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Sex Story - Massage Session

I am Kumar 29 years old male working in Bangalore. I am 5′ 9” height with average body and 6.3 inches long and thick tool.

Coming to the story, it happened 3 years ago. I was in Mumbai at that time. I was so horny and wanted to have some sessions. So I put an ad in a dating site stating that massage service available for couples and females. I am not a professional massager but I like to do massage for couples and females and if they are interested like to proceed further.

So I put my ad and waited. Nothing happened for more than one month and I lost hope, maybe everyone looking for a professional. Suddenly one day I got a mail and they said they saw my ad and interested to know about my service more.

I told them am not a professional and put that ad because I love massaging and it’s not for money, and like to experience as I read so many stories like that. I told them about my previous experience of 3some fun with couples and told me I want to try a couple of massage.

He told his name was Sachin and his wife name Reena and they are 32 and 27. They are looking for some massage service and he told me they are mainly looking for massage and if it goes well maybe they will think about having a 3some. He asked for my pic. Sachin said he will discuss it with his wife and let me know.

After 3 days he mailed me that they want my service and told it will be purely massaging session nothing more. I got disappointed at first, then thought something is better than nothing. Immediately I replied that am ready. Sachin said they want to do it at their home and I agreed.

Finally, the day came and I went to their place. They lived in a nice luxury house. I went and rang the bell. Sachin came and opened the door. He greeted me and I went inside. We had a casual talk for some time and he called for Reena. Till that time I haven’t seen Reena so I was damn excited.

She came and served tea for both of us and sat there. Though Sachin shared his pic with me, he never showed his wife pic. That was the first time I am seeing Reena, and she was an above-average looking girl. The best part was she was having awesome boobs and ass.

We sat there for some time and then proceeded for a massage session. Sachin said first I have to do massage for Sachin followed by Reena. As discussed before they had prepared everything. Reena went to the kitchen and got warm oil. Meanwhile, I prepared everything for massaging.

Sachin came first with a towel wrapped around his body. Reena said she will come later and went. I told to lie down and I changed into shorts. I told him to lie on his stomach so I can start massaging with the back. I poured warm oil on his back and spread with my fingers and started massaging his upper back.

I concentrated more on his upper back for some time then I massaged his lower back. He told me my massaging is good and relaxing. I kept the towel in a way that only his ass is covered. I massaged his back for quite some time, then massaged his thighs and legs.

I did massage for more than 20 minutes and removed the towel from his body. I massaged his ass and in between, I will pour oil in the ass crack and massaged his balls. I think he loved the way am massaging his balls and made some sounds. Then I told him to lie on his back so that I can massage his front part.

When he turned his cock was hard and I am happy that he is enjoying my massage. I went to massage his legs first followed by his thighs. I teased him without touching his cock. I will guide my hands till his crotch area and massage his balls and go back to thighs. I massaged his stomach and chest part. I pinched his nipples and because of my touch his nipples became hard and pre-cum was coming and flowing down his cock. I told him that I think I won’t be needing any oil in his cock area as there is enough natural oil and he giggled.

Then I sat beside him and took his cock in my hands, he was around 5.5 inches long and rock hard. I applied pressure in the tip of his cock and he moaned. I massaged his cock by giving little pressure on his cock and he was enjoying the moment closing his eyes. By that time Reena came and she was like oooh u guys are enjoying so much.

I told her to change and come so that I can start with her. I gave him a handjob by pouring more oil on his cock. He was moaning and Reena came and smooched him. They were fully engaged in a kiss and he was fondling her boobs. By seeing this mine became rock hard.

I continued masturbating him and Reena also stretched her hands and helped me by giving him a handjob. I massaged his balls and squeezed his balls. He was enjoying Reena’s touch on his cock and my massage on his balls, and he said he is going to cum.

He came in spurts and his cum flowed down Reena’s hands. She licked his cum from her hands and went up to him and they were fully engaged in kissing and I was rubbing my hand over my erection. After that, I cleaned the area and told Reena to get ready for a message. Sachin told her he will sit and watch me doing her massage.

Reena came with a towel wrapped around her body. She was wearing a bra and panties inside. I told Reena to sit on the floor and massaged her shoulders for some time first. Then I made her lie down on the floor. At first, I massaged her shoulders and upper back. While massaging her bra straps were hindering my massage and with her permission, I unhooked her bra straps. I was wearing only shorts at that time and my tent was visible. Then I sat on her ass to massage her upper back portion.

I positioned myself in a way that she can feel my erection. She started making moaning sounds and was enjoying my touch. I massaged her side portion and touched her boobs here and there. After that, I went down to massage her legs and thighs. I have a nice massage to her foot, then I came up and massaged her thighs. I increased my pressure on her thighs and while massaging I made sure that I went up to her crotch area and massaged her pussy over panties.

Once I finished with her legs I asked can I remove her panties so that I can nicely massage her ass. She was hesitated at first, then when Sachin said “let’s enjoy the moment babe” she accepted. I poured more oil on her ass and gave a proper massage to her ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass and she was moaning. I poured oil into her ass crack and massaged her pussy for quite some time. Meanwhile, Sachin was shaking his cock.

Then I told Reena to turn and when she turned I was awestruck by seeing her boobs and clean-shaven pussy. She kept her eyes closed as she was feeling shy. I started with her boobs. Her boob size was 34. I was not able to hold it in my hands. I massaged her boobs and pinched her nipples in between. I was sitting near her head and was giving her boob massage and my cock was hitting on her head. While I was rubbing my cock on her head I can see a naughty smile on her face.

I massaged her boobs for half an hour and went to her pussy area. She was literally leaking there. When I touched her clit with my fingers she kind of jerk. I massaged her pussy lips and concentrated more on her clit. She was moaning so much and she was moving like a fish out of water gasping for air. While I was massaging her pussy Sachin came down and massaged her bobs and they were engaged in a lip lock. I was so hard by seeing all this.

I continued my massage and Sachin gave his cock in her mouth and she was sucking him like a hungry baby. I inserted my finger in pussy and located her G spot. I gave light finger pressure on her G spot and went down and licked her clit so that she will get maximum pleasure. While licking her she came twice and they were exhausted. We took rest for some time.

Then we proceeded to the bathroom and I gave them a nice bath. While bathing I fondle her boobs and pussy and I gave a handjob to Sachin for some time. I was still wearing shorts and because of water, they can see the size and shape of my cock through my shorts. Reena noticed this and she kept her hand on my erect cock and felt my cock. She was impressed by the length and girth of my cock. She said it’s not fair as they are fully nude and I am wearing shorts and she removed my shorts.

My cock came into full glory and she was praising my cock. Then she sat her knees and took my cock in her mouth. When her lips were surrounding my cock I was feeling like I entered the pussy. She was sucking my cock like a professional and I was in heaven. Sachin also sat in front of me and was touching my cock. When he was giving me handjob Reena asked me to do I mind if Sachin sucks my cock as he likes sucking cock.

They both took turns and sucked my cock. She used to bite on the tip of my head and Sachin massaged my balls. Sachin took his finger and inserted in my ass and I can not explain how much leisure I got. Since my cock was hard for a long time, during massage and I was not able to hold and I told her I am about to come. She didn’t listen and keep on sucking mine and I came in her mouth in long spurts. I never came that much huge before.

Some of my cum was flowing down her mouth and she licked that and told mine is so tasty and she doesn’t want to waste a single drop. We bathed each other and went to the bedroom. She had prepared food and we had nice food. Then Sachin told me that they wanted to try 3some with me and I stayed at their home for one day and we enjoyed each and every moment.

I will write down how we enjoyed another part. Hope u guys enjoyed my experience. Your comments are welcome...

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