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Sex Story - Mami Ji !

Hi this is Jay and I am submitting my first story which happened between myself and my Mami.

I was 15 when my Mama got married and the beautiful sex goddess entered our family. Initially, I didn’t have any sexual feelings towards her but don’t know why I used to spend more and more time with her. I used to touch her, hug her, and click images with cheek to cheek. She never resisted as she might think that I am small and used to take everything in a playful manner.

It happened once that we were together in our native home and everybody had gone to temple and assuming that even she must have gone I was moving naked in the home after a bath with a towel in hand and drying my hair singing songs.

I suddenly noticed that somebody is spying on me and when I saw it was my Goddess there I felt shy and wrapped towel but also was feeling good about it .

Seeing my nervousness she came to me and told me it’s ok no need to say I am you Mami. And she gave a cute smile and walked away.

Something I noticed after that day as she also tried to reveal her body parts more and more after that day like tucking saree below navel showing her legs till knees and when we used to be alone she used to bend more on more and her cleavage used to be visible such that I could almost see her areola .

This all used to happen every time. But trust me nothing happened between us then and later I got extremely busy in my education and later job. And yes the magic happened 13 years later.

As I told she used to always try to come close to me and in this year’s I was getting more and more attracted towards her, although I was not able to spend time with her yes I was more and more attracted to her and her assets which had also grown in this years.

And one-day destiny brought us together. Mama had gone out of town and mom asked me to accompany her in their home I was like yes today is the day I was waiting so long but at the same time I was thinking will she be ready for me.

So I made it a point no pushing let the magic happen and if nothing happens just think it never was there for you. I reached her place she was in a very beautiful nightgown it looked new and she was looking blast in same every curve visible, cleavage visible even it was bit transparent so I could see her panty as well.

So I thought it’s a green signal as she used to wear normal gowns usually and as I was continuously staring she told that it’s my wedding gown it’s getting tight and I am looking bulk is the same right?

I said no you are looking sexy she was shocked at this comment but took it casually and laughed. We had dinner and late in the night I decided l will make a move today she was reading a book in the bedroom I went there sat beside her took book aside and kissed her deep on lips she was resisting lot but later because of silent .

I broke the silence and told her I loved her from day one but never had the guts to talk and today I had to tell you. She was listening in a shock. Later I told her that you can punish me but talk at least.

She told Jay even I was in love with you from day one and when I saw you naked made me want you more but I had to wait so long and today when you suddenly pounced on me I was in a shock of happiness.

I have all dressed up for you only honey. Let’s celebrate our first night. I took her in my arms kissed her on the forehead and solely started smooching her. Simultaneously I was pressing her melons oh god they were massive now. Ummmmmm…..ahh she was making sounds.

I removed her gown and my Goddess was in red bra and panty. She told darling you have to make me feel special today I was licking her entire body even I was naked by now. I removed her bra and was sucking her melons one by one and pressing the alternate.

I was also kissing her navel .she was moaning ummmmmm ahhhhhh yeah baby ummmmmm . She was continuously stroking my dick. And in meantime, I removed her panty. Wow her clean shaved pussy was inviting me I asked her to sit on my face I was sucking her pussy like mad and she was dancing I also licked her ass hole .

Later we were in position 69 and we both were in cloud 9. She then adjusts herself and told me Jay let’s make it now your Mami needs you deep I understood and inserted my penis in her and she hugged me tight with her nails in my skin and I increased my frequency and she was going mad you fucker fuck me hard or I’ll kill you for now I belong to you just fuck hards. Ummmm….ahhhhhh….yeahhhhhhhh.

I then asked her to get in the doggy style and started fucking hard from behind ..I was having the fun of my life fucking my love and lust. In some time I discharged my cum in her pussy we fucked 3 times that night and slept naked.

Early morning she woke up before me and was surprised to see the early morning hard-on. She was almost going to sit and ride me but I denied. She was furious about what happened.

I told only on what condition she told what is it? I told I wanna fuck ur ass. She told a big no but later agreed I applied the jelly in her ass and started finger fucking first.

Later I inserted my penis slowly and the stated fucking in full flow she was is extreme pain but later the pleasure took over pain and we had two anal sessions in the morning.

Needless to say, our journey started that night after that I used to hug her touch her kids and fuck anywhere we would get chance in the car, her home, my home, in fields and everywhere.

And the journey still continues I must say I had sex with 3-4 women before her but with here there is a different feeling a mix of love and lust which I call magic. She is dam happy and we keep our relationship secret.

Thanks for reading...

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