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Sex Story - Nrighbour Bhabhi

My name is Sanju, as my friends often call me. Today I am going to narrate you all a real life story of mine, rather my 1st time sexual experience with my beloved Monika Bhabhi. Let me first tell you about Monika Bhabhi.. A mixture of pure beauty n Brains. She has an Amazing figure of 34C-30-38 with an average Indian height. Huge curves at the right places where needed, her stats speak for self.

Now let me start with the actual story. It was few years back that Monika Bhabhi had came to my neighborhood. I was very pleased n happy to see Anurag Bhaiya has got such a lovely bride for himself. Anurag Bhaiya is my immediate neighbor and being elder to me I always called him Dada, Bhaiya). After 3 years of there marriage Bhabhi delivered a baby boy. Things were really going great for the couple, until the time another girl Pooja came in Anurag Bhaiya’s life. One day, Anurag bhaiya had kept his laptop On and it happened that Monika Bhabhi found the conversation of Bhaiya n Pooja. They use to have a lot of Sex chats. She even confronted who Pooja actually is?? Bhaiya just told that she is an office colleague who is a Divorcee and is a good friend of his. Even on phones they use to have long conversations when Monika Bhabhi pretended to be fast asleep. She was actually pissed off with Anurag Bhaiya and wanted to take revenge of his infidelity.

I was in good talking terms with Anurag Bhaiya’s family n also with Monika Bhabhi. So I use often go to there house for chit chats and all. Also it happened that I was friends with Monika Bhabhi on Facebook n we use to chat at times when i use to go outstation for my work. It happened that day when we were chatting, that Bhabhi told me that Anurag Bhaiya no longer loves me & he has an affair with his office colleague. She was very much disturbed & I could sense that in her chats. I really wanted to support her. I told her that I will be back from work in few days and after that we can talk on this topic. I came from my official trip. Since everyone else at my home had also gone for work I took the keys from Monika Bhabhi’s house n opened my home. Monika Bhabhi was really happy to see me back but I could actually feel her face a lot happier after seeing me. Monika Bhabhi told me that my mother knew I would be coming home in the morning so before leaving for work she had prepared all the food n kept in the kitchen. I closed the door and decided to have get freshen up.

As i was getting freshened up I heard the doorbell ring. I just pulled on my towel n wrapped it around my waist and went to open up the door. There was Monika Bhabhi standing in front of me with blue color chiffon saree. I was stunned to see her because seeing her wearing a transparent saree, I could actually see her huge cleavage from the saree. As i was not wearing an underwear at that time & Since i was just in my towel, the sight of her cleavage started to give me a Hard On and before she could actually notice it I invited her inside the room n told her to be comfortable. I told her that i will just change and come & ran to my room. As i was going to the room I noticed that Monika Bhabhi has just closed the door and locked it from inside. I changed and came outside n sat along with bhabhi to chat. Monika bhabhi just came along to me and before I could say anything she planted the best kiss of my life on my lips. I was a lot shocked to what has happened to Bhabhi, but she didn’t leave me and kept on kissing passionately for a longer time. I did wanted to stop her from doing this, but somewhere in my mind i also wanted her a lot desperately.'

We kept kissing for a longer time and after that i took her to my bedroom. We were not talking much to each other now. It was just our eyes doing the talking. I got hold of her from her back. I removed her saree in a jiffy which left her with just her blouse n the petticoat. The huge size of her boobs with an ample amount of cleavage viewing was making me mad. I caressing her buxom boobs and was also caressing them one by one. she was passionately giving light moans which was making me even more hornier. Also she was wearing her saree below her navel. I didn’t knew who might have told her that i love women wearing saree below the navel. But she was surely looking stunning because her navel was so beautiful. I just went down to her navel and started kissing her navel area. I just had a soft bite of her stomach when she literally pulled my head grabbing my hairs. She told me to get up and she removed my t shirt and shorts. I was just in my underwear now. I also removed her blouse and petticoat n she was just left with her black bra and black sexy panties. I told her to remove them too, to which she replied they are all yours. Do whatever you feel like. Without wasting anytime i unhooked her bra n almost teared her panty out. I first directly went for her soft juicy boobies.

They felt so great, Soft as sponges. Her nipples, dark black in color were all erect and wanted them to be hardly sucked. I gently tried to squeezed them with both my hands. While caressing one boob i just kissed the other boob all over and started licking all over her breast. The simultaneous licking and caressing of her boobies made her a lot hornier and she went down on me n took my Penis which was already a lot hard like a boner in her hand and started to masturbate me. I just relaxed for a while and she started to lick my penis and my balls. I was in 7th heaven. The sight of such a beautiful n sexy lady giving me a blowjob on my bed was beyond imagination. I was almost going to cum now. I told her to stop as i didn’t know whether she will like to taste my cum. I told her that i will be cumming now, to which she replied i want to taste your cum. I shoot all my cum into her mouth. I had actually shoot a lot of cum than a masturbate and i was pretty happy about this fact. Since she had given me the best of the blowjob I had ever had. I too decided to give her a nice lick down to her pussy. I went down to her pussy n i could see she was all wet down. I started licking her. Firstly i kissed her all nearby pussy area n then reached for the heavens gate. While i was licking her I was also getting a Hard On and my penis got all hard than before.

Without wasting anytime i grabbed a Durex condom from my bag n put it on my penis. Now we both were in Missionary position. I inserted inside her very slowly and a gentle moan from both of us lifted the passion up. I started banging her a lot hard and we both were in sweating a lot even when the A/C was working at the minimum temperature. We almost fucked each other in missionary position for almost 4-5 mins after which we changed positions. Now i wanted her to be on top. Without getting apart she rode on me wildly. We kept fucking like this for almost few mins. I told her that i will be cumming now. To which she replied she want to taste my cum all over again and drink it all at once. I dropped all my cum inside her mouth and she drank every bit of it.

I was more than happy and pretty much relaxed that i had one of the best fuck of my life. We enjoyed our session and it was almost 1 pm in the afternoon. We both went inside the bathroom n had a bathroom fuck. I still have her black panty as a moment of our 1st experience. We almost use to have sex on regular basis after that. The details of which i will tell you a little later.

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