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Sex Story - My Best Friend !

Hi everyone, this is Anil from Coimbatore, basically,my Darling is Mansi. We both were 24 Year’s old. Living in the same city. Mansi darling n myself childhood friends. We both living in next to next home can go her home from my balcony easily. We both studied in same school & college.

Usually, everybody, I’ll say me & Mansi are married coz we both were most close, most of the time we both sleep in same bed. Coz our parents trust us.

I don’t have a bad intention of Mansi at any time, casually we both hug n kiss in cheeks, forehead at any time. I like to masturbate me nights I watch porn read stories when Mansi is not with me. I had brownies exact 6.5inch cock in my pants.

About Mansi she is my life. She looks like South India actress Karishma Kapoor. Perfect height n weight cute 32 d cup boobs.30 hips n 32 of ass a lovely complete figure. A lime gold hip n tits of her make any men crazy.

Looking in share a side view of her cute boobs looks damn hot.

We both where very truth full of each other like she know about me everything n she knows I watch porn n I had porn videos on my mobile always. Also, I too Know about her everything like her size of boobs n when her periods is too we both share everything openly.

One day Mansi’s cousin brother met with an accident in Pollachi. So Mansi parents went to meet him at that time we both had our semester exams at that time so Mansi stayed at home itself.

So I Mansi where playing online chess in her home and finish dinner at my home n informed our parents that we are going to sleep in Mansi bedrooms n we both went.

We played a long time and she says she feel sleepy so I asked to sleep. I was a bit horny from morning since I have not masturbated for a couple of days so I decided to watch porn n I wear my headset coz I love her the moan of girls when they get fucked hard.

I slide down my night pants n start shaking my phyton after 10 mins I released a huge load for a long height. Some of my cum goes on my Darling ass she was in her leggings n t-shirt.

I thought she doesn’t know that I’m masturbating but suddenly she asked me mudichutha when means is that over. I was fully shocked n scared coz we both didn’t see our private parts.

She turns to my side I was with my innerwear she smiled looking at me and said (pothum aatunathu Ipo thugu) enough shaking now sleep.

We both slept but at midnight I had the devil in my mind to fuck Mansi once. But I scared too coz I love her a lot I don’t want to lose her. We both were planned to get married after 3 years.

But building self-confidence I hug Mansi from behind so that my hard cock placed in her sweet ass crack’s, I started rubbing my cock bit fast, and placed my right hard on her cute boobs and started pressing it nicely.

Slightly I slide her leggings so that I can touch her panties

Suddenly she turns to my side and said (ipo vena kalyanam agatum da) not now only after marriage. But I’m not in a mood to listen that I kissed her lips for the first time in life that was very sweet and like a drug almost we both kissed for ten minutes.

She too becomes horny n asked me to remove my vest I did it she started kissing my chest n sucking my nipples I feel like I’m a feeding mother. It was very nice.

Slowly she placed her had on my hard cork for the first time n feels the huge size and heat and said (Enna da ivalavu perusa iruku) how big it is.

At that time I was rubbing her ass inside my hand in her panties. Her ass was very soft like a sponge for the first time I’m touching a girl’s ass. I inside my forefinger in her ass crack it was tight she started moaning.

I told I wanna see her completely nude. She replied the same to me so that I quickly removed my night pant n inner wear n become nude. Seeing me she too removed her t-shirt. To my surprise she wearing a dark black bra.

Her armpits wear cute n had little small hairs I understand that she shaved before a couple of days.

She started to remove her bra I stopped her n said I want to remove her clothes she smiled n kissed my lips. Said go ahead da (purusa) husband. I was happy so I removed her blue colour leggings first she was wearing light blue flowered panties and it was wet due to her juice I can smell an appy fizz flavor on my Mansi Darling pussy.

Usually, I like girl’s armpits, tits, and ass a lot. No, I can up and removed her bra so that her milky white boobs got the freedom to get into my mouth. Her nipples where a dark red color like ten rupees coin. I started sucking n pressing her boobs. She was moaning loud (sappuda purusa Nalla sappu Paal vara veida… hmmmmm ahhhhhhh apadithaaa aiyo ivalavu naal intha sugam kudukama waste pannita daaa hmmm isssss apaditha chellam) suck it my Darling husband suck it hard u have wasted a long time da u have to do it before itself yaaaaaa commmeeeee on ahhhhhh my darling.

I was crazy to lick her armpits. Asked her to raise her hands she done it her armpits smells good n looks white with small hairs on it. I start licking it like a dog licking milk. She said (nakkuda naiye yenda ivalavu naala ithu ellam pannala, aiyoooo Amma evalavu sugama iruku hmmm apaditha nakku da nakki edu) lick it da Dogg why didn’t done it before when we were alone maaaaa how good is this.

I asked her to suck my cock she agreed with it and came down to suck, believe me, my future wife is the best sucker ever she sucked my cock like a child licking an ice cream, she licked it very interest her tongue was drawing a painting on my tool. It was the best feeling that our cock is sucked by a girl in all positions. I was in heaven.

I asked her to stop that I was going to cum I don’t want to drop my cum soon so she stopped it. And that was my turn to show how my tongue going work in my darling Mansi pussy. I asked her to sleep at the Corner of bed n I went down and removed those beautiful panties. So that I can see that rose of Mansi.

To my surprise, she had hairs on pussy. I guess she has shaved it before two to three weeks ago. I love hairy pussy in porn too. It’s time eat my favorite person pussy with hair I was flying in happy. I smelled it long breathe n open it through my two fingers it’s was cherry rose like applied jam on bread.

I start licking my darling Mansi pussy we both where too excited that it was the first time for both of us. I placed my tongue in her pussy she feels like an electric shock in the body. Her pussy tastes too much good. I was licking in full mood she moans ahhh apadiyummmmmm (aiyoooo enda Enna ipadi kollura purusa pothum da ulla viduda… Please da purusa ulla vidu un pondati ya seI da) please da my husband please fuck me I can’t wait anymore please stop killing me da please insert your cock my husband tear your wife pussy.

I’m not listening to those word coz I like her pussy taste a lotttt. So that I taste it for long time n she squirting her juice from her rrosebudpussy. I drinking all the water drops without wasting a bit. Even I licking it for more than fourth minutes. She ssquirtsfor three times in a row.

So I decided to insert my tool in her pussy. I rubbed n pushed it inside. It was not such tight to enter coz it was wet a lot. But she screamed loud. But we don’t have any problem coz no one is in the home without us.

I was fucking in all possible position so that my hard work get success.hmmmmmm ahhhhhhh, come come inside me insert it hard ddddddd I needdddd morrreeeeee fastttttt purushaaaaaa cameeee on daaaaa ahhhhh yessss ahh ah ah ah ah ahh ahh. Suddenly I took my cock out of her lovely hole that I going to cum. But she said she wants my cum inside she wants to feel it inside of her cherry pussy.

I was happy to hear it. So again I insert my cock into her pussy n starts working hard with two minutes I cummed a lot in her at that time she too cummed for the fourth time.

We both hugged tightly without clothes but the bed sheet.

After an hour we both start kissing each other. This time I said I wanna feel her ass. She agreed with a confusion I asked her to go on doggy style. So that her ass hole is clearly visible to me. I applied some oil to my cock n her ass hole too. I insert very slowly that my wife Mansi Darling should not get hurt.

After insert, we both feel paining so stopped without moving for few seconds. After getting alright we start riding hard for more than an hour n cummed in her ass.

She feels very lovely n happy n me too a lot.

We both enjoyed for four times in that night as it was our first night. And slept nude. At morning I woke she was still sleeping wide open her legs so that her cute pussy is visible to me. I placed a deep kiss on my darling pussy.

Went for a bath in a meanwhile she hugged me from behind n hold my cock n we both took bath at the same time.

Now we both were enjoying two days once so that no one doubts us. We both were planned to marry soon. No region problem comes so that soon going to marry n fuck my Mansi Darling with a license.

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