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Sex Story- Intelligent Wife -2

I just needed an excuse for him to be with my wife and then I trust my wife would provide all the needed insights for the work to be done. Then I was thinking of various ways to make it happen and that moment came as excepted. We were developing a project and have reached the final stage so our boss wanted me as I was the team lead to show the final works and asks for approvals to complete the project or if they wanted any changes in it.

So for that, we had to go for 2 days to Mumbai so I took my wife and Pankaj for the meeting. It was Pankaj’s first time flight so he gave the scariest expression of all time and I was sitting on the window seat and next to me is Payal and next to him is Pankaj.

So as the flight took up he held tightly Payal’s hand just as I excepted. After that, all the time we were in the plane Payal and Pankaj didn’t see or talk much. During landing nothing much happen. So that Night we slept off. Pankaj’s room and mine were the opposite.

That day went off well. We returned in the night and I said Payal “Tomorrow is your day. Go to his room. Seduce him and teach him the art of lovemaking. I won’t be coming till 6 so enjoy”

Payal smiled and said, “What about work?”

I said, “Today was hectic but tomorrow is just a formality basis I will be waiting in our room for your arrival.”

The next day I woke up and kept all the documents and went into Pankaj’s room and he was brushing so he went into his room to finish brushing and clean his sleepy face. He came out of the room and I said to him “See Pankaj, today there isn’t much task for you so stay here and enjoy Mumbai”

Pankaj objected it but I insisted so he stayed behind. I left and then as I was in the cab Payal messaged me “Babe, I’m going in” So I completed all my work that day, signed all the documents, and completed all the formalities and returned hotel room by 6 pm. I had a spare key which I asked from Reception and went in and noticed that Payal was bathing so I waited for her and as she came out I was staring at her she blushed as a newlywed bride. I asked what happened and smiled started to say.

So after he left I bathed and wore a golden deep cut backless bra, light blue saree, and dropped such a way that it revealed so much of my navel and cleavage. Perfumed me and messaged Nishant and left to his room which is just adjacent.

I knocked on the door and Pankaj opened it and welcomed me in. I went in and sat on the bed and he sat at a distance. I (Payal) said “That day,” Pankaj said “I’m sorry bhabhi, something happened to me and me”

Payal: “I can understand, Alone, haven’t interacted with a woman. In this age, it’s ok” while speaking with him I was touching his chest, thighs area and then suddenly

Pankaj: “Thanks for understanding bhabhi”

Payal: “See Pankaj u need help in this matter is also making your wife happy”

Pankaj: “Ok, what do you mean help?”

Payal: “See Pankaj, after that day I couldn’t forget you. I know you must be craving for real sex and I could teach you”

Pankaj: “That’s kind of you but what will I say to Nishant Bhaiya”

Payal: “He wouldn’t know about it. It would our naughty secret” biting his ear

Pankaj: “It means I could see your body without any dress on it” I smiled and said “Not only see me naked we can explore many places together”

Pankaj: “You mean to say I can have sex with you” his eyes sparkled I said Pankaj you will have sex with me, I want you to learn it from me, I will be your teacher hope this will solve your woman fear issue”

He was wearing a nightdress, I slowly moved my fingers to his crotch area and started pressing his bulge and said “Wow Pankaj, I could feel your big cock. Do you want bhabhi to take care of it” and went near to his lips and gave a small peck his eyes were closed and said “yes” so went down to the bed kneeled and removed his night pant and his huge 6’5’’ cock poked towards me?

I kept my hand on the lower section of his cock and opened my mouth kept it inside his dick and started stroking it he held his hands tight on the bed and closed his eyes and was giving moans of satisfaction.

I did it for a while after that feeling became normal to him I said: “This is blowjob”. Now let me show you something better I stood up and removed my pallu and blouse he was staring at me and I removed my bra and it fell on the floor.

He extended his hands over my boobs and pressed them I said: “they are boobs”. I pressed my boobs together and kept his dick between them and said this is tit fuck and moved up and down I said “It seems it is getting bigger your big dick sure likes your bhabhi’s big tits” As I was moving up and down I was near his dick tip I kept some of it in my mouth and moved back.

After this action he was taking big breathes and said “Bhabhi something is happening my blood is flowing faster and the brain is becoming little” he came over my face and boobs so I quickly held his dick and kept it in my mouth and drank the rest of the juice on his dick and on my tits. I was on my knees and asked Pankaj “do you like it when Bhabhi was licking your yummy cum on your dick”

He said “Yes Bhabhi, I never taught you would taste my cum thing it’s felt good” SO then I stood up and said, “I think it’s time to teach you few more things” removed my petticoat and removed my wet panty and threw it on him he taught it and said “It’s wet,” he said “It’s because of your dick now smell and taste it” he did the same. I stood against a wall and fingering my pussy.

He was staring at my vagina and so I said “Come here you, taste your Bhabhi’s wet pussy”

Now he kneeled and stretched my pussy and started extending his tongue and licking it I held myself tight to the wall and said “You’re so good to do this to any girl and she would never leave you”.

He did his level best to penetrate his tongue inside of my vagina and then took his finger and went inside searching for the endpoint of my cave and this act drove me nuts. I taught to myself “He is so good with he is driving me crazy” my nipples got erect due to his actions and said “Hmmm Pankaj you are doing great do it more till I cum”

He didn’t listen but said “Pussy taste is good I want more” But I couldn’t get it as I was driven by his tonguing and fingering explorations that I came really hard on his face and it almost drank it. He stood up to clean his face and I feel down and he lifted me to the bed and I sat on the bed he sat next to me and started pressing my nipples for milk. He was continuously sucking them and said “Why isn’t milk coming out of it,”

I said “It’s because I’m not lactating” He looked disappointed and so I started kissing his neck and ears to excite him. I even sat on his thighs and he was licking my boobs and fingering my pussy. I liked the feeling and the entire boob licking and fingering only aroused me so in an angle I kissed him and felt his dick erect hitting me. So I whispered and said “I can’t wait anymore Pankaj. I want you inside me badly”

I held his erect dick which was hitting my vagina and kept inside me both of us took a long breath as his dick was piercing my vagina and I was humping him to get that sexy feel. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes in pleasure. So then slowly we changed to doggy style and his cock was so hard that it was hitting me deeper.

So my knees were aching so we shifted to the position where my palms are completely being over the support on the bed, my ass cheeks lifted up, and ass towards him and slightly apart to the sides. He stood in such a way so that my legs are between his legs wide apart, but straight. He took me over his waist and penetrated me like this standup position.

Pankaj said “Oh bhabhi, you’re so good and the weird dresses you used to wear made me hard. I’m so glad you came along with us”

For which I said “Even this wasn’t planned I would have fucked you for teaching lovemaking”

I leaned forward and pressed my boobs and this made him increase his speed and I kept screaming and while he was fucking me I said “Pankaj your cock is trembling with the pleasures of my pussy”

Pankaj said “Your Pussy feels great bhabhi”

All of a second he became slow leaned forward and pressed my boobs too hard and said “I’m about to cum” I said him to shoot it inside me and as excepted he cum inside me and I could feel all the liquid rush inside me and sudden jerks he gave and so I turned my backbone and kissed him on lips and that kiss was passionate as your tongues met they greeted with saliva and twirled like ribbon and then we broke the kiss.

I didn’t cum so I made him hard again by stroking and blow jobbing and asked him to sit on the bed and I came over him in girl on top position and kept his dick inside. Moved up and down and after many strokes, I came and fell on the bed and said “Pankaj, you’re not a virgin anymore”

We both laughed she kept his hands on me and we both relaxed then after that I woke to get dressed up he said “I didn’t finish bhabhi” so I went off for another blowjob session and finished him.

I wore my saree and said “Hope you understood what to do in lovemaking. See you again sexy boy” went into my room and smiled and while bathing I left a love bite on my back and came out to be shocked to see Nishant was there.

Hope you all liked it. SEE you next time.

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