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Sex Story - Neighbor Aunty

The story is about me and my neighbor aunty who is close to our family and a good mother of two children, conservative wife. Pretty charming face and good assets which make even a boy who entered into his teenage and makes him masturbate thinking about her assets and curves. Her husband is railway pilot. Though she is a mother of two babies. No one believes that she is married and all the men in the society also stare at her assets when she passes from the lane. She is 28 when we had our first love making a session. She looks gorgeous in saree as she is slim it perfectly exposes all the necessary parts.

The reason for our relationship is her husband used to have day shifts but later on, he got promotion and need to drive for long distance trains which made him away from his house during nights. We used to be like neighbors just wishing and getting back to our works. They have an independent house in which only her husband and my partner and their 4 years boy and 2 years girl would stay both were going to school. But due to her husband away from the house for the first time in her life, she was tensed. And asked my mom to let me sleep in her house my with no second thought accepted the request and said me to sleep in her house.

I had my dinner and rushed to her house. Seriously I didn’t have any love towards as she is newly married and having two kids even her husband loves and cares a lot which I can notice in our daily life. She offered me to sleep in another bedroom which had a bed but no one uses that room. I felt happy to sleep on the Diwan which was in the hall and with a flow of her in the room. The first day she made her kids sleep and came into the hall it was around 9:40 I was busy on my mobile. She too came with her mobile and sat on the chair which is few feet away from the bed which I sleep

She: at what will you sleep SANJAY (name changed?)

Me: mostly when I get the sleep I will sleep I don’t have exact time aunty

She: how are your college days and studies?

Me: I am done with my 3rd year aunty

She: Oh, okay. Those days are memorable enjoy to as much as you can

Me: What is your study background, aunty?

She: I am done with my MBA and also have two years’ experience

Me: what’s the reason you stopped working aunty

She: after I got married me in-laws was not ready interested me to work and also I should look after them now my kids. Now there is free from my in-laws if not I used to sleep by this time it’s better we headed to this city.

Me: now you will start working aunty.

She: Yeah, after one or two more years. After they grow a bit

Me: hmm

She: we will sleep I am getting sleep if you want to water it’s in the fridge. And washroom in another bedroom.

Me: okay aunty.

We went to sleep in the midnight around 2 I woke to pee and done with it while passing through the door I noticed some sounds in very low volume. Though the small baby woke up and crying. I went back to bed and slept. Morning around 7 she woke me and said good morning her husband was there. I also wished him. He said thank you for staying here. It will be for only some day’s sleep in my house when I am out will inform your father and mother. Oh, I forgot to say about the uncle. He is a good person and helping nature. We are jogging friends and we also play badminton together.

He informed my father and mother as well about his shift and also said that sorry I would have asked it yesterday it but I went at midnight around 2. They discussed for some time and should leave to college on some work regarding stuff. So left to college done with my day and she came to my house and said she will cook for me to have dinner with her. I refused but my mom said me it’s okay no problem have dinner there itself. I said agreed and at 8 I went to her house uncle was also there we had dinner together and had some chit chat and we’re going to bed. Uncle came to me and said that he will go in midnight same timing and won’t be back for three days. I said okay uncle I’ll sleep here till you come back. And we went to sleep. Around 1 uncle woke me up and said asked me to drop him at the station as he won’t use the bike instead aunt have some shopping plans so drop him and came I said okay started to the station and was back by 2:30.

Aunty was awake waiting for me and we went to sleep next day morning, as usual, she woke me and wished me I was about to move out of her house. She asked me whether I am going to college or not I said no college now I have two weeks of holiday’s aunty so I will be at home. Yesterday you went to college so thought even today you have college. No aunty yesterday I went to submit my mini project documents and other relating stuff. Okay get ready by 10 we will go out I have some items to be brought I said okay. And informed same mom knew about the plan of me and aunty going out as I got ready my mom called me and gave a list of items which are to be brought from the same place where the aunt is buying. Huh, really guys how we feel when this kind of work rests on our shoulders I said okay mom and moved to aunts home.

Did your mom give your household list to you? Yes, aunty, she gave. Okay have your seat for few minutes we will start in few minutes. As she said she was back and she gave me their car keys. Aunty car you are giving me the car keys we supposed to go on bike aunty. We have a lot of things on the list to buy so on a bike it won’t be that convenient for us to travel it’s better to go with this you wait out. As she said I went out and was waiting for her. She arrived in few minutes handed her baby to mom and we went it took 1 hour to reach the place where we buy the items. While shopping we both had some similar list we were walking side by side accidentally while picking the item which she was also picking. I touched her hips.

She didn’t notice as it was an accident and I kept quiet. Thinking of uncle and stopped my brain which was ready to get on the dirt ideas. We were done in the store and went to other places for different items and did the shopping there the clock was striking 2. She was feeling hungry. We went to a nearby restaurant and ordered the food and we were waiting for the food to arrive. The place was a bit small but its ambiance was good and it was dark and it seems to be placed for lovers and family members she asked me how is the place has been here? No aunty never. It’s a nice to spend time with our loved ones and lovers will be found here all the day. Oh okay, aunty. Her way of seeing me was changed as I was also starting at her upper parts of the body since the touch I felt when I touched her Thais. Lust was filling in my eyes and even she was responding to her touches while exchanging some vessels during our lunch. We did our lunch and back to the shopping and returned home by 5 I was tired. She said she will bring me the milk or coffee what you want to have.

I said I will have what you’re making for yourself aunty. And drunk the coffee which she gave and spend some time in the house and in the night I was back to the place. She cooked the food for us and the kids were in sleep. We sat at the table having our dinner she has a habit of having the food seeing TV shows. She used to watch mostly Hollywood and some serials. As she was seeing a movie in Hollywood the sex scene was running I was feeling strange. But she is normal and asked me did you ever had sex. Jaw dropped hearing that from her. I knew she was trying to talk about this thing I noticed it from the time when she started behaving and looking me in a different way.

I said no I never had, I only watch them (I know you will wonder reading this answer but you also think what If I say yes). That’s all what about masturbation. I didn’t answer this question. We were done with dinner. She was in her maxi and same a normal atmosphere was there suddenly she took her mobile and was surfing I was busy with TV and as well my mobile time run until 10. She said I have asked you something for which you dint gave me any response I didn’t have dared to answer for that as it was concerned about my respect. She left to her room as the small born baby was crying. Today she forgot to lock the door which they sleep. Though I noticed I left and was back to sleep after 2 hours of time I heard some moans from her room through the baby was crying again and I went to sleep after some 15 minutes I noticed the door sound of her going to the washroom. I was quiet and in sleep soon she rushed to the hall after exiting the bathroom.

I thought she came to take water suddenly she said me to come into her bedroom by holding my hand I thought there was some problem in bedroom I went in as soon as I enter she pushed me to the wall next to the door and started kissing me holding my head I was dumbstruck by her actions her body was completely on me. Her breasts were touching my chest with her breaths they were in motion. She stopped. And said we will move to the other room I was in my sense. My tool started bulging its muscles. We went to other room she slept on the bed and said me to pee and wash the tool and come.

How all will feel I don’t know when some lady offers her body. I was on top the happiness thinking about the next minutes. I returned to her. She came to me and started removing my dress I was quite till she undresses my shirt. When she touched my tool over the clothes I asked her what she is going to do. I am starving for this to be in mine. Since the baby born your uncle lost interest in sex he was always worried about the properties in the village and about the babies’ future. But not about my feeling I tried to convince and relax him but he doesn’t show any kind of reaction.

She undressed me in one go. I was nude in front of her she was making it erect by jerking. She said we will go to the bed and do further. She lied on the bed and made me sleep side of her I was placing my hand on her waist. She opened the zip of maxi and her one breast popped out it. She has a beautiful boobs white in color and light pinkish nipples which were a bit big than normal I think due to feeding. She said me to reach the breast I did. Suck it hard I was controlling my urge with feeding my baby now it’s your responsibility to full fill my urge. I took it into my mouth and started sucking it hard for my luck the milk was there in it. What a feeling it will be drinking the milk of a mother in teenage. It was warm and bit sweet I was sucking and biting which turned her on and was moaning. She took my hand from her waist and raised her nighty and placed it on her pussy she didn’t wear any inner wear.

God, it was cleanly shaven as the Kerala girl. I started moving my finger on clit she was wet I can feel the stickiness on her walls she raised her moans I was sucking and playing with her cunt. The breast was emptied but I continued both the actions for some time. She stopped me and removed her nighty completely. Wow, a married woman nude in front of me that to a mother and the beauty next to my house. She started giving kisses on my cheeks and last lip locked me meanwhile I was playing with her nipples.

She suddenly collapsed on the bed holding me I stopped the kiss and started kissing her neck. Which made her hornier now she was holding my dick it was in semi erect condition. She was moaning with pleasure. Due to her moans, I was getting hard. She was holding my back tightly in the way that she never wants me to leave her. After 10 minutes of her kissed her belly button she was breathing heavily. I rested myself on her laps which were milky white I could see her pussy which was having pink lips with light black walls. I hold her waist with two hands and gave a kiss on the belly button and her navel I bite her waist. Her reactions were awesome.

She slowly pushed me into her pussy holding my head. She spread her legs wide to accommodate my face between her this. Hmmm, the aroma of her juices were making me wild. I just gave a kiss on her lips for which she gave a complete different moan. She said I want to feel the pleasure of my vagina sucked. I do masturbate daily but don’t have a chance to lick myself even your uncle dint did that till now. That’s the reason I was feeling hornier when you kissed me. I started running my tongue on her walls and slowly entered the gate of women hood she was releasing the juices before the pussy sucking she wanted to keep it clean she went to w.r and back to the position. Now it was clean with no juices and I started licking her inner muscles. She held my head and was pushing in more inside her I was unable to breathe I gave a pinch on her bump. She stopped pushing me and I was comfortable and my job was done her moans changed and hot juices were oozing out hitting my lips.

She raised me and offered me the other breast. I was lying on her she was enjoying my suck and moans were reduced I was playing with the other breast fondling she was damn hot she said me to fuck her after the milk in other is emptied. I nodded my head she was relaxed and said daily at midnight when you were sleeping I used to finger myself and get satisfied. Now I got a real satisfaction don’t let this matter out as it will create a bad image for me. I was done with sucking and answered her question no how can I let the matter it will be in this four walls I promise you. She grabbed me and kissed and said wait for a while ill check the babies and come.

She went I was making my dick to be strong with the jerk. As laughing li came to me and said what you are doing. To make you feel pleasure it should be enough hard. She laughed and gave a kiss and took it into her mouth after my dick was full of her saliva she wore a condom on it. I was surprised seeing it in her hand and asked her from did she get that. I keep it in stock because this may be your uncle’s fear I may get pregnant. Oh, I think there will be an operation for that. She replied yes it will be but I was not ready. Okay, aunty.

She then said me to sleep as she wants to ride my dick for some time. I said, aunty, it is my first time then why with safety I want to feel the real pleasure. (After so long I got a chance then it will the satisfaction when we do it with our natural skin) she thought for a while and said okay but control the load. Don’t shoot it in the side. I was like okay and said her to lie down she did as I said and spread her legs for my complete access she was feeling shy. I started kissing her lips and caressing her boob with one hand and other on clit with my tool so she closed her eyes and was biting her lips.

I wanted teased her to see how she react. Though I know when we tease them with tool rubbing on the walls and clit how they feel. But it will be a dream of every man to do this. After few minutes she took her hand and held my dick guiding to her entrance. But I was not ready to make it happen that soon she was pleasing me to enter. Suddenly I gave a push while kissing her nipple. She opened her mouth but no voice I was confused why did she shout still I was out. She said she wants that strokes she was waiting for it.

I raised my self and kneeled in correct position to enter held her waist and slowly started giving pushes she was holding the bed sheet tight and was waiting for me to enter with a pleasant smile on her face within in few minutes I was in her as she used to masturbate and the wet walls and my pre-cum helped me to enter her easily she was happy placed her hands on my waist and I started in and out of her slowly really too slow as she gave a birth so I did slowly when I felt that she was feeling the pleasure I started moving with an increased pace I was in heaven. I noticed the sperm was ready to burst and said the same to her she said me to stop she want to ride me.

When I was on the bed resting she took the tool and teased her pussy some time I was pressing her nipples she too was waiting for me to be calm as it makes them come to behold for some time. After 5 minutes of play, she lowered herself and made me grip her and placed her breast in my mouth. Now with her hands guided my tool into her. Wah, what a feeling she is really a comfort lady. She started jumping up and down. And sounds of our flesh meeting and her sounds of pleasure were filled in the room. we were about to come she said no problem in this position the come will be draining down due to the gravitational force and laughed I gripped her tightly she hammering her harder.

I am feeling the heaven after one year your same like my hubby. Same size but more pleasure. That’s why I think many married women prefer a secret affair with many young guys. Your uncle was also giving same pleasure till the baby born and lost the interest even I had a dream to get fucked by someone other than my husband. But never want to cheat him for my luck I got you know you. My second husband and winked due to her words I was completely boosted gave her really hard strokes how much I can. And shot everything into her cunt she was also moaning slowly as she too came and collapsed on me but dint stopped her hips moving up and down and after few minutes she was tired and even I was she slept on me and I hugged her my dick was getting back to normal and the juices were filled in her cunt as well as on my dick head. She woke after some time and we both went to washroom she washed and cleaned my tool.

Back to bed, it was 3 I got a hard on sucking her boobs I asked her whether she I ready or not. She accepted readily but said me to take all the charge but this time wear a condom. For which I accepted and we started our lovemaking in missionary she was completely comfortable with my moves and helped her body to join the strokes after 5 minutes. I thought of entering her completely made her lie on one corner of the bed for which I can thrust easily into her completely I entered her she was making the moans according to the thrush and as it was the second time It will take a long time for the load to burst out we positioned into doggy style.

God the way she was adjusting herself for me to enter it was amazing showing her ass. I am lucky to get a neighbor like her she pulled my dick in her hand and guided into her world holding her hips rammed as per her comfort and we enjoyed it for 10 minutes and I was done exhausted took her boobs in both hands and lied to her. We slept at 4 I was completely tired. She woke me by kissing at 7 she was nude and took me to the washroom cleaned ourselves she bathed and made me a bath as well I played with her during the bath. And left to my house and in the night as we started the same enjoyment for two days and after that, she got her date. So we dint had a chance to have real fun but she made suck her milk as usual. Next day uncle came I used to have her when I will sleep in her house.

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