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Sex Story-Neighbor Aunt

Hi, guys, this is Pradip (name changed) again with a new incident that happened just a month when I was having my winter vacation in Ajmer.

Coming to the story… The heroine of my story is Pooja, aged about 33, 5’6 inches and have a sexy silky skin with very fair complexion. Her figure is 34 32 34, isn’t it nice. Her husband is working in Dubai. Recently my sister’s family is shifted into a new apartment where there are 10 flats..

I don’t have any friends in the new place so I always stayed in the home. We are on the second floor and Pooja’s aunt house is just opposite my house. My sister and Pooja aunty became good friends. I always wondered how beautiful she is and how she is maintaining her figure. She is sex goddess man…. what a figure…

It all started one day when she came to my house to visit my sister…that day Pooja aunt was looking like an angel in her black sari with cut blouse. My sister introduced me that she is Pooja. She smiled at me and said hi I am Pradip and I said hello aunt. I went back to my room and closed the door and started jerking mine thinking of her. I released a huge cum.

After some days we got a call from my native that my grandmother’s health is not fine. So my sister and brother in law went to my native. As it was my GRE exam going, they leave me and went to native. My sister told me to eat breakfast and dinner in Pooja aunty home. When I heard that I was very happy. many thoughts are running inside my dirty mind.

In the morning I went to Pooja’s house and knocked the door…there she is what a sight it is she was wearing a pink colored nighty which is low neck…I could able to see her cleavage. I completed my breakfast and sat in the hall.

Our conversation was going on like this- me:-the breakfast was good, aunty and you are awesome… Pooja:- Pradip don’t call me aunty..call me Pooja I am just 33… Me:- ok Pooja I thought u were 25… She is blushing like anything… Me:- you are looking so beautiful Pooja…

She blushed and asked me how many Gf do u have..? Me:- 6 months back I had a breakup and asked about uncle… She:- he comes here once in a 6months… Me:- how can he leave such beauty here… She:- am I beautiful??? Me:- yaa you look so gorgeous and beautiful, anyone will die for such a beauty… She:-she reacted nothing and said ok. She asked for my number and said come for dinner. Me:- will be here at 7,bye.

I got a text from her “dinner at 8”. I went to her flat at 7:20 and rang the bell. She opened the door and just now she took her bath and only wearing nighty and she invited me inside. I went inside a good aroma is came from her. I couldn’t control myself.

I love u so much Pooja. I hugged her, she resisted and said it is not good. Again I hugged and kissed on her lips. This time she gave up and Pooja also responded. We lip locked for hardly 15minutes and broke the kiss. She said I love you too Pradip.

As I heard that word from her. I remove her nighty she didn’t wear anything inside. My Pooja was naked in front of me. I pressed her boobs and it was silky soft. She whispered in my ears ‘I’m all yours’.

I made her lie on the bed. I sucked her boobs very hard until they became red, her nipples become erect and were pink in color. I sucked so hard. She stripped me and I also was naked. I asked for a blowjob.

She gave me the best blowjob ever…my dick became normal she was playing with it to make it harder.. After 5mins we came into 69position… Her pussy was clean shaved and waxed. It was pinkish in color. On seeing pink pussy, I kissed her juicy pussy as it was already wet.

She started licking my dick and I was sucking her pussy. My mouth was full of her juices. She also took all my cum in her mouth and she drank them as well. I kissed her navel and every part of her.

I applied some Nutella on her pussy. I licked her pussy hard for at least 10 to 15 mins and she came on my face. I drank all her juices, it was very tasty too.

Then I applied some chocolate on her boobs and started to suck her nipples. She started to moan. It was the best chocolate tasteI ever had. Then I took the same chocolate from boobs and pussy and we tasted it together by kissing and exchanging saliva…

It’s honey time. While pouring the honey, she moaned and that reaction of her made me hot. I started to pour and continuously started to lick and drink honey from her navel and waist and pussy. She held my hair and pushing it hard into the pussy…moaned hard as she was also experiencing it for the first time.

As she did not have sex for a long time so her pussy was a bit tight.

I started to tease her by finger fucking her. Then I applied a bit honey to the two fingers and inserted into the pussy. She moaned slowly, I started to and fro motion of the fingers into her pussy. She started to moan loudly and started to press her and boobs and as well hold tight to her pillow. As the pussy was cleaned I poured the honey into her pussy a bit and started to lick it.

she was shouting that “Pradip u bastard fuck me don’t tease me I can’t wait”.

Then I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. She moaned slowly.it was tight and I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy. I started to jerk my dick in her pussy and increased the momentum. She started to moan loud and the room was filled with our sounds ahh ahhh ahhh fuck me u slut fuck me…And then we both came. I was in cloud 9, what an experience!

It was already 1 am. And then we enjoyed several times in several positions that night and slept naked. i was in Ajmer of 1 month i remember exactly i fucked her 63 times in this 1 month....thanks for reading

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