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Sex Story- My Teacher

I’m Charls (name changed) from Pune. I’m 21 years old & I’m pursuing engineering at the moment. Important information for the ladies- I’ve got an7 inch thick cock that has satisfied a lot of women till date & they’ve been begging to get it again!

Okay so this happened just after new year, 3-4th Jan I guess. I’ve been studying in a very reputed college in Mumbai & as you know the things about big colleges, there are lots of hot girls you can find.

There are many in my college as well, some I’ve already slept with.. the others I might in future.But the main thing is, along with hot students, we have hot professors as well! The one, in this case, is Poonam.

She’s 29 years old & you wouldn’t be able to distinguish her from students in college.. she looks that young. Short height, a fair, sexy figure with amazing boobs & an ass to die for. She’s a fitness freak & does maintain herself pretty well. That adds to her sexiness & goddess-like figure!!

In my first year, Poonam used to teach me Computer Programming. I’ve always been a teacher’s favourite in school & did continue that in college. I was always giving answers in class, getting good grades, opting for projects & events.

Anyways, it didn’t take me long to become Poonam’s favorite. She has a very kind & chilling nature that I adore a lot. She is definitely hot & almost every guy in college wishes they could sleep with her just once in their life. Guess I got lucky!

I opted for an additional course in programming as I was kinda loving it, although it’s not what I’m planning for in the future… Anyways, turned out Poonam was the professor in charge. Now, I was the only one from my class to opt for that course & there were just 4 more people other than me who’d taken the course.

So we did wait after college to work & learn more about it. I thought I’d be doing good, but as it turned out I was really bad at it. The other guy & two girls were from comps & IT so they were able to do it quickly. Poonam saw me struggle but she was always there to help me. We did get pretty close, we used to talk about our lives, career, even relationships.. she used to give me advice as she knew I was often getting with girls that weren’t trustworthy.

After the new year, I had to submit a small project related to the course that I had opted for & I hadn’t even begun with it. I asked Poonam for help & she obliged.

We had our Christmas break still on so there weren’t many people in college. We met around 5 pm and started with the work. We were so engrossed that we lost track of time… the watchman had locked us in & left. By the time we took a break, we were too late. We tried calling for help but there was no network in the room & the building. Gladly, we had some stuff to eat & water as well, also we were in the computer lab with the AC & sofa for visitors.

So it wasn’t like a hard time. We knew there was no way & we had to spend the night there… We were up till around 11 pm after which Poonam was really tired and opted to take a nap. I asked her to go sleep on the sofa while I sit here. She went on & fell asleep pretty quickly.

She was wearing a t-shirt & tight jeans and when she was sleeping, I could get a glimpse of her boobs as the t-shirt had a loose neck. I went close sat next to her quietly & was trying to get a glimpse.

I moved her t-shirt slowly & I could see her black bra & those milky soft boobs covered in it. I had a boner already! I couldn’t stop so I tried to put my hand in her t-shirt to feel it. I unbuttoned the t-shirt & put my hand in, I kept it on her bra and was feeling her deep breaths.

I started caressing her boobs slowly, I could feel her breaths getting faster. She was giving out slight moans… I couldn’t control myself & I put my hands in her bra. I could feel her nipples pointed out & was pressing them when she suddenly woke up!

She looked angry, I was confused & scared as well! She got up, came close to me and sat on my lap & kissed me passionately.. I was confused & happy at the same time. We kissed for a long time & she was moving her ass on my hard dick. After some time we broke the kiss & she told me “I’ve heard girls talking about how good you are in bed, I wanna find out for myself now!”

Saying this she got up, removed her t-shirt and jeans & now she was just in her bra & panty. She was looking so damn hot at the moment, I felt I’d cum just looking at her! She got close, down on her knees & unzipped my pants, pulled it down & started licking my dick from my underwear. It was rock hard by now & she was licking like crazy!

She then pulled down my underwear & my rock hard cock sprung up and hit her face. She was shocked, the expression on her face said everything. “Oh my god!” She said, “It is true then”. She didn’t waste a second and started blowing me. I was enjoying to my fullest. I had her hair in my hand and was forcing her mouth deeper to get all of my cocks! She was enjoying as well.

I was about to cum & she wanted me to cum in her mouth, I did & she drank it. Now I got up, picked her and put her on the sofa. I started caressing her boobs & licking her body. I unhooked her bra & sucked those fresh pink nipples! It was amazing she was in heaven & moaning so loud. I then got down, fingered her through her panties while licking her navel. Finally, I went down to her pussy. She was clean shaven, and practically looked so fresh, I thought she was a virgin!

I licked her pussy, fingered her and she was moaning all the time, she came within minutes & her moaning turned me on again. I got up, applied some saliva on my dick & was about to enter her when she stopped me. “We don’t have a condom, I don’t think we should take the risk,” she said.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll pull out. Also, you surely don’t want to keep me waiting now” I replied.

She was really horny & gave in. I entered her pussy & I have to say, it was by far the wettest of all I’ve fucked. It was like she wanted a dick really desperately. I went slowly at first and then picked up the pace. She was screaming literally “Oh baby, Aahhhhh, Ahhhhhh, fuck me harder, fuck me please”.

I then hit her spot and she moaned like shit, she begged me not to stop then & I went hard & she came yet again. I picked her up, put her on the computer table & fucked her there. We then tried doggy style on the table & missionary as well. It was amazing! We fucked for quite a long time.

I was about to cum so I told her I’m gonna pull out now, she said “No baby, don’t pull out. Cum inside me, I’ll take precautions ” I asked her if she was sure, she said yes & then I unloaded my hot cum inside her.

She closed her eyes & felt every drop of it. It was flowing out of her pussy when I removed my cock. She kissed me passionately again & thanked me. I said, “We still have a few hours before the watchman comes back!” She gave me a naughty smile & kissed me again.

We slept naked the whole night and fucked a couple more times. The next morning the watchman came and opened the door to find us in the lab. He thought we’d complain against him & get him fired etc so he was pleading “Sorry ma’am, Galti ho gayi, maaf kardo.”

I looked at Poonam, she gave me a smile & we left. While I was going home, she stopped her car beside me and said “Hey, I have a doubt I need to talk to you about, related to last night’s project. You wanna come home?” She winked at me & gave me a smile. I understood & got in the car. We had sex at her place the whole day. She lives alone so she’s asked me to just tell her whenever I wanna have sex.

We did have 6-7 sessions this month already & looking forward to many more…

So, guys, this was my story. hope you’ll like it...

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