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Sex Story- Facebook Friend

Hi, friends my name is Dharmesh from Mumbai well educated working professional present working in Jamnagar I would like to post my real experience which happened in last year. My details Age-31, Height-6 feet, weight-75kgs fair musculler fit body and I am a very friendly open-minded mature person.

It happened last year when I am joined in one of the top reputed company as a manager in Jamnagar I was busy in my job almost 6 months after I got some time so I open an account in FB and start chatting and frustrated with fake profiles so I didn’t log in for 10 days again one day I check inbox I saw a message “hi” from a housewife profile and she sent friend request which I accepted and respond to her chatting she asked my details and pics after seen my pic asked 3 different pics I send I asked reason for so many pics she replied you looking so handsome weather to confirm is it you are not I felt happy by her message as I am 6feet musculler body fair after confirming me non local of Jamnagar.

She starts chatting more openly as that 10days happened she always offline very rare online I sent a message she replies at night times but one fine day she is online at 10:00 am I use to chat for a long time as workload is less. I asked about her she starts telling about herself she just married 2years back now she is 27 but not satisfied with hubby he is not romantic not taking care of her he always busy with his friends and travelling, parties etc. he is a businessman and she is working in bank as manager She is complete frustrated with his stupid behaviour. I felt sad about her situation I understand her needs. And she told she is from a reputed family background so no affair after marriage before one bf only.

She asked about my experience in sex as already I have very good experience in sex with 4 sexy females and also I practice a lot of Kama sutra tips and exercise to increase size and stamina and from my childhood, I did a lot of exercises as I am interested in kickboxing. I told I have a good experience I will do good oral and hardcore she felt happy after hearing oral she told I like oral so much as well as hardcore but hubby never did oral when he gets the mood just fuck 1 minute and left me alone. That too also once or twice in a month never satisfied me I felt sad about her situation.

I promise her to do deep oral in different styles I send some deep oral sex pics downloaded from the net. She felt so happy and replied I want all these pleasures but she afraid so much for privacy I promised her for that I asked her pic she sent I was shocked after looking at her pic she almost looks like Shruti Hassan.

I could not understand why her husband not taking care of such a beautiful wife like her my blood pressure increased to meet her and asked her what’s app number she asks my number I gave she put a lot of restrictions not to call/message to her any time only chat in FB.

I asked her for confirmation before meet and she refused to give her whats up number she given her normal I did call she lifts the call she said hi handsome her voice so sweet I said your voice is so sweet she impressed and thanked for my comments and again asked whether I am a local or non-local guy.

I cleared I am non-local she worries about privacy I promised for that then she smiled and put the call off and starts chatting again almost 01:00 pm she asked my office timings I said 06:00 normal working hours but have to do extra work hours up to 08:30 and reach room at 09:15 pm she went offline.

After 2hours she sent a message “Shall we meet today”. I can’t believe I never think she will accept to meet in this less time I felt happy and said ready to meet her. I asked her address she said “green avenue residency” and given route map to her house which is near to my room just 1/2km distance.

There is a bakery near to her home I asked her to meet me first in that bakery then will go to her house she agrees and we finally decide to meet at 08:30 pm I felt so happy. In office workload increased it seems can’t leave office earlier I got tension and decide to finish work soon possible I checked some files certify some contractor’s bills which are urgent some inspections which are top priority and postponed some meetings then time almost 07:00 clock it takes 30min to reach home at last left office at 07:30 and manage to reached room by 08:10 pm due to traffic in travelling I just think about her.

Finally, I reached room by 08:10 pm very limited time I have so rushed to the room went to washroom did some shaving bread and the public area too got fresh up by 08:20 I wear t-shirt and jeans which expose my muscular body perfectly.

I open FB she already sent 5 messages “are you reached” I reply I left room to meet her she told she will also start to backer she asks the dress color I explains and sent selfies she also sent her selfies she wear kurta on the way I went to a shop and buy condoms, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, dairy milk chocolate etc, I received call from her she asked very are you in hurried manner I told I almost reached bakery she came on to the road and searching for me I saw her she looks so beautiful from long view I told my direction finally she saw me and she went a little bit near to the bakery I meet her she said hi how are u.

I’m fine, thank you than she told shall we go to home I just nodded my head we both felt shy to each other and start walking we just looking face to face each other she is so beautiful her size makes me crazy it almost 34/30/34 perfect figure I just scans her body boobs ass etc. in a few minutes we just reached her home.

We just entered her house she closed the doors. My heart beats increased and cock got erected 90”. It is a good 5 big rooms with types of furniture. We sat on a sofa.

I saw her face full of frightening feeling shy and nervous. She just sits close to me. I put my hand around her shoulder and said you are so beautiful and kissed on her neck. Her body temperature increased and her facial expression suddenly changed and said thank you with blinking eyes.

I kissed on her lips face she also kissed back. She held my hand and walked towards the bedroom. She kept her face down with shyness. When she entered the bed room I can’t control myself.

I just hugged her and started kissing on her face given lip lock and pressing her boobs back ass parallel 10min my heart beat increased. I hugged her so tightly that she struggles for breath. Then open her top her body seems so sexy pure white as milk. she wears bra 34 sizes I kiss on her stomach boobs and opened her bra.

She covers her boobs with her hands feeling shy and uncomfortable. I started kissing her and removed her hands from boobs and started sucking boobs and pressing her hips and ass parallel. She moans hmmmmm haa ummmm ha ha ha. Her moans increase room temperature.

My cock started hitting against my Jeans. I remove my t-shirt and sucking her boobs almost 15min then I removed her bottoms and my jeans. We both in underwears. She looks like an angle moving in front of me. I myself was feeling proud for the good opportunity. Now she becomes a little bit comfortable with me and she slept on the bed.

I removed her panty. Already she got an orgasm and her panty was completely wet with sticky juices. Her pussy looks like a rose, pink color small hole nice shape almost looks like an English girl’s pussy. I kissed deeply. She just shivered just cried HAAAAA I can’t shut my mouth I appreciated her beauty in a heavy voice I said you are a wonderful woman among all girl whom I meet in my life your boobs pussy body shape looking so amazing and fantastic you just looking like 19years girl.

She smiles loudly felt so shy and closed her face and said thanks no one still appreciates my beauty expect you and you too looking so handsome dear you body hairy chest makes me crazy we both hugs each other I pressing her she also pressing me too and remove my underwear holds my cock suddenly surprised by seeing my cock and aree baparaa yak kya hai?

Ma bola apko mallum nahi she said it is double while comparing to his hubby. She said it can’t go in her pussy as my cock is 6.5” long and 2” fat and looks like an African cock. She kissed my cock sucked cock head very nicely.

I tried to insert more of my dick but she sucked and said she is unable to suck more because of its size. I didn’t force her. I kissed her as she lays on the bed and starts kissing on her boobs, navel, stomach, hips, and pussy. I stopped at pussy.

She starts moans I opened her legs wide pussy filled with juice I started licking first I make Circle motions on her clitoris and pressing her boobs parallel she increases sound haa haa hmmmm muja chodo please ha ha ha cried with pleasure.

I lick her vagina, sucked her labia. She shouts lifting her pussy up in the air I kept tongue deep inside her small hole licking and pressed hard she enjoyed she squirts many times I took Hershey’s syrup chocolate and lollypop from my bag which I brought. I opened the pack and pour on her boobs lips and licked.

I pour some more on her pussy on clitoris labia vagina. I stretched her hole and filled it completely. Now chocolate floating from her pussy I licked taken whole pussy in mouth sucked it so deep she moans like anything squirts and her juices mixed with chocolate and given a nice taste.

I licked and drank all her juices. I insert lollypop in her pussy and I taste the lollypop. She becomes crazy and moans hard speaking something in Gujarati which I could not understand she closes her eyes hard and shaking her head she pressing pillow with her both hands I decided to give more pleasure I taken her hand from the pillow.

I kept one hand on my head with another hand I kept on her pussy ask her to make open widely she stretched her pussy with middle and four index fingers now I am licking her pussy deep and pressing her boobs simultaneously she cried with joy pulling my head deep too her pussy almost my mouth get locked with her pussy she stretched her pussy completely wide I am licking so fast she also moaning in loudly again squirts in my mouth almost licked 30 minutes then I lay on bed asked her for face sitting.

She knelt on my face she sits on my chest I pulls and adjusted her now her sweet pussy in my mouth I sucked and licked her pussy well I holds her boobs and pressing she tools support by holds my arms she moans so much she paying load on my face she completely cooperating me I licked so hard she cried with joy.

I open mouth wide and takes her whole pussy in my mouth and insert tongue in her hole deeply she rubs pussy hardly to my mouth. She was just fucking my mouth with her pussy. It becomes difficult to take a breath.

I hold my breath and licked hard and hard and she squirts a number of times with great moans. Then she looks tired and sits on my chest. I asked her to spit in my mouth she felt shy and spit not properly very less Saliva dropped in my mouth.

I asked her to repeat again and again after 2 attempts she spits very nicely then she changed her position to 69 I am wondered for her sexy act she kept her pussy to my mouth and she suck my cock head I get good pleasure I licked her hard she also try to take my cock deep she sucked we both in 69 position in 5minitues I never forget that movements.

Then we look into each other and smiled I given deep lip lock she lays on bed holds my cock and said: “mujhe dar lag Raha please slowly karo”.

I just nodded my head wore a condom. I kissed on her cheeks lips. I start to insert my cock. As the hole is small after 2-3 attempts successfully inserted. She shouted as I insert only 20% she due to fat it hurting her pussy walls I insert slowly and pressing her boobs and licking her neck below her ear she becomes hot pussy become we I insert inch by inch as I insert 70% she shouted mummy asked me to not to insert more I starts fucking slowly her pussy is so tight even I am also feeling pain I asked her age she said it’s 27.

I said but I am feeling like just I am fucking 18 years your pussy so tight “Yaar”. She completely impressed and smiled so much I pussy become wet I insert completely and fucking in missionary position almost I fucked 10 minutes she shouted with the pain I removed my cock I shocked her pussy swells and became blood red I did a little bit massage with oil and again inserted.

She shouted I managed her by pressing sucking her neck boobs I fucked more 15minutes she told she was tied I lift her from bed and make her in doggy style her pussy swells more I fucked in doggy style for 20 minutes she moaned and suddenly she collapsed on bed and said she can’t take my cock anymore I am in complete mood going to climax she accepted to suck but only 2minutes she suffers from mouth pain she asked for cum on her boobs.

I felt happy so I cummed on her boobs by masturbating my cock. we take some rest I say on the sofa she went to the bathroom to clean her boobs and sat beside me by closing her eyes breathing heavily she seems like a drunken girl after 10 minutes almost time was 11:00 pm she becomes normal she starts talking with me and making her legs wide and feeling uncomfortable.

I ask her problem she said you just destroyed my pussy, as my cock was also in pain turns into red I said sorry dear she said it’s ok you are completely romantic guy I also enjoyed because of your huge cock hits me so much I asked her whether she satisfied or not she replied I am so much satisfied in heavy voice and asked me to leave her home as time is almost 11:30 I left her house and went to my room.

Then after I sent the message in FB but can’t get the reply from her after 3days as my FB account got disabled I felt so sad. I am always thinking about our first meeting experience I feel like I did sex with a virgin girl but didn’t get the response from her I think myself due to my big cock she hurts so much so she dislikes my romance.

I think to call or SMS her but as per her strict instructions I didn’t did. I felt sad and forgot her and return into my professional life I worked late hours to forgot her and I stopped thinking about her I deleted completely her data pics number SMS call logs.

After 20days when I woke up and went to the office in travelling I open my mobile I received 5 SMS and a what’s app message from an unknown number I was shocked she sent What’s App by DP. I confirm and SMS at night 12:00.

I feel so happy I never experienced that much happy in my life I open SMS hi how are you I trying to contact in FB but your account disabled. I opened what’s app she texted hi how are you . I reply back it is nice to chat you again how are you what happened not contacted me since long back.

She came online at 11:30 am she texted as she suffers from pussy and body pains for 3days after went to Surat now she came back to Jamnagar. I asked how you feel our first meet?

She said it was a very nice experience you so romantic more than my expectations you make me mad in sex starts chatting I asked her for next meet she said after 2days her relatives. I asked about her hubby she said out of town since 5days will be back to home in 20days I feel so happy and starts chatting in what’s up for some time I appreciate her beauty she appreciates me and my romance.

Again I sent some xxx pics which she likes she sent message that I want to spend with her 1 full day I felt so much excited with her message I asked her to call she did we talk sometimes I asked how she feels with me she told nice you are very good guy I like you so much you know completely how to satisfy female which increases my heartbeat.

I said we try new this time she smiled and said bye and starts chatting texted I am also looking for new pleasures from you I sent some pictures female domination pussy licking she replied I want to try with you.

I said ok then I sent some videos I sent one video were couples fucking in all rooms bedroom bathroom in bathtub living room on sofa in kitchen in various angles and also he lifted her in air and fucking her she likes that video and said shall we try this I agreed we did a lot of chatting on sex for next two days then I applied for leave she shows some interest in female domination pussy licking and fucking in all angles in all rooms.

I felt happy I completed my office work and came to room after fresh up and dinner she text in what’s app “plan for tomorrow by 09:00 am to 11:00 pm night I want to enjoy with you a lot” I replied am ready she asks me which dress to wear jeans or salwar, skirt I like saree she accepted later we chat some time I sent some xxx videos she also send some more xxx which she wants to try with me I sent my cock pics she sent her boobs and pussy pics some hair is there I asked her to shave she will in early morning I felt happy and went to bed almost 10:30 pm.

This fucking thing is going for almost 3 months i have fucked her around 10 times, then one day her husband got suspicious so she start ignoring my msgs and calls...now we are not in contact...hopefully she will contact me again thanks for reading

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