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Sex Story- Neighbors

This story happened when I am 20 years old. My neighbor who is a salesman had to travel all the time. His wife is also busy with her tailoring job. So almost all the time their daughters were all alone at the house. Their names are Niti and Yuti.

Niti is the oldest(21), she looks like actress Alia and her younger Yuti (18) looks like actress Anuskha. Niti has decent boobs and nice ass. Yuti has a size zero figure. We were all close from childhood, I never have seen them in the wrong way. My sister also used to be their friend.

One day, as usual, their parents left for a job. Both of them were all alone and the computer was not turning on. So they came to me and asked for my help. I went to help them. When I went there, Yuti was in her nightgown and she was looking like a princess. Satin purple, tight structured she was totally stunning.

My dick got erected as soon as I saw her. Niti noticed my Bulge and looked at me with a smile. I was ashamed and hurried my work and left there. After that day Niti used to make fun of me silently. I was angry at first but sometimes I liked it. Yuti, on the other hand, didn’t understand what was going on.

One day I saw everyone expect Niti leaving the house. So I decided to make her stop making fun of me. I slowly went there and entered through the back door. I found her lying on her back. Her body was so beautiful at that time. Her legs were on the air. She was wearing a frock. As her legs were moving sideways, I could see her vagina and the best part is she was not wearing any panties.

I walked behind her and admired her structure for a minute and scared her with a touch. But she was not scared at all she pulled me down her eyes were killing me and it almost felt like lighting and then she said ” I knew you would come, how long can I wait” she started kissing me in the face, I was star struck by this I suddenly went and closed the door and curtain.

And then she added, ” they won’t be back for 3 hours”.

She pulled me down to the ground the cold tiles and her hot body made my dick stand like a stick. We began smooching and I slowly started licking her face. She loved it when I played with her nose and ears. I slowly removed her dress, she was not wearing any panties or bra.

Her nipples were big brown in color. Her pussy was puffy and I licked complete body and started to feed on from her nipple. Her pussy was so wet I could easily insert the rod. But I don’t want her to be pregnant. She gave me a blow job and I returned her the payment by eating her pussy. It tasted like honey.

While we were having fun her parents and sister came back. I suddenly hide in the bedroom of the sisters, if I try to leave I would be caught. Niti assured no one would come to that bedroom. But the reverse happened. Yuti entered and locked the room.

I was fully naked and if she sees me like this she would scream and that would be my death. Yuti was changing her clothes, I saw her full naked body, her structure was perfect even though she was size zero. Then suddenly Niti entered the room and told Yuti about everything, Yuti seemed to have known I was in the room.

And they both came to me and said their parents would leave any minutes. Yuti slowly came to me and started touching me. She slowly started stroking me. I tried stopping her as her parents were in the house. She slowly put my cock into her mouth.

Niti saw this and jumped in she put her boobs on my mouth. I was drinking and the sisters were feeding me. Yuti slowly undressed again for me. And Niti went to check if their parents left. She slowly closed the door.

Yuti inserted my rod to her tight pussy, it was painful but worthy. Her pussy was wet and that in turn made her horny. Niti entered the scene and she was angry for fucking her sister. Soon after that I fucked Niti, her’s was not that tight later I came to know she was the slut in the community. She had fucked all the males nearby including few older dudes. Infact she was praying for me to fuck her.

After all this I wanted to wash them both. So I pushed both into the bathroom. I turned the shower on. The water dripping over their naked bodies are incomparable. I drinker both their boobs. I slowly fucked them again in the toilet.

This time I cummed on both of them. Yuti was so horny that day I had fucked her like 8 times that day. I left their house at 6.30 pm as their parents used to come there by 7. This actually became a regular thing between us. Niti is married now to an engineer but we continue the relationship.

Once every 12 days her husband leaves for night duty. So I go there to be with her and fuck her. Niti is pregnant now with my baby. Yuti is still around soon after Niti left. Yuti became my sex toy from morning 11 to evening 6.30. during that time we have all kinds of fun.

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