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Sex Story- My School Teacher

Hi, I’m Ravi, the story I’m going to share is how I lost my virginity to the Biology teacher in school.

Let me tell about my school first. I studied in a school in Bharuch ,Gujarat. It was a boarding school and the teachers also stayed on the campus. Some of the dorms had teachers quarters and the teachers stayed with their family.

Let me tell about the star of the story Divya Madem, our chemistry teacher. Although I didn’t take the science stream I knew her because I was punished and sent to the dorm where her quarter was.

She was married and had two daughters. She stayed with her daughters in the quarters and her husband was not there all the time. Her structure was 32-24-34.

Her skin tone was dark and her age was 36. She was a typical Gujarati girl. Now let’s get to the story. This happened when I was studying in 11th class.

Usually, on Diwali, we get around a week of holidays and everyone goes home. But this time I thought of staying in the school itself since its ambiance is good when no one is there.

Even the teachers go home, only a few teachers stay back. Divya stayed back but sent her kids home. The students who stayed back were around 20 and the students were put in one dorm.

But I refused to change the dorm for one week and since I was doing my 11th they let me stay alone.

Now coming to the incident after finishing dinner I usually have a bath before I go to bed. The teachers also come to our common bathrooms to get hot water since they had geysers and if the used it they had to pay more electricity bill.

I as usual went and kept my bucket in the bathroom and opened the taps and went to change my dress. I went back to the bathroom reading the back of the shampoo bottle and locked the door and removed my underwear and turned and kept the shampoo in the holder.

I didn’t notice that she was also in my bathroom filling water. When she saw me I covered myself with my towel and she covered her eyes. I said sorry to her saying that I didn’t notice that she was there.

She left the bathroom after her bucket was full. I took a bath and went to bed. Late in the night I in bed and didn’t get sleep after being embarrassed in front of her.

In the middle of the night, the room door opened and I acted as I was sleeping, Divya ma’am came in the room very quietly so that she doesn’t wake me up.

She was wearing a nighty. While sleeping I usually wear only boxers. She came near me and removed my blanket slowly and pulled my boxers down.

I was shocked that this was happening, but also happy that I can fuck her. She thought that I was still sleeping and took my dick in her hand and put it in her mouth.

I was still acting like sleeping. She slowly gave a smooth blowjob. I got up acting surprised and she did I wake you. Then she told me that she got horny when she saw me naked in the bathroom.

She said that her husband also was not having time for her in bed. She asked me if I was a virgin I said yes and she said not from today. She said let’s go to the quarters so that we will get privacy.

As soon as I entered her room, locked the door and pushed her against the wall and smooched her. I removed my boxers and stroked my dick made her kneel down. She caught my dick and started to stroke it slowly and licking the tip said I had a huge dick which was bigger than her husband.

I caught her head and pushed my dick inside and gave her a deep throat. I said to her that I want to lick her pussy and put her in the bed and pulled her nighty up and pulled her pants down and removed it.

I spread her legs and put my head between her thighs and put my tongue on that wet pussy and licked the tasty juice. I started to move my tongue very fast and she started to moan.

I put my fingers inside her pussy and started to finger her, she started to moan loudly. To keep her quiet I started to smooch her and biting while smooching.

One of my hands was busy with her pussy and my mouth busy with her mouth and my other hand was free, so I slowly took my hand under the nighty and pushed her bra up so that I got the access to her boobs.

I pressed her boobs and started to squeeze it. She shouted when I pinched her nipples. After some time I stripped her naked and sucked her boobs and bit her nipple and she shouted out of pain.

She got on top and started to tease me by bringing her pussy near my face and kept a distance so that I was not able to lick it. Then I made her lie down and rubbed my Dick on the pussy.

I put my dick on her pussy and was going to insert in. she asked me to stop and asked me to do it slow since it was her first time taking in a huge cock. I pushed my dick inside her pussy very slowly and she moaned.

I started slowly and then increased the speed. She was moaning very loudly I kissed her to stop her moan and stroked very fast inside. Then we changed position, she was on top of me riding me hard. She was riding and I spanked her ass when she tried to stop.

I then turned her in the doggy position and stroked in very fast. I said to her that I was going to cum she said not inside me, cum in my face.

I came all over her face. We cuddled for some time. Then we both took a bath together and went to bed naked.

In the morning also I fucked her. I then had an affair with her and fucked her very often.

Thanks for reading...

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