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Sex Story- Intelligent Wife -1

My name is Nishant and my wife name is Payal. Her stats 34-28-36 my wife is the best in seduction with her fair complexion, heavy boobs, and bouncy ass. Any man would fall for her. Many men who used to come to my house for general meetings and work could always have prey eyes on my wife and during parties, I have a hard time handling my wife from those men. But with all this side we have never cheated on each other and had the best sex life.

One day, my friend who was actually lesser in age than me joined my company. His name was Pankaj. He was from the village area studied very hard to get a job. We slowly became friends and started hanging out and slowly became friends with all the people of the company.

He was the perfect guy anyone could ask for but never expected he had an exception which was a shock to me he maintained a distance to a woman. So to test him I invited to my house for dinner. As usual, my wife wore a backless saree and deep cut blouse to seduce him.

He entered wished and my wife and sat down on the couch. As my wife served water glasses her pallu suddenly slipped at this moment most of the men would at least give it a good look.

But Pankaj kept his head down in shy and away from my wife turning in an angle. Seeing this we both shock and I almost had thoughts whether he may be impotent. So I went into the kitchen and asked my wife to try more techniques on him.

So while eating for dinner under the table my wife started rubbing her leg fingers onto Pankaj’s legs but he just ignored and moved side. My wife almost kept her hand on his thighs. He just removed it and gave no expression.

While leaving he just thanked me and not my wife. After he left my wife went into shock stating that “No men have never escaped from my trap. I think maybe he is.” I said “No. He is my best friend I let him become gay or impotent. No matter whatever it takes” that night I didn’t have sex with my wife.

So during continuous interaction with him, I got to know that he belongs from the village side and it means no internet for porn. His schooling happened in same-sex classrooms thus making him have no knowledge regarding women much. Being a bright student came to the city to have a better life. So I took it as my responsibility to venture him into a woman and sexual life.

I took him to the bar, make him drink some sips, and drank some. I discussed with him “Bro, Why are not into girls. You have a good job, salary and everything”

He said in blunt voice “Nothing like Nishant Bhai, Just I’m afraid”

“Why r u afraid??”

“I don’t know anything about city people and girls has a different mentality altogether. So it’s better off I live alone like my father”

I said “Having Sex is the main reason of existence” and started explaining to him “When your rod gets stiff and you enter into her hole and she” he left me and went off on own. I knew that something has to be done.

So next day I said to him that “Come to my home and we both will leave to the office” Seeing this as an opportunity I said my wife earlier to seduce him by wearing an inappropriate dress when he comes. So my wife didn’t object but took it as a challenge to break him.

So initially she wore deep cut saree and kept her pallu below thus revealing her cleavage pretty good. She went near him keeping her boobs under his view sight and served water. It didn’t work. The next day she wore a nighty and no bra under her dress and started washing the floor in front of him she bent thus the night cloth departed from her boobs and a clear view of boobs was visible so that he could see.

Pankaj gave a longer look than usual she knew it was working. The next day she wore the same deep V cut blouse and sat next to me and bent over him for serving water or taking the glass. But he went off the house saying nothing. She knew something has to be done. So the next day she wore a single piece fishnet mini dress that revealed most of my body curves. So she wore it and came in front of him.

Served him water she bent which made him see 70% of my boobs. She was searching for a pen so in front of him she bent from waist thus making him have a clear view of her panty. I was enjoying the entire show how Pankaj was staring my wife’s panty visible from the one piece. Then she couldn’t find one so she came in front of Pankaj and searched the upper racks behind the couch where Pankaj was sitting.

Pankaj sat idle and suddenly pen fell from upper racks to his thighs. So while taking the pen from his thighs Payal noticed a bulge on his pants pressed his semi-erect dick and left the main room. She came near me and said, “Wait for the showdown”. The next day I went off early and here my wife will narrate.

Pankaj came as usual and I(Payal) said “Nishant left early” Pankaj said “Ok, then maybe he has forgotten to mention me. No problem I will leave” I said “Actually I have to go to market. Can u drive their” he reluctantly said “Yes” and I took him to women inner garments shop? He was completely awkward to be there. So I purchased a pink see-through baby boll dress checked the fittings, purchased it, and left for home.

As he dropped me and was about to leave I asked for some more help and invited him in. I went into the bathroom and came out wearing that dress. I said “What do you think??” he kept staring at me as excluding my boobs and crotch everything was almost visible. He came back to senses “It’s fine” then I went in.

So it’s time for the ultimate showdown. He was waiting out I shouted and said: “Can u come in I need your help?! Pankaj can you unhook me. I am unable to reach it”

He hesitantly removed unhooked the strap and I said “Can u just pull it down I don’t want to ruin the dress” he pulled it down and there I was standing on my back with only my panty on. As the dress fell, he started touching and moving down along my backbone. I held his pant and felt the boner and even moved my hand into his pant and felt his dick for the first time.

Everything was arousing me she was continuously touching my body and I held his dick inside his pants. Suddenly I remembered my marriage and pushed him. Without any word he left the house and never came to our house in the morning from that day. Seeing this I explained the entire scenario to Nishant.

I(Nishant) then took him to the bar and asked him “Why r u not coming to my house in the morning” He felt afraid and drank rum from my glass and coughed. He drank two more and said the entire thing and at last confessed that “No woman likes me bcoz I’m a villager and your wife also pushed me. I don’t want any marriage or woman” and left crying from the bar.

I explained to him that “Your act has installed more fear of marriage and sex into him. You shouldn’t have done it”

She said, “How can I break your marriage??” I was thinking for a solution then a thing struck me “See Payal you are the only woman who took things far for him. So it is your responsibility to take away that fear”

She asked, “How??”

I said, “By showing him how good sex life is??”

She asked “You’re asking me to have sex. See Nishant level of teasing is ok but no sex” I said “If only there was a way, U want him to end him up as his father all alone, sad for his life or Instead take a bold step and have him lead a happy life,” She said “But Nishant”

I said “This could also spice up your sexual life. It’s only a onetime thing. I will not ask another time. Imagine a Roleplay of teacher and student. You’re just as a teacher teaching some sex education that’s it. Not for me but that poor soul” She taught for a while and took a deep breath and said “You’re Right the reason his fear increased is that of my mistake. Ok!! Yes I will do it” I kissed her and said “That’s my babe”

To be continued...

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