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Sex Story - Facebook Bhabhi

Hello, friends, my name is Bharat and I am 26 years old from Pune working in an MNC with good looking personality and caring nature. Also with big cock size which can satisfy any married women, aunties, and girls. I am a big fan of ISS I am reading all the stories from past 12 years. Now without wasting my time let’s jump on to the story.

One fine day I was browsing Facebook and was looking on news feed later I found one good post in a group and I have checked the comments section of it where a lady has commented on that post, then I have looked on to her profile and I couldn’t send her a friend request as there was no option so I clicked on follow, I started following her after 2 days I received a msg in my inbox from that lady.

Payal – who are you?

Me – Hi I am Bharat

Payal – why are u following me

Me – I saw your comments were interesting on so and so post which I liked the most so I started following you.

Payal – what do u do

Me – I work with an MNC as a software specialist.

What do u do?

Payal- I m a housewife

Later we started talking to each other and she initially was showing attitude and so was I after all the conversation she trusted me and we both proceed to talk to each other as friends. Daily we use to talk in nights daytime and also when I was in office, soon we exchanged our numbers and we started chatting on WhatsApp I have my WhatsApp profile pic looking onto it she was very much impressed with my looks later I asked her pic after lot of requests she sent her pic to me in a saree.

I was paused for min or two after looking at that pic man she is damn hot. She has a good figure well-maintained assets. After looking at the pic I masturbated for 3 times that day. This continued till many days later she asked me about my life which I told her after that when I ask about her life she was mum for a min and I replied to her that sorry if u don’t wanna say. After 10 mins she msg me saying that she is 29 y old and her parents have married her with a guy of age 45 she has 2 schools going, kids. The age gap b/w her and husband was 19 years for which she was not happy later I convince her that I will be your good friend so we started all type of talks we have never hidden anything that has happened with us till date.

One day I asked her to meet so we decided the place and met in evening in a local clinic I was very much exited to see the lady I took a half day leave from office and came early took bath and dressed myself and started to reached the clinic she was already waiting for me she called me asking me where I am I informed her that I stuck in traffic and asked her to wait ( people are aware how the traffic is in pune ) so I reached there and she was the only one in clinic I was completely shocked to see the lady right from top to bottom silky hairs fair colour lust full of eyes pink lips and boobs size of 32 to 34 waist around 36 and right fat at right place I greeted her and asked about her health she said that she is fine I praised her beauty and so she did and while talking her voice was so polite that I was getting hard on after talking for about 30 mins I left d place and so she did then after reaching home I was waiting for her msg it was 10.45pm I got a msg from her and then I asked how was I looking then she praised me like anything she told Me that hope you would be my husband so at the time I thought that she needs me I replied that hoping that my wife will also be like you.

Later on, I enquirer her about sex life to which she frankly replied that her husband is not active in bed and doesn’t satisfy her to which I replied sorry to her. Then we had a casual talk for some time and slept. When I woke up in the mrng I saw my cell and there were no msgs from her so I thought she might be sleeping noon passed and so is evening I was worried that I didn’t get any msg from her then I thought to call her but later thought that it will harm her relation so it was night 11.30 I got a msg from her with a pic of chocolate cake and when I read the name on a cake it was her birthday today so I was stunned for a while oh man how can I missed the birthday of a beautiful lady so I wished her happy bday and also asked where were u the whole day then she told that she was busy with all chores. Later I asked her how was the day she told me that it was boring so I told her that if you would have been with I would have made your bday very special so she told me that she would be with me on her next bday

After that, she asked me for a gift so I asked what u need she asked anything u wish too but I was forcing her to tell what she needs after many requests she replied with a kiss smiley saying that she needs a kiss. I was shocked what?? Are u serious? She replied yes and I told that how can I. She again sent me a kiss smiley and I sent the it again then she sent me a right hug smiley and so I did with a left hug smiley there after our sex talks started and on that day I was doing sex chat with her and I felt like I was sucking her boobs playing with navel and also fucking her and I also made her cum that day she told me that she needs this in real.

So I asked her the place she told me that next week his husband was going out of station and she planned for that day she told me that she will send her kid’s to her mom’s place I was excited for the day. Next week.

I got a message from her that husband is going to Bengaluru on Wednesday night returning on Saturday morning so I took a leave from office and was very excited finally the day came. She asked me to come at 9 pm and msg the address I reached the place at 9 and msg her she informed me that she has kept the door open and asked me to come in directly I entered the door and closed the door.

She was in a blue saree and after entering the home she hugged me and so I did her tightly she was breathing heavily and then we started losing each other and I was tasting her tongue and she was mine after 20 mins we broke the kiss and she told me let’s go to the bedroom.

So I picked her and took her to the bedroom and then we both were lying beside each other with no such further talks I again started kissing her and she also responded then I came upon her and I was sucking her tongue biting the earlobes and kissing her on eyes and I removed the pallu from and the boobs were ready to bulge out of the blouse and I sucked that like a hungry man I removed the buttons off the blouse and then the areolas were half out from the bra I removed the bra as well to have a clear view of boobs and now I was stunned to see those huge boobs I sucked them for 15 mins after that I moved to her navel oh man the navel was very deep I was sucking that she started moaning oh Bharat common.. Suck it. I got more pleasure then I again sucked her boobs and I went down directly to her legs started sucking the legs and fingers and thighs then came to pussy.

I removed her saree and she was now in panty and she was shy for a moment and kept her hands on her eyes to which I objected her to remove and so she did. Then I was sucking her pussy from panty itself inserting my middle finger and also rubbing the pussy she was moaning ahhhh ouch. Hmmm .. mmmm

Then I removed that panty and I was shocked to see the pussy it was clean shaved with pink pussy lips and I directly inserted my middle finger completely to which. she shouted it was so tight as her hubby was unable to satisfy her then I slowly inserted my middle finger and touched the G spot she was enjoying now and then after 5 mins she ejaculated and I drank all her juices I again inserted my 2 fingers in her pussy and she was crying and moaning like anything and begging me to fuck her. Oh, Bharat common I can’t wait more fuck me, Darling. I was not going to stop the foreplay after 10 mins I stopped the foreplay and then she was begging me to fuck her.

I removed my jeans t-shirt and my shorts she and I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy she made another loud moan and she almost died with the pain then I slowly inserted my dick to and fro then she was enjoying moaning like fuucckk meeee Bharatmm . Make me your whore. Yesss ssBharatm cmmin fuccckk mee I llloovee uuuu sBharatam fuck me. I was continuously fucking her and increased my speed and to which she was shouting like anything after 10 mins we both were ready to ejaculate I released my loads in her pussy to which she was very much satisfied and was breathing heavily.

After that, I lied to her with my dick inside her pussy we both were breathing heavily. We lied like that for 30, mins after that we both were hungry then she went to the kitchen and some snacks to eat us both ate that also exchanged that with our mouths.

After she kept the plates aside and then I kissed her and so she did. After kissing for 10 mins she went down to my cock sucking like a professional and she was giving a perfect blowjob to me when we came in 69 positions and we were sucking each other for half an hour then I tried her in doggy style and that night we fucked for almost 6 times in all the positions. And we were in each other arms the whole night till next day morning 11 then I woke up got fresh up and went to my home and informs my parents that I am going to my friend’s bday party and will return on Saturday to which they agreed the 3 nights were unforgettable nights of my life.

I will also post how I fucked her in the ass and also how I made her pregnant.

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