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Sex Story- First Meeting with Virgin GF

Hello, This is Muneet, I am from Mumbai working in an MNC. It is very much lovely to visit this site and read amazing experiences.

This story is about the incident that happened when I visited Pune. I went to center place and booked a hotel with decent rooms. When I got fresh I called my friend the queen of the story. Her name is Jyoti. She is studying Final year BSc in nursing in Pune. She is very fair and her boobs are small but worth dying for.

She has blackly brown hair and catchy eyes. Her figure is 32-28-34 and her ass is so good I can eat that in breakfast lunch and dinner altogether and still won’t be satisfied. Jyoti’s mom was American but her dad was Indian. So she is an Anglo-Indian, 5’5 tall. In all, she is a sex goddess for me.

When I called her to meet me at the hotel she told me she will be there in half an hour. And after some time I heard the knock on my door. I opened the door and saw she was wearing a silk short skirt revealing her amazing sexiest figure. I invited her in and she sat on the sofa.

I sat beside her and she was smiling blushing. I placed my hands on her face cheeks and pulled her towards me and started the kiss. She was not responding at the moment but I pulled her hairs and she was open and the hunger inside her was awake.

She was roaming her tongue inside my mouth and we were drinking each other’s saliva. After 10min making out like hunger dogs, I pulled her on my laps and started to lick her neck which is my favorite and gave her a love bite.

She moaned a little and she was getting high pulling my hairs. the I pulled her shirt and started licking her boobs above her bra and eventually pulled down that as well. I was sucking it like it was milking and I was a hungry child. While sucking her boob I was biting her nipples which were not less than a grape. Then I removed her shirt and bra and started to play with her boobs pressing like a small ball and she was moaning high ahhhhhh issss slow naa plzzzzzzz iiiiiiiissssssssssss.

I was pinching and sucking and gargling in between the boobs. Then I took my hand and put it inside her panty and started to play with those lips and they were so wet making my fingers slide while circling the clit.

Then I stood up and removed my clothes and kept my underwear and put Jyoti on the sofa and climbed on her. She was hungrily looking in my eyes ohh that lusty gaze. fuck that was so horny.

Then I took down her skirt but kept the panty on. Then I licked her navel and came licking down to her thighs and kissed her there and gave her a bite on her thighs. She shouted and I slapped her and said: “shut up bhenchod”.

She kept quiet with a cute face. Then I once again slapped on her thighs and she did ahhhhh in pain. Then I took her panty to one side and blow some air on her sweet virgin pussy and she got goosebums and she moaned ohhh. Then I bathed her pussy with my saliva and started to rub her clit.

She was on moaning loudly abusing me saying ahhhh fuccccccck chuss sale bhenchod chuuus ahhhh hmmm its so gooooood hmmm.

Then she started to say abb chod na sale meri chut fad na ajj ahhhhhhhh kitna tadpayega.

Then I said rand hey tu meri me jese karunga maze le.

Then she started to put her hands in my undies and started to play with my dick and slowly removed my underwear. She started to play with her fingers on my dick head.

Ohhhhh my gooood what a feeling that was that bitch was so good. She might have learned it by watching videos. But damn she was so good, I was unable to control. I removed her panty and made her lie.

I hold her waist and started to push my dick in. She was so tight it was not going in with so much of her pussy fluids. Then I asked her to spit on my dick. I applied my saliva and made my dick wet and started to push.

I gave a thrust and ohh fuck there was a little blood on my dick and it was in just a bit. Yessssssssss what a feeling it was.

She began to shout but didn’t cry.

I was pushing gently while it was going in she gasped. I slapped on her ass abusing her. Sali yehi chaiye tha na tuje randi sali le abb teri chut me mera lund le.

And she was stil trying to get her breath. When I was completely in she settled down and and I took my cock out a bit and again pushed hard this time.

She moaned ahhhhh dhire na chutiye marr dalega kya tera lucd bohot pyara hey re dhire karo yaar. I said, chup reh Bhenchod tujpe daya nai karunga. Then I took my dick out and started to go in and out and fuck those pussy walls were crushing my dick it was so tight like hell.

Then whe I started to fuck her like a pro and my thighs were spanking her ass which sounds like thap thap thap. The room was air conditioned but we were sweating. She was moaning loudly saying ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh issss ahhhhh isss ahhhhh.

This moaning was turning me on and beast in me was rising. Then I told her to bend and took her in doggy style. Pulled her long smooth hairs and started to pound on her like hell.

Being in doggy style she was enjoying every inch of my dick. She started to say, yessss fuck me, make me yur sllut ahhhh yes yu are my husband my owner.

Her moans were so exotic, I was on clouds and pounding her more and harder. She came like hell as it was her first. Her pussy was swollen as my dick was thick enough. Then I told her to sit on my dick while I was suckling her boobs.

And asked her to move her ass round and round. It was hard for her and I could feel that. But her lust was more than her pain. She was enjoying letting her neck fall back and I was supporting her back and pulling her too.

I was about to cum and so stopped my movements. I laid her on the bed and grabbed the chocolate syrup and poured them on her pussy.

And started licking her pussy. My god that sweet and salty taste. She was now moaning out of her throat and I was licking it. She contracted for a moment and came in my mouth again.

I slapped her swollen pussy and she screamed, naii ahhhhhh ahhhh please maat maro.

I said chup re randi… teri chut fadd ke gufa banaunga.

Then I again inserted my dick inside her, took her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her like there is no end.

After fucking for 15min in that position I came on her belly. She rubbed my cum all over her stomach. She was smiling and her cute smile made me fall in love with her.

As she was exhausted I ordered some ice cubes from room service. When it came I took one and put that in her hot pussy. She started dancing while lying. I hold her ass, grabbed her and carried her in my arms. Then started fucking her in my arms like daddy position.

That ice was touching her g-spot and my dick head and that was the hot feeling I have ever had. She was screaming and I was enjoying it to the fullest. I wanted to go for anal. So I made her sleep on her stomach and started to play with her ass.

I took one ice cube cleaned her ass with that and put it in and cleaned her from inside as well. she was in no power to stop me. I was really hard on her and I am embarrassed for that now.

But at that time the devil in me was working. Then I started to put my tongue her ass and she was liking it. Then I put my thumb in it and she was moaning with her mouth on the pillow.

Then I got up and took some ice cubes and started to rub it on my dick as well to regain and asked her to take in the mouth. She was sucking while she was energy less.

Then I started to fuck her mouth holding her hairs with my dick and it was gaining the length. It soon started to gag her which gave her kick and she gained some conciseness.

Then I again make her sleep on her back and put my dick on it. It was not an easy task but bhai tumhara stud hey he wanted it in.. I was pushing hard and now she started to shout and cry.

I was finally in and that was really amazing. I was so happy that I tore her pussy and ass which both were virgin.

I fucked her and said yeah Jyoti you are my bitch, you are my Randi from now yeahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh.

I was spanking her hard and she was moaning was out of her senses. While fucking her ass for some time I started to finger fuck her pussy and ass at the same time and she came in 5 min.

After a lot of fucking, I came in her ass. That was the best feeling. She was so over exhausted and so fell asleep like that with my dick in her ass with all the cum inside. It was so loving. I woke up first and ordered some sandwiches and cold coffee.

I woke her up with a kiss on her forehead and then lips. I feed her with my hands. She was feeling good a bit. We kept the cold coffee as it was. When we were in the shower I rubbed her body gently. And she was getting turned on and started to play with my dick.

It washard again with that warm water. Ohhh fuck I fucked her so hard in the shower pulling her hairs in standing position with her one leg up.

It was so amazing, I cam like a fountain on her ass. We cleaned ourselves and were roaming naked in the room. I made her sit on the bed. Poured the cold coffee in her pussy and drank that all licking it and she came twice while doing this.

After some time her dad called her and she told him that she will be staying at her friend’s place in the hostel and wanted to spend the night.

Those 2 days were unimaginable and I fucked her wild ass.....

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