change her dress and wear what was already kept in the bathroom. She nodded and I was waiting for seeing my angel in that sexy sari.

Soon, my wait was over soon. There she was standing in a sexy pose. I went straight to her, locked her in my arms, and started lip-locking her. We were kissing like there was no tomorrow. I caught her in my arms and threw her onto the bed. I was above her and started playing with her tongue. Then I stood up and blindfolded her.

She asked, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Just wait and watch, sweetheart. I will make this the day you will never forget”.

Then I slowly removed her sari. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. I moved down to her neck and gave some love bites on her neck. She moaned. I then moved further down to her boobs and massaged them over her blouse.

Then I tore that blouse in one go and there they were – the 2 ripe mangoes waiting to be sucked. But still, there was one layer of the bra between my hands and her boobs. I fondled them and she was saying, “Baby, spare me. Remove that fucking bra from my boobs and suck them. They are waiting for you”.

I said, “Patience, sweetheart. Patience”.

Then I went to her belly button, licked it and then moved further down and removed her petticoat. My princess was now only in a bra and pantie. I was just gazing at her beauty. Her pantie was already wet.

I removed my clothes, got naked and helped her to get up from the bed. I told her to give me a blowjob and guided her hands to my dick which was already saluting her beauty.

She rubbed her hands on my dick and was shocked just by feeling the size of the dick. She straight away took the dick inside her mouth and started to and fro movements. I pushed it to the fullest inside her mouth and she was blowing me like a pro. Within 5 minutes, I cums inside her mouth. She swallowed the whole cum.

Then I made her lie on the bed and removed her bra and pantie and went onto her boobs. Her nipples were erect. I was sucking one boob and playing with the other with my hand. She was moaning continuously. I also slapped her boobies occasionally and also bit her on the nipples to make it more erotic.

Then I turned her and was licking her beautiful ass. She was now shouting.

“How much more you will make my pussy wait for your cock?”, she asked.

I smiled and moved to her pussy. It was clean shaved. I inserted my fingers inside her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She was moaning heavily now. I was sure everyone passing by the room would have heard it.

Then I placed my tongue on her pussy and started licking it vigorously. She had orgasm after a few minutes.

It was time for the real fun now. So I took a condom from the packet and wore on my dick and was ready to insert. She was still in the blindfold. I took her legs on my shoulder and placed my dick in her pussy and was rubbing it.

She tried to guide it inside as she was unable to wait any longer. Then I tried to insert in her. Slowly, I entered her. It was a little tight and then with more force, I entered her. She was feeling some pain and I started to and fro movements, increasing the pace gradually.

Even she was enjoying it now and started moving her ass accordingly. After fucking her in the missionary for 10 minutes, I removed her blindfold. Then I told her to come on top of me in the cowgirl position.

Now I was laying on the bed and she was on top now. She placed my dick near her pussy entrance and guided it inside her. She started moving up and down and I was playing with her bouncing boobs.

We changed the position again to doggy and I was ramming her in full pace from behind. I also made her ass red by spanking it simultaneously. She was loving it. We both were nearing an orgasm and hence I increased the pace. She came after some time.

Then I took out my dick from her love hole, removed the condom and sprayed my cum on her boobs.

We both were fully tired by then. We slept naked for some time, hugging each other. Then we had some food and fucked two more times on the same day in many different positions. And from that day, we decided to become friends with benefits and have many more encounters for next 2 years, one time she gets pregnant also, after with my friends help we did the abortion. Then she got married with the boy of her family choice, we are still in contact, i will write again when i fuck her again.

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