Sex Story - Matured Wife !

Hi guys my name is Vinod (Name changed for privacy) I am from Vadodra 27 years old. I work for a reputed Co., in Vadodra. This story is about my love and lust for sex with my boss’s matured wife Krupika (Name changed) Krupika is 38 Yrs she’s my boss wife, she is a house wife + a yoga trainer.

I met her at my Office Family day Function which was on the 9th of Nov 2019. My boss introduced her to me and my teammates, we all were enjoying the party most of them were too much drunk, I don’t drink but I smoke occasionally in the office party we all were having a good time enjoy the DJ having great food.

All of a sudden my phone rang and I had to answer the call so I took an excuse form everyone and left the place for sometime, when I was returning back I saw my boss wife Krupika going towards the washroom and she had her phone and Wallet with her she saw me coming towards the restroom and asked me a favour if I can hold her belongings for sometime, I thought to take her number without informing her or stole her phone number but I was unable to as the phone was locked.

after she came she took back her belongings and thanked me for it we went back inside and my boss was to much high bcz of his drinking so Krupika was now getting bored and she was saying her husband to let’s go home and bla bla bla his husband was unconscious bcz of the over intake of alcohol.

I don’t know how to start and somehow I managed to ask her if she’s getting bored we can have a small walk till the desserts stall. So now the actual story started I asked her if she’s ok sharing her contact number with me she asked why do i want her number what will I do, will I share it with someone and all, after lot of resistance she finally gave me her contact number and asked me not to call her but I can msg her in early morning from 6-7 Am. I use to work in US shift time so I will log off at 5 Am IST and by the time I reach home it will almost be 6-15 Am IST.

After a week or so I messaged Hi to her on WhatsApp she replied back hey Vinod how are you! Me: I am good how about you? Krupika: I am fine but at the time tired. Initially I dint msg her much about extra or indecent things. One day there was an GIF which I got from my friends group and I sent it to her. She at the same time replied what is this??? I told her nothing just a GIF, she replied I know but why did you sent it to me??

Later she didn’t speak to me for about 10-15 days I was busy with my work and at the same time worried if she told it to someone or she felt bad. Next day I msgd her saying plz don’t mind of that day it was just for fun. She replied back in evening saying shut up ur still holding that matter in ur mind I moved on with my homework and my yoga classes.

I was little bit relaxed that she is taking to me now. After a week to so, we have new year party and we all also had heavy volumes in our process so my boss said we will log in early for this week so that we all can enjoy New Year’s Eve together everyone was ok but I wan planning for something else so I started my work talking to Krupika and I msg her can we meet at CCD Himayath Nagar she asked why I told her that simply I don’t have any reason for this she said she will let me know.

The next day morning she msg me saying we will meet on so n so day but only for an Hr. I was really excited to meet Krupika. So the day came and she also came to meet me at 11 Am in a Blue top and a pair of jeans she was looking hell Sexy. Hi Vinod how are you? I am fine Krupika. How about you? She said she’s good as always..! I said ya I know that’s why I met you today She oh I c, she asked are you coming for the party on new year I told yes how can I miss the chance to meet you again! And I blushed.

Krupika: What plans do you have for 31st Dec? I said I want to have Hooka and Other foodstuffs with good music and of course want to talk to you and if possible hug you once., she was stuck for a while and said why hug and all? I told her clearly I somehow started getting attracted to you for the day we met. She was listening to everything and was like ok it happens beta what’s next. I told her what’s ur plan for today and what are you going to wear on 31st Dec.

She said she’s still thinking about it and she needs to do the shopping I said wow nice Ya even I want to shop. She said will you join me for shopping may b you can suggest to me something to wear..! I was happy to help her so we had coffee in CCD and left for GVK1 there I took some T-Shifts for myself first then she when to Mustard Store from there she got her self few tops.

Later we said let’s have something she said ok and we went to KFC and ordered something for ourselves. After having lunch I told her I need 15-20 minutes I need to buy something and smiled, she asked what is that I told her I have to buy something if you can wait for some time or may b you can do a window shopping till that time she said ya even I have to purchase something and we moved to our respective stores to I went to Shoppers stop and brought some inners and all.

I called her after coming out from the shop she said she’s coming in 10 minutes I said il come wherever your and she guided me to a place where she was purchasing her things there I saw her buying Bra and Panty I somehow gathered some courage and suggested her to pick up one thing of Maroon color also she smiled and later she took one Lacy bra of Maroon color and Panty as well.

After that, we left and I went back to the office,”. Now the actual thing started she texted hi, I replied now she asked me directly why did you ask me to buy the maroon color I told her your very fair and maroon will suit you on 31st Dec and sent an emoticon. She replied who’s going to show that to you if I wear it? And laughed I told her directly don’t worry il find it easily on the 31st she said let’s see.

So the day came and I went there I greeted her and slowly said to her she’s looking beautiful ur dress is nice she blushed and then I somehow managed to ask her to show me the strap of it. She said abba so fast aah I dint even wore it and tease me for a long time. I got busy with my colleagues and everything went fine until 12Am when everyone went on the terrace to cut the cake and dance and drink and whatnot.

After cake cutting and all, I saw Krupika gave me a signal to follow her back to the flat. I managed to get out of that place saying I need a Redbull and I was running fast on the stairs Krupika saw me coming and kept the door open as soon as we entered her flat I asked her to show me the Maroon cloth 😛 she said someone said not to worry they will check by themselves and rushed into the bedroom.

I ran behind her and pushed her towards the wall and raised her top till the arms and saw it directly with one hand I just took hold of her left Brest and pressed it little harder and she moned ahh Vinod., and then I told her as a new year gift I want to kiss you she thought il kiss her on the cheek or a forehead but I kissed her on lips. Trust me guys it was the best kiss and she hugged me tightly I told her I love you Krupika she said it does not love Vinod it’s just what you have!.

I asked her if she’s wearing the Maroon panty she said she won’t tell if you want to know you only check I tried pulling her jeans but it was tight as her ass is big and she was wearing skin fit jeans I somehow managed to pull it little down and check I kept my hand near her love hole and she moaned aha it was already wet there I told her I will quickly go up and come in 15 minutes you pls be ready she said no not now everyone is there.

I told her plz I can’t control my self now she said ok she will call me today late around 4 Am. I quickly pressed her boobs and kissed her and went back to the party. At or around 3 Am everyone started going back home so do I shared my Cab with my friend went to my home changed my dress and came back In 30 minutes I called her she responded to my call and asked me to come after 10 minutes I was unable to wait there I went to her flat and saw the room was open I just waited for 2 minutes and went inside I saw her taking my boss to the bedroom to make him sleep on the bed as my boss was totally drunk.

She came back to the Hall I saw she was in a black color nighty she was looking amazing at that time. I went near her and hugged her she said wait let me close the doors. She came back to the Hall and sat with me and asked why do I love her I told her I am attracted to your figure and I want to have sex. She said directly you are asking me you need to work hard to earn my interest in you. I slowly got up and hugged her and was moving my hand on her back and I started kissing her neck then licked her ears.

She was holding me tightly, then I inserted my hand inside her night and was playing with her pussy she was getting mad and I sat down and went inside her night and Was sucking her pussy inserted my tongue into her pussy and was pressing her ass she closed her legs tightly and after 20 minutes she came wow her juices was salty and warm. She took me to another room and started undressing me I did the same to her she saw my cork and said wow we gonna enjoy today.

Let me tell you her stats 36D-34-40 I love women with big ass’s we did foreplay for something and then I removed the condom she laid on the bed with legs wide open I took my dick towards her pussy and inserted initially it was difficult but after 3 or 4 times it went inside she moaned loudly ahhh I kissed her neck hardly and was pounding her fast.

After 10 minutes I felt I am going to come so I stopped and made her in the doggy style and hold her hairs and fucked her for sometime later I was tired so she came in a cowgirl position and was riding me I was holding her boobs and she was moaning ahhh ahhh uhhhh ahhh ohyaaaaa I was also moaning later I came inside her and she fell on me and we were like that for 30 minutes.

We again had foreplay this time I was ducking her Ass madly. I am a huge huge fan of a big ass. I was sleeping beside her and again my dick raised I was ready she was also ready we again kissed for some time and my dick got erected she pushed my dick inside her pussy this time I rammed her hard and she was moaning loudly we fucked like that for some time and slept.

This was just the beginning she said and asked me to come whenever I need to have sex. This was the best sex I had with the mature aunt and I started getting ready to leave then before leaving she kissed me and thanked me for being so patient and gifted her Maroon bra and panty. We are still in touch and whenever we get the chance we fuck.

She keeps sending me her nudes. Now about my dick size, it’s 6.3 inches. I love and like mature women.

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