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Sex Story- Neighbour Aunty

My name is Kuldeep and I’m in 3styear of my B Tech. graduation. My neighbour aunty used to take tuition classes in her home and about 3 months ago she insisted me to teach few of her students, so now along with my studies, I also teach at her tuition centre. It gives me some extra pocket money and I also got some fun along with the money.

But this story is not about her, so we’ll talk about her some other day. So 5 days ago, on Monday, while coming home from my college I met Nidhi aunty. She used to live in our neighbour, about 3 years ago. She had a 6-year-old son and I use to play with him the whole time but then they shifted. He is 9 now.

While talking I told her that I take tuitions with my graduation and she requested me to give Tashu, her son, home tuitions. Being an engineering student and also those tuition classes it was impossible for me to find time for his tuition but she insisted that Tashu is very weak in maths and he’ll be very comfortable with me and also his winter vacations are on.

I couldn’t resist so I said that I have classes at tuition on Monday Wednesday and Friday so as it’s Monday today, I’ll come tomorrow to her house and will take his classes on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. She agreed and told me the way to her house. I went home and told mom that I met Nidhi aunty today and I’ll go to her house tomorrow for Tashu’s tuition.

She told me to look after my studies first and not to mess in these tuition and all. I too agreed to that but as I have promised her so I needed to go. So the next day I went to her house. She was wearing a Kurta which was identically same as she was wearing the last day but pink color today, not yellow.

She greeted me and thanked me to come. I met Tashu and we both were very excited and happy. We played and talked first half an hour with some snacks and then we sat to study for next hour. And giving some homework I left for my home. Then on Thursday, I went to her house. I rang the bell and like the last time, Nidhi aunty opened the gate.

Today again she wore a pink Kurta, but of different patterns. She was washing clothes and that’s why it was a bit messy. She told me that Tashu’s papa, her husband came yesterday from Mumbai after 10 days and will go again tonight, so she was finishing some work. Uncle and Tashu had gone to market and will be back in an hour.

So I decided to leave but she insisted that as I came this far I should sit for a while and have some talk. And she too is a bit tired so she’ll also get some rest. She didn’t have a washing machine so she had to wash the clothes by her hands, which could clearly be seen by her clothes. Water splashes had made her Kurta wet from few spots and she was wearing a broad neck Kurta due to which her bra straps were out from both sides.

She was very comfortable with me and me too, ’cause we use to have a very good family friend for about 2-3 years before they shifted. We went in. I sat on the sofa and she sat on the bed beside the sofa. She asked me about everyone, how they are and how I was at that time, and now grown up.

She told me her daily routine and how different and tired it was today and then she asked me for my routine. I told her, college-home-tuition-and then we all sit together and have our dinner and then we all sit and have some chit-chat, while I massage my grandma’s legs and hands.

As I told her that I massage my grandma, the conversation went in a way and I insisted her that I should massage her legs too as she is so tired. She denied first but I convinced her. And she stretched her leg on the bed and I sat near her feet and started massaging her legs.

She liked it and said that it is so relaxing that she just want to sleep with that massage. I said, yes you can take a nap by the time Uncle came. She liked it and closed her eyes. After a minute she said that her thighs joint pains and asked me to press higher. She might not notice but that was very erotic for me.

I started pressing her thighs and that too, till her hip joint. My hands were very close to her pussy and now my whole attention was over that pussy. After a few minutes it was getting harder for me to control but I was a bit afraid, what if something went wrong. So I shifted a bit up and took her hand in my hands and started massaging them.

As I moved to her shoulder my hands we now very close to her Boobs. Slowly I while massaging her hand, I touched her boobs. She didn’t react and was calm. After a few more touches I now just want to grab them in my hand but didn’t have any chance here. So I now went for her other hand but didn’t change the position.

My hands were massaging her hand and were just above her boobs as I was sitting on her right side and massaging her left hand. Slowly I pushed my hand to her boobs. She again didn’t react. I continued pressing for a while and then she asked me to stop and massage her shoulder and neck a bit. She sat up and I went behind her.

I started massaging her neck and shoulders. Taking that white skin in my hand was making me more erected. After a while, she asked me to stop and thank a lot for the massage and that now she is feeling very relaxed.

She called uncle and told me that they might that an hour to come. So I asked her that I would leave then and I went to my home. Next class on Saturday went very normal. I was teaching Tashu and she was working in her room.

Next day I reached home from college and went for Nidhi Aunt’s house. She opened the gate. She was wearing a blue Kurta today and a brown sweater. I went in and started teaching Tashu and she went into her room.

After a while, I gave Tashu some questions to do and went to her room. She was doing something with cloths, a lot of clothes. I asked her what she is doing and she replied, just arranging clothes. She was packing bags. She tried to pick the bag but it was heavy so I helped her. I asked her why it is so heavy, what’s inside the bag.

She said her clothes. She sat on the bed and I sat beside her. There were lots of clothes on the bed. She was folding them and keeping them aside. We were talking and she asked me to pass some clothes behind me.

I turned and took those in my hands. It was her bra and panties. I passed her, it was a blank push up bra and looking on my expressions she looked at smiling. We both understood it.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend to which I looked at her, amazed. She tickled me with her finger on my stomach. I’m very sensitive to tickling. We both were laughing and before I said anything she asked me, are you virgin.

I was stunned. I looked at her and without knowing I nodded no, which I still don’t understand why I did that. She started laughing. She stopped and gave me a naughty smile. I moved my eyes to her boobs.

I was looking those milky boobs and my dick was rock hard by now. She saw me looking at her Boobs and my dick bulged my pants. She took my hand and kept it on her boob. And as she did it I jumped and got over her. She started to laugh. I took both her boobs in my hands and started pressing them like hell and kissed her nonstop.

After a moment she stopped me and remind me of Tashu. I went to him and looked at his work and gave him some more questions to do. I went to the room and she was folding clothes. I ran and jumped over, kissing and pressing her boobs. As being a mature woman she didn’t waste time and took her hand to my dick.

It was hard as a rock. She unbuttoned my pants and took my dick in her hand through my boxers. She was amazed and smiled. I took both my hands on her waist and took off her Kurta. She was wearing a blue bra, under a blue Kurta, matching. I took her Boobs in my hands and removed her bra aside.

Wow, big amazing mature white milky soft boobs, I was mad watching those boobs. I was sucking, pressing, and was playing with those boobs as a kid plays with his toys. I was busy with her Boobs and she took my right hand and kept it on her pussy over her pajamas.

She was wet; I could feel it even over her pajamas. I moved my hand a bit up and untied her pajama and took them down. I kept my hand on her panties. I went for her lips and kissed her and took my both hand down to remove her panties.

I kept my hand on her pussy. I pushed my finger in her pussy and it went in so easily. She took my fuck in her hand over the pant and I fingered her for some time. I got up to open my pant but she holds my hand and gestured me toward Tashu.

I ran outside to Tashu and looked on his work. He was almost complete with his work. I said that’s enough for today and complete the rest questions as homework. I gave him a few more questions for homework and asked him to go and play outside ( he usually use to play outside with his friends after the class).

I locked the door and went to the room. She was lying in the same position I left her with her hand on her pussy. She looked at me. I opened my pants and jacket and went to her in my boxers. I got on the bed on my knees and held her head in my hands and gave her a wild kiss.

She took my boxers in her hands and got them off. She took my fuck in her hand and I got my head off the kiss and took her head to my dick. She kissed it on the top and started licking it. She gave me a non-stop blowjob and stopped for a while to breathe.

We looked at each other and I took her head in my head and pushed my dick in her mouth after few strokes she was a bit choking, she resisted and I stopped. I got her lay on the bed and got my dick over her mouth and pushed it in her mouth and started stroking it.

She couldn’t take it for long and started resisting again. This time I didn’t stop instantly but keep jerking. But after a while, it was choking her so I stopped. I went down to her pussy. I was already very wet but licked it so to get it wet properly.

I placed my dick on her pussy and as pressed it, my dick went in just one stroke. I started jerking like hell with all my strength. It didn’t take me long. In about 4-5mins I was about to cum but I didn’t want to end it so early, so I stopped for a while and kissed her and played with her boobs. And started to fuck her pussy again after a while.

This time again I could stand for just about 3mins. I want about to cum and I love cumming inside without condom, I usually don’t use a condom. Every time I have sex with anyone one I prefer not to use a condom until it’s needed. And Every time I’m having sex I always ask the girl if I can cum in her but this time I didn’t even thought of that and just keep stroking and came in her.

She felt it and tried to get me out here but I didn’t stop and continued stroking even after I came. Finally, with all my cum in her, I stopped and fall on her with my dick still in her pussy. I do this every time I cum inside. I just love this position. Lying on her with my dick in her pussy and my face on her chest, I took her boobs in my hand and started to suck it like a kid.

After lying for a while she took my dick in her hand and took it out of her pussy. She got me off her body and got out, kissed me on my cheek and went to the bathroom. I was lying on the bed watching her naked butt going towards the bathroom.

As she went into the bathroom and got off my sight, I ran to the bathroom and got in. We took a bath together. I dressed up. She was drying her hairs with the towel, wearing only bra and panties. I went near her and sat on the bed.

I said her –‘ what will you name my child?

She looked at me and I laughed. She smiled and continued with her hairs.

I said – ‘ no, seriously I came in you, what if you got my child?’.

She looked at me and said – ‘ even if I got a child in me, it will be your uncle’s, ’cause we had sex the night he left’.

And I was like, ‘ hmmmmm’. I got up and took her in my hands and kissed her. We looked at each other and laughed. I kissed her and went home. She walked with me to the door in a bra and panty. I unlocked the door. She was staying aside from the door so that no one sees her, I noticed that and laughed. She smiled and pushed me to go. And I went home.

That was my story guys...Thanks for reading.

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