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Sex Story- Mature Aunty

Hi, my name is Sanjay and I am over here to tell my real story. Just to give you a brief about myself. I am into a mature woman.I love them and I love when they are older to me.

So let’s get back to the story. Since this a real story I have to change the name of the woman as you know for sure. So let me tell you about the woman. She is 42 single and has 2 kid. And she is bulky.

Well, I love the bulky woman as you know you can have lots of juicy boobs and ass. So coming back to story her name was . She lived with her son and daughter ,around 12 and 10 years old.

I met her via Instagram as most of my mature woman (wink). So I casually started talking with her as a friend. And yeah I am a young guy of 28yrs old so as you know our age difference is huge so she thought of me as a friend.

So we used to talk a lot every night after her work so did I texted her after my work was finished.

As it was almost a month I started sharing how lonely I was as I was single for 3 yrs. She said she can understand.

And I told to her well at least you have a son whom you can look for future and you have someone in your life that can look after you and give you company.

She said that is true but a son can’t give me all those needs… well I was shocked to hear this “needs” well now I knew this conversation was going to be an interesting one.

Then I asked her needs as in. She said you should know what a woman needs that the son can’t provide.

So you are saying you are craving for sex. She said yes. I was happy as finally, she admitted.

So I told her I know you must be all lonely and since I am also lonely why don’t we enjoy ourselves? Then she said no you are too young. I don’t want to spoil your life.

I was like mad and I said no you aren’t spoiling my life; you will be helping me and I also will help you. You know you can trust me as we know each other for a long time and we talked a lot.

She said yes but I am older than you.

I told her I know and I am younger than you but still like you for your age and I love you.

Then she said, “no this is not good”.

I was like its ok no one will know about it. She finally agreed as I was told her it’s ok. She said ok then let’s meet 1st since we haven’t met each other and we only talked via FB. I said ok but how about we meet in my place.

She said, “no what will the neighbors think and what if your friends are there”.

I told her no one stays with me I am alone. And since it’s a complex no one cares who comes and who goes. She was like no… I said don’t worry nothing will happen.

Then she told me ok but since we are meeting 2morrow we will only kiss nothing more than that since it’s our 1st meeting.

I promised that I won’t do more than kissing. She said ok and I gave her my flat address.

She came the next day in the afternoon since the evening she had to take her son to the movies so our date was fixed at 2 pm at my place.

At around 2:30 she came to my flat. And that was the 1st time I saw her. Damn, she got the body she was wearing a top and jeans.

Since she was kind of overweight I could see her boobs and juicy ass. We greeted and then I lead her to my room. Then I closed my room and started to play music. She liked the music.

Then I went to her and kissed her. Damn, when I kissed her she kissed me back with force. Her tongue was inside my mouth all exploring and I was like she must be a way to sex hungry.

We were kissing like we were lovers for like many yrs. I tried to make her come and sit on my bed while I was kissing her.

Then we broke the kiss and she was like I liked the way you kissed me.

I told her you will like more .. And then she reminded me to just kiss for the 1st meeting I said its ok. So I started kissing her neck and she was moaning like anything. She was turned on so soon.

I was kissing her neck as well as was running my hands over her big boobs. I was pressing it n enjoying her moaning. Then she quickly removed her top and was naked on top where I can see her huge boobs hanging.

They were big and so soft. I pressed it and sucked her boobs. She was holding my head and was pressing hard on me sucking her boobs.

I played with her boobs and bit her nipple. Well, that did hurt her as she said: “ouch, slowly slowly”.

Well, I was full on in sex. Then I opened her jeans and then tried to remove her panty. She was saying you know we agreed on kissing only.

I said don’t worry it will be kissing only.

Then I removed her panty and her pussy was all cleaned. I inserted my finger in her pussy and it was so wet. then I went down and started licking her pussy she was moaning a lot.

I was licking her pussy like I was thirsty and she was all wet and the juices flowing which was so amazing. She was pressing my head to suck her pussy more.

And then she finally came. I went up to her and kissed her lips. Now she told me it’s your turn. She took my dick and started sucking me. Well, I can say she was good at sucking cock.

She just licked my dick with her tongue out then put it inside her mouth in and out. Then she licked my balls and sucked my dick till I came in her mouth.

After that, she asked me if I liked it. I told yes I definitely did. Then she got up and went to the washroom to freshen up.

After she came out she told me she was ready to go home and thanked me that I only stuck to kissing in the 1st meeting and the next time she will come she is going to ride me for sure.

And yes guys the next meeting was after 2 weeks and that went way better.

Thanks for reading...

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