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Sex Story - Married Wife !

Hi reader I am Monil, 28 male, from Udaipur. I again here with one more real incident with a unsatisfied married woman. First I would like to thank all the readers those who have commented me positively. Your comments encourage me to share my one more sex experience. This incident happened two years before. Heroine of the story is Divya , she got married seven years before, she had a son in the age of five.

Lets go for the story, I met her when I was doing my UG first year. She was a family friend of my uncle ( he is not really a uncle since we are living nearby we call like this) Once I visited to the uncle’s house there I saw a average colour, hight married woman. He introduced me that she was a relative of him. We just said hai and introduced our names. Then have some normal conversation on that day. When I saw her I didn’t have any intention to have sex or will get a chance to fuck her. The day was over like that.

After two days I received a message from an unknown number (at that time message was very famous). I replayed that who was that. She introduced herself “I am Divya” and she told she had got my number from my uncle. Then she told me she wants to speak with me. From that day we have messaged daily. She used to ask me what I was doing at that time. Our conversation was going on like that for one week. Then the chart changed into personal chart. I liked to chat with her, she too. Daily we chat about what we eat, what we are wearing like that. After Some days we started chatting about our inner wear also. Day by day out chat became sex chat. At that time I don’t have any sex experience she talked about sex very frankly.

Our message chat chanced into phone calls. At night we had phone sex. She used to stay at her mother’s home because her husband was a Production Manager. He used to be in out most of the time. So we didn’t have any problem to have phone sex. While our phone sex she removed her dress one by one by saying what she was removing. She was very good at explaining about her body. By hearing that I got organism many times. She described that how would she have sex if I was with her in her bed. She explained each and every moment about sex. She was the main reason I learnt many thing about sex and than by seeing porn videos I have learnt many things like women’s likes and dislikes in bed, how should be a man in bed, what are all the expectations of women in bed. Once she invited me to her home when there was nobody in her home. Her home was somewhat distance to reach at night time. So I was thinking about that with some confusion and afraid. After some invitations she got angry and scolded me like I was not suitable for real things but only for phone sex. Finally she asked me to give her a baby she would keep the baby as my remembrance. Frankly I got afraid of having sex with a married lady who had a baby already moreover she was my neighbor’s family friend, if they know about our relationship I will be done. So I avoided speaking with her. She tried many times to speak with me but I avoided her because of fear.

The story again stars after two years after six months of completing my UG. I thought that our relationship might have affected her life so we ourselves decided to break out relationship and decided to have sex if we have chance in future after her marriage. Come to this story after that I felt very lonely. One day I got a phone call from Divya. She spoke very normally with me. I was very happy to have her as usual we started out phone sex without wasting a night. This time I asked her to meet but this time her situation was badly changed. Her husband had no work so he always with her. she told me a good news also two days a week her husband would go to his native ( they were staying at her mother’s home) that was the correct time to meet. First two weeks we were not able to meet after that her brother had come to home for vacation so I got frustrated. I thought that first time I refused the offer this time I couldn’t get a right chance to meet her. but in the mean time we had phone sex at least an hour a day even though her husband was at home. One afternoon I received a call from her she told me that her husband had gone to his native but her brother was still in her home so there was no chance to have sex in her home. So she told her mother to go to her husband’s home, she would departure her mother’s home before 3 o clock she must be her husband’s home at least 6.30. I asked her to stay with me a night but she refused. She asked me “ can I plan to have sex within this two hours. Without thinking a second I told her we can enjoy today. Because that much I was in need of sex. At 3 o clock she came to the place where we already decided to meet. I picked her up and went to a college that college was closed for long time there was no one. In that college a unlocked boys hostel restroom near by the compound. We reached there around 3.20. she was nervous to see the place because It was uncared place for long time. I parked my bike some distance from the hostel so that no one would suspect. As soon as we reached the place I told her to go inside first so that I can watch some time that anybody was there. She went inside the hostel bathroom it was unlocked. Then I went inside the bathroom there she was standing against a wall. That place was very familiar to me , Divya and I were here for many times. I went near her she didn’t speak anything but smiled that showed me how much was eager to have sex.

I stand near her and kissed her forehead suddenly she hugged me tightly. I also was hugged very tightly. We kissed each other continuously for 10 minutes. Then I started to remove her saree, then blouse and petticoat. She was so sexy in her inner wears. I hugged her again and made her to lie on the floor. We was restless. We had to make our sex within an hour so I removed her inner. There was little hair in her private part but wet already. Without wasting a minute I entered her, she guided my penis into her love hole. she moaned in pleasure. I rammed her for 15 minutes, her moaning was increased she told me that she was cumming. I rammed very fast so that she would get good organism. After 20 minutes she told me that make it fast we didn’t have enough time. After 5 minutes she had her second organism, she was shouting like anything, she was speaking bad words in pleasure. Now I am in my climax. I told her I was about to her , she told me cum inside because she had done family planning already. I cummed inside her and lied for some time on her.

After some time I asked her the second round she told it would be late if we had one more. But I wanted one more. We have talked many things about sex In that once she told me to play a cowgirl role. This time I asked her to come on me. She smiled and said I also told to give you a best blowjob. I was very happy to hear. I was lied on the floor she took my penis in her hand and gave me a good flowjob. Then she came on me and inserted my penis in her very smoothly and did fro and to very perfectly. I didn’t expect this from her. I know she had many experience before me except her husband.

She was doing it for 15 minutes and she had cummed. Even though she had organism without stopin she was ramming on me. After some time again she moaned loudly and removed her mangalsutra and threw it away and said I am not married I am yours you are my husband like that. The voice of hers would be heard if anybody near the hostel.

After 25 minutes I was about to cum so I came on top, while fucking her took her nipples in my mouth. I increased the speed at the same time she also shouted like” Kuththu daaaa kuththu daa”( fuck me hard fuck me hard) finally we got organism at the same time. We remained the same position for some time and she asked me to take a towel from her bigshop bag. After wiping her pussy we started dressing finally she put her mangalsudra and adjust her hair. Before leaving we had a nice lip lock.

I dropped her near by the bus stand . she reached her home around 7 o clock. As soon as she reached her home she sent me a lot of kiss through SMS. After some time she called me and told her husband had gone to near by the shop to buy something . we discussed about our encounter until her husband reached home.

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