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Sex Story - Hot Neighbor Aunty !

Hello this is Rahul from Lonavla, here in this story (real incident) I’ll be explaining briefly about how my neighbor aunt seduced me and it changed my life after that, and how I got introduced to this sexual world. Try to be patient as this will be a long story but I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy it thoroughly. Now without wasting much time let me start this story.

This all started when I was doing my graduation and was 20 that time, I was used to my daily schedules early morning tuitions followed by my classes in college then back to home by 3 in the afternoon, I was having a girlfriend also that time but she was in Pune and we used to talk much on calls.

All was going smoothly than one day I was sitting in the gallery and was talking to my GF, we had a fight and she disconnected the call I tried calling her several times but she didn’t answer any of my calls, I was frustrated and was feeling very down, and decided to go into my room and sleep & it was around 3:30 in the afternoon, when I was getting up I realized that Someone is looking at me I checked everywhere but I didn’t see anyone then straight towards my balcony there was my neighbor’s house and it was their bedrooms window where my eyes got stuck as there was a lot of movements going on, then I saw that someone was there behind that Windows curtain.

I didn’t move I took out my cell phone and pretended to be on call and once in a while I was looking at that window. After 10-15 mins I got to know that it was neighbor aunt, she also got to know that I caught her looking at me but she didn’t move, instead of that she slid a portion of their curtain aside so I can see her completely, she stared at me continuously so did i, but after like 2 mins I got scared and left there.

I reached my bedroom and started thinking about that, then I thought I would’ve been mistaken about her, what if this all happened just naturally, then suddenly I got a call from my GF and everything went cool b/w us & about that neighbor incident it went out of my head.

Let me tell you all about my neighbor aunt her name is JYOTI, she was 32 YEARS OLD (3 years ago) she’s beautiful with a very good figure of 34-30-38 & happily married with one 8 years old son. Her husband is a businessman and owns 2 electronics shops in the city. And every month he travels to metros regarding that.

A few days later I came home early from college as most of my classes got canceled, it was around 12 pm I reached home, I parked my bike and was going towards my room passing hall and suddenly my mom called me and asked that why you came so early? I was about to answer but I saw that my neighbor aunty was also there, she smiled instantly as I saw her and I smiled back in return, then aunty asked me that you usually come after 3 pm but why so early today? Then I answered both of them that my classes got canceled due to some elections campaign.

Then I went into my room took shower, changed to my shorts and came to hall where my mom & aunt were chatting, as I looked towards my aunt that afternoon scenario came into my mind as she was the one who was there behind the curtains that day, before I was not having any sexual feelings towards her, but as I was seeing her in front of me I started getting some, I was watching her very closely how she was talking to mom and in b/w she was looking at me also, after some time she said bye to me and mom then left to her home & it was around 2 pm by then.

I had my lunch and went into my room to take a quick afternoon nap but I wasn’t getting sleep as I was thinking about Jyoti continuously, I cannot call my GF also as she went with a family for a trip. Then I decided to go and sit in a balcony for some time, I went and sat on a chair and once in while I was looking at that window if I’ll be able to see Jyoti there, I waited for more than 30 mins then I saw that Jyoti slid her curtain aside and was sitting next to that window as soon as she saw me she gave me smile, I too smiled in return then I pretended to be on call for some time so I can sit and have a look at her, after 15 mins she got up and went inside I thought she got uncomfortable.

But that was not the scene, she came back within 2 mins and turned on the lights of their room after that I was able to see her in a very clear way she was wearing a nighty that time, and to my surprise she was about to change that nighty then she came near window and tried to close their curtain as she did she left open a little bit of portion so I only can see her from that open space, and she started removing her nighty from above, after that she was in her black bra and cream petticoat I was shocked to see her in that posture, my dick got hard, then she wore a blouse and saree as she was going out, after 5 mins she came out locked her home and was removing her activa to go out, she saw me and gave me a smile before leaving that place, I went to my room and masturbated 2 times thinking about her but I was still not satisfied.

This became my daily routine to sit on a balcony and look at her, sometimes she used to come on the terrace or nearby their main door to see me. I got to know that she’s trying to hit on me but I wanted her to take an initiative as I never wanted to be in any kind of trouble as my name was very good in my colony. It was already a month now that this all was started but there was no initiative taken from both sides, one afternoon when I was sitting on the balcony she called me from her window and told that she has some work, then she came near her main door to receive me so others will not be doubting us, as soon I went inside she told that she wants to remove all the utensils from the top shelf and need my help in that.

It was 3 pm by then, then I stood on chair and started removing all the utensils one by one, when I was giving her that pots and all she was taking that from above her breast so I planned that from now I’ll bend more so I’ll be able to touch her boobs, then the next one when I was giving I bent more when she took that, my right hand brushed her left boobs, I got goose bumps all over my body, it was so nice then I continued doing that till I finished my task, she thanked me asked do u need something, then I told a glass of water is enough, I went out to their hall and was sitting there, she came with a water and she bent a little bit to give it to me, I took the glass and was enjoying her cleavage too. She thanked me and I went home and masturbated by her name.

On the same night, I got a friend request from Jyoti aunty on my FB account, I was happily surprised to see that as I wasn’t knowing that she’s on FB. I immediately accepted that and sent a message to Hi to her in the morning, when I came back from classes there was a message from her saying hello, then I replied that I was not knowing that you’re on FB, then she told that “main abhi utni bhi buddhi nhi hui ki FB pe na aau”.

Then our conversation was getting longer and longer, and she asked me directly that why you always stare at me, I was shocked to hear that, then I replied her saying that no I never stared at u, and she asked sorry for that asked if I’m offended by the question, then I told no nothing like that it’s k we’re friends. Then we got close in b/w that. She used to ask for help whenever she needs it.

Once we met in a market as she wanted to do some grocery shopping, we finished doing that and went into Ajanta cafe a very famous cafe in market area, we sat and ordered some snacks, as our order came we started enjoying our meals and in b/w she asked me, Rahul u really don’t stare at me ?? Then I replied that I do stare, but I do it when you’re doing that otherwise no. Then she smiled and asked then you must’ve seen me changing also through that window, I was shocked by this straightforward question but I didn’t answer anything to that, she asked me again and I said no this time.

Then she kept quiet after that, we finished our meal and was about to leave when we came outside we saw that it was raining heavily, I told her to let’s wait for some time till it stops but she denied and told that she want to reach home ASAP as his husband will be coming in the evening and she needs to prepare food before he reaches, then I asked about her son she told that he went on a day trip and will only be back by 7 pm.

I agreed and we both left towards our home on our bikes, rain was not that heavy by then and as we reached it was 3 pm and I parked my bike in my parking and went towards her home to give some of her carry bags. She called me in for some tea as I was drenched in rain and gave me towel first to dry out my hair, she told me that she’ll change and come as her clothes were also wet, she went inside her room to change and I was sitting on the sofa in hall, I was getting horny by thinking that how she’ll be changing her clothes inside her room, then I thought to go towards her room if I’ll be lucky enough to see some of her body.

As I reached outside her room I saw that her door was slightly open and if I’ll push a little bit of door I can see something, and as I did that and peeked inside I saw she was facing other side and she already removed her kurta by then and was in her bra and leggings now, she was slowly removing her leggings now, I don’t know but this all moment was in a very slow motion for me, she removed her leggings also by now, and for the very first time I was watching Jyoti aunty in her cream bra and black panty, now there was huge tent in my joggers now, I wasn’t able to control myself, but I did then she was searching for nighty in her wardrobe, and I went into hall and sat, she came back within few mins after that, and told me to wait for some time as she’ll be preparing tea for me, then I told her can you show me how to prepare a tea, she laughed first but then she agreed and guided me to kitchen, I followed her, but my dick was still hard.

She took all the ingredients and kept a side and told me to put all the ingredients inside the burning vessel one by one, I followed her steps, then I told her in b/w to look at the gas I’ll wash my face and come, as I came back I stood exactly behind her and told her that I’ll do everything from here only you stand in front of me & guide me from there, she agreed to that also, I got the cups and kept in front of her and took the vessel and was pouring down to the cups one by one, she told me to be careful as that’s hot, and she came a bit behind for which my hard dick was touching her ass now, and was feeling her ass crack also, then I pushed her ass from my dick a bit ahead and told not to worry I’ll not spill that, I was knowing that she felt my dick on her ass and she was feeling good also.

Then we came in hall sat and finished our teas, then she told me that she wants to thank me for always being there as a friend and was leaning ahead to hug me, I also moved a bit ahead, we hugged each other, then I got up and told I need to make a move, then she told to wait and gave me a hug again and this time she felt my cock and she hugged me more tightly after that, I too held her tightly against me, and was feeling her soft breasts on me. Her breaths were getting warmer and warmer and suddenly she pushed on the sofa, I was knowing her all the intentions by now, she told me to be quiet and listen to whatever she tells, I nodded then she bent and her cleavage was fully visible for me.

She kissed me first and I started to respond to her, she was way too much horny now, I took my hands on her boobs now it was so so soft I removed first 2 buttons of her nighty and removed her boobs from bra, was so happy to see her bare boobs, her nipple was hard by then and her areola was brownish I was so tempted to touch that, we broke our kiss, she removed my tee and joggers and now I was in my boxer with my hard dick inside with precum on that. I removed her nighty and took out her bra also now, she was looking like a sex goddess to me, she started rubbing my dick above my boxers and I was licking and biting her boobs as there’s no tomorrow, and she was moaning loudly by now.

Then she took hold of my boxers and took it off and my dick was hard as rock, she told me to lean back and enjoy as I leaned she took it in her mouth, ohh my god, I was feeling that I was in heaven now, she was rolling her tongue around the tip of my cock, then she started deep throating my cock and I wasn’t able to hold it back and I told her then also she didn’t stop and I exploded with lot lot of cumshots in her mouth itself, then she took her nighty and cleaned here face and my dick, I was fully exhausted by then, & we cuddled for like 10 mins after that.

And it was my turn now then she told me to bite her boobs I started doing that and she stopped in b/w and told that’s let’s go in bedroom, and we went there and as we reached there I pushed her on her bed and jumped on her and started pressing both of her boobs harder she started moaning loudly and I was biting and licking her boobs very hard, then I started going down on her I kissed her navel and went b/w her legs as I reached there she spreads her legs before telling only, then I was licking her milky thighs by now and went towards her pussy, her panty was still on and I kissed her hard on her pussy like that only and it was totally wet by then I bite her pussy with my teeth and she screamed and hit on head and told not to do that.

Then I removed her panty and showed it to her by licking it, I went down again spread her legs more wide and started smooching her lips as we do it with lips, she was getting mad and pushing my head harder in b/w her legs, then I stopped and started putting my tongue inside her vagina and the taste was just intoxicating and I just never wanted to stop, then I turned took her into 69, now I was also getting pleasure as she was caressing my balls also simultaneously, the feeling was just awesome, then I got up and told I’m not able to control I want to enter in you now, then she told wait let me give you condom, but I denied and told don’t worry I’ll take it out before I cum.

Then she didn’t answer and I went down kissed her pussy it was very wet with precums then I took both of her legs spreads it wide and kept it on my shoulder then she took my dick in her hand and guided towards her pussy, as I started entering her I was feeling like I was in heaven, it wasn’t tough to enter as it was thoroughly wet inside out, and she was also getting the pleasure of my dick inside her, my pace was getting faster she was moaning loudly and scratching my back very hard and it was painful but the pleasure which I was getting from the touch of her vagina from my dick was just out of this world, it was almost 7-8 mins that I was pumping her hard and she cums hard after that but I wasn’t done yet.

I was watching her hot orgasm was flowing out from her vagina as I continued fucking her, my dick was getting the sensation by now, I told her I’m about to cum and I was about to take it out but she changed her mind by then and crossed her legs tightly around my waist and moaning loudly, as with no option left with the same pace I blasted inside her vagina and she screamed loudly and bite my neck hard and left a love bite there, I was feeling my dick shooting inside her and she didn’t left her grip on me for more than 10 mins after that session.

I was feeling like I won this world and this feeling will not be able to compare with anything. We cuddled for half an hour and cleaned ourselves, after this all I asked her why did you take my cum inside apart from leaving that out, then she told that when I cummed in her mouth during BJ she felt that my cum was thicker and was in large quantity and she wanted to feel that inside her. Then I asked her what if you’ll get pregnant? Then she told that it is not going to happen as she’ll be getting her periods in next 3 days. And I was happy to hear that, then I dressed up, we kissed and I left her place at around 4:20 or so.

After this session we got involved with each other many times, I fucked her in all position. So this was my Experience.

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