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Sex Story - Massage

So firstly, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Dev (changed). I’m from Mumbai & I’m 25 years old. I have a very athletic body & I’m very fit. I did a short course on massages in Sri Lanka a few years back, not took it seriously because of other priorities. I’m trained in martial arts or 3 years & I do weight training almost every day. It all started in my gym 8 months ago, when this hot lady started coming in. let’s call her Pooja.

She was a Gujarati and in her mid-thirties, married lady with a figure of 36-34-36. She was always dressed in hot yoga pants & a long t-shirt over a sports bra which was often visible. She used to work out alone for an hour every day & she was quite regular and the attraction of quite a few men in our gym.

My workouts are usually very long because I focus on stretching a lot. It was many times that I caught Pooja staring me while I was working out or stretching. over some time we started smiling at each other gradually greeting each other & soon started with small talks.

One fine day Pooja comes to me and tells me that she got a pull while working out & asks me for some stretches. I felt so good that she came to me but not the trainers. I did show her some stretches & got an opportunity to touch her waist & back while showing her the correct form.

Her body was firm and she smelt like an angel. She was a little shy when I touched her, but she gave me a naughty smile. The next day she came up to say it felt better and she was very happy about it, she asked me where I learned all this from. I told her about the short massage course & my martial arts training helped me learning all this.

She seemed interested. We exchanged numbers. After that, we used to have short conversations in the gym until she asked me about my massage course. I told her I couldn’t do it further because of studies & work & she asked me if I could give her one someday because she would be much comfortable with me. I got super excited & told her yes.

I got a hard-on thinking about that in the gym itself that day. A few days of small talks, a little bit of stretching & touching & naughty smiles. She texted me if I could skip the gym & give her a massage at her place because there was no one in her house.

I was overwhelmed; I buzzed her yes & reached her place at our discussed time. I got her roses to make her happy, when she opened the door. I was awed. She was wearing knee-length yoga pants & a plain white see-through for the t-shirt. I got turned on just looking at her.

She welcomed me inside with a big smile & I gave her the flowers. She laughed saying am I your wife that you got me red roses. I answered that I couldn’t think of anything else in that time period & I din want to come in empty-handed. We shared a flirty smile.

We sat opposite each other & were having some conversations I don’t even remember, what I remember is the sexual tension between us that was all over. Later she told to come into the bedroom to start the massage. We went in. Pooja enlightened up one of her flavored candles & she gave me her favorite oil & told me to use that. The room already had an amazing vibe until then.

I told her to lie down on her back. I told her to not think of anything & just breathe for a long minute while in the meantime I was staring at those beautiful legs of her. I slowly started with her neck. I could sense after two minutes that she already liked it. I asked Pooja if I could pull down her t-shirt.

She happily nodded. I pulled it down a little her shoulders were so firm & smooth I was enjoying as much as she was. After 5 minutes I went down to her lower back no. started rubbing my semi oily hands. I could hear her breathing a bit harder than usual. It meant she liked it.

After around a minute she pulled up her t-shirt until the strap of the sports bra. I started getting a hard-on. She told me she felt very relaxed. Gradually I started using different techniques with my hand & applied more pressure on some parts. I could hear her soft moans.

I took the opportunity to ask her if I could go on her upper back, she got the signal right, Pooja inclined a bit & took off her t-shirt. She was so hot, tan & fit, the perfect Desi complex. I rubbed her upper back for a while. My hands were going up & down her sports bra. It was 20 minutes in our massage & she told me it was amazing.

It turned me on even more. I started doing her sides & took the liberty to touch her side boobs. When I did that first, I caught her naughty smile but she faced away of shyness, I gave her a little tease & went back to her lower back slowly going down at the beginning of her tight yoga pants.

I was rubbing and rubbing & at one point my finger was in her ass crack. My dick was hard as fuck so I took the guts to ask her if she liked that. She said that I’m naughty but it felt nice. Everything was going in a direction we both favored. I slowly started pulling her pants off.

She didn’t mind that but told me she was shy. Underneath she was wearing those sporty Nike shorts I badly wanted to take them out too. Her legs were so tan & long. I rubbed those legs with a lot of passion & I’m sure she loved every second of it. Later I asked her if she could lose them off too.

She got up, gave me a good view of her cleavage & took those black yoga pants off. She had the most amazing figure for a lady at that age. Her legs were smooth as silk & hot as fuck. She was still wearing those hot Nike underpants. I was out of oil so I went to grab it near her pillow.

She saw my bulge & smirked. I told her to turn around. & oh god she was a bombshell bigger than I thought. I could her camel toe & those shorts getting wet spots. My dick would pop up my pants. I started doing her shoulders & upper chest above her beautiful cleavage. She started moaning. Her eyes were shut. I got closer to her neck & gave her a blew.

She opened her eyes & looked me with passion & gave me a smile. I wasted no time & took off her sports bra. Pooja pulled my arms & got me on the bed. One thing led to another & we were smooching & my hands were all over her boobs. Those were one of the best boobs I have got my hands on.

She told me she’ll love it when I squeeze them & I had to do what the queen told me to. I removed my t-shirt. She was a kissing maniac. She gave me better kisses than my ex. I got a lot of hickeys & bites all over my upper body. While I was sucking on her perfect tan round nipples, her hands went down to my pants which she removed herself. She grabbed my dick as fast as she could. She held it firm & started stroking it slowly & turning it on sides.

She was giving me a handjob which I’ll never forget, we were sensually kissing each other while pleasuring each other, I pulled her mini shorts apart to feel her warm & wet pussy. it was soft as a cake & let me say there was already cream pie. I was circling around her pussy to give her a tease while she was stroking me.

She stopped the handjob. Grabbed my finger & put it in. I started fingering her slowly. She was tight. She was moaning. She told me to faster. I would feel her cum coming out while I did it. We both started sweating. She pulled me up & turned on my back & started licking my dick like a pop stick. I was high on orgasm. I cum in her mouth afterward. I was licking her entirely after that. She requested me to finger her ass which I would love to.

She lied around in doggy style. I fingered both her holes & asked her if could dick her. She said yes & I entered myself in the heaven.

While I spanked her bad, she moaned like a sheep. Later she told me to calm down, we snuggled for some time & she told me she orgasm multiple times. We kissed a lot before I left. She paid me whom I didn't want to accept but she told me it was just for the massage & she would rather pay me for the fun we had.

She told me she’d love to do it more in the future. So that’s it, readers. This was my first massage experience which turned out way better than I thought. So now I’m considering doing this as a thing.

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