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Sex Story- Elder Sister-2

I said yes & took out my shorts from the drawer, went toward to bathroom, she said when I can stand in front of you in undergarments what is your problem, I said ok, turned another side, took off my pant & t-shirt, she said to turn this side I said Akka again you have started, I turned, my dick was in a semi-erect position, she smiled & stared at my bottom. I was about to put my shorts, she said sleep like this only who is watching you, I said Akka, she interrupted & said don’t worry about me, if you are uncomfortable then wait.

She got up locked the door & took off her boxers, I was stunned before I could think, realize what was happening a lot of things had happened. She was in her undies, I could see her pussy hairs from the side. I started to guess where this was heading, she pulled me, made me sit on the bed, she said you are feeling shy in front of me I have seen you nude till you were 9 years old. She said don’t feel uncomfortable, she took off her t-shirt she was wearing a pink colored bra, oh my god it was such a beautiful body, despite trying hard my dick stood firm it was an ugly sight, I quickly pulled the rug to cover it, she laughed & said what are you hiding let see how big it has grown.

I could sense clearly where this was heading, I had a fear but could not resist, she came near me she was feeling my body with one hand, with other, she had hugged me & made me lean on her shoulder. I mustered little courage & said Akka not fair she said why I was quiet, she asked me Pappu what happened.

I looked at her bra, then my bare body she understood, she said ok you do it yourself, she turned around I unhooked her bra she threw it aside, turned towards me pulled the rug & covered her boobs.

I could only get a glimpse of her boobs they were big, round, very firm. She again pulled me very close beside her, started to feel my body, I was clear I would not do anything first. My dick was very hard, it was clearly visible from above the rug itself. She pointed towards my dick & asked how big is that?

I did not reply. She started to feel my dick slowly, she saw in my eyes, I looked down. She lifted my face and asked me whether I was feeling bad.

I nodded she said don’t worry & hugged me tightly she let go the rug that was between us, her soft melons were firmly pressed against my body, she was breathing very heavily, she turned my face towards her & started to kiss my lips I said Akka, she said enjoy Pappu and she started to kiss me softly.

I guess it was the first time for her also with the way she was taking it forward.

I started to go with the flow, took her lips in my mouth, started to suck them, this kissing continued after few minutes she threw the rug aside and sat on my lap she saw in my eyes, I could see the lust & excitement in her eyes.

I asked her have you done this before?

She said are you mad. She asked me how about you?

I said no. She said let’s do it, this is between us only. She asked me the next question do you masturbate?

I told till today only 3 times. She said ok.

I asked her with all innocence if you get pregnant?

She replied-so you have decided that you are going to fuck me today, I thought we will have some fun & sleep but you have made other plans.

I said no if you don’t want then any problem.

She said what if I say yes, I was quiet, she said-you will only do as per my wish, I said yes, then she said-promise me that you will fuck your sister for the whole night, don’t worry I will take precaution I will not get pregnant. I said ok.

She again started to kiss my lips, took my hands placed them on her boobs, I started to feel them by softly pressing them. She continued her kissing, she pulled her tongue out & asked me to take out my tongue she was wildly kissing & licking me, I was pressing her boobs rolling my fingers on her nipples & pinching them every now & then, on my every roll of finger & pinch she was moaning, ah, ah very nice Pappu, keep doing it.

She got up little, moved her boobs towards my mouth, I took one of them in my mouth, started to suck them, she was enjoying, she pushed almost one full boob in my mouth, it was getting difficult for me to breath, I accidental bit her boob hardly, she left a small scream, do it slowly stupid.

I kept sucking her boobs one after the other, I started to lick her nipples like a child & she was getting uncontrollable, she started to moan aah, aah very nice, yes yes, don’t stop pls keep sucking, softly pls ah ah, yes, yes oh god, oh god. I released her boobs from my mouth, started to juggle & press them hard I moved up kissed her neck I was licking her ears also, she was uncontrollable & held me tightly, she pushed me down & got on top of me started to kiss my chest & lick & bite my nipples, it was painful but I was enjoying every minute of it. It was almost 1.30 midnight we had just turned on completely.

She slowed a little moved down, kept one hand on my dick which was throbbing to get out from undies, she kept moving down kissing my lower body after few minutes she started kissing on my dick with my underwear still on, she slid her hands inside my undies & started to feel my dick it was burning hot, it was getting unbearable for me, she slept beside me & started to play with my dick, she slowly ripped the skin from the top of my dick & aah it was just too much for me, she sensed the tension on my face & asked me r u enjoying I said very much Akka pls do it fast, she said to have patience Pappu.

She made me stand on the floor pulled down my underwear, I was standing with my dick in the firm upright position, she bent held my dick firmly & started to lick it from the top portion. I was going mad, I said Akka pls don’t stop aah aah I am not able to control, pls don’t stop, she started to lick it without taking it in her mouth. I put hands on her breasts & was pressing them hard after few minutes of soft licking she kneeled down & tried to take my dick in her mouth she was sucking it slowly, I held her by her hair & started to insert my dick deep in her throat, she increased the speed and started to lick & bite it hard, she was rolling her tongue on the top in between which was a fantastic feeling, after few minutes I got a feeling that I may ejaculate I told her Akka pls stop, I am not able to hold Akka pls pls ah ah, Akka, she said hold Pappu, slowed down stopped & got up.

I lifted her, made her lie on the bed, pulled her panty, smelled it, threw it aside, she said dirty fellow. I started to kiss her all over again, I slowly moved down to her thighs, was kissing & moving towards her pussy, I slowly spread her legs, kissing on the inner part of thighs I could clearly see her pussy it was pink, full of hairs I was near her hole, she had turned on she said Nishant doesn’t stop pls, I bent down & started to kiss her pussy & tickling her pussy with my tongue, every touch was making her wild, she held my hairs & buried my face in her pussy . I started to lick her pussy softly & she started to moan – like aah, aah, oh-oh my god, Pappu don’t stop pls, yes, yes keep sucking it, yeah yeah I like it, pls pls oh mam mama, aah aah Pappu Pappu pls do it softly, yeah yeah, oh god, oh god. She widened her legs & made more room for me, I softly bit her pussy she moaned loudly & slapped me on my back. I lifted her from the waist. Placed a pillow below her ass I started to move my tongue much deeper in her pussy, her body was trembling with absolute pleasure.

She kept lifting her ass I kept my head pushed firmly on her pussy. After few minutes of licking she dug her nails into my back, stiffened her body, she almost cried & said Pappu I am going mad, something is happening, oh god, oh god, mama mama, Pappu, Pappu, pls pls yes yes oh-oh, yes, yes I am coming Pappu Pappu, I can't hold -she raised her back, with a loud moan released all her honey. I kept licking it, she was lying on the bed with a big smile on her face, she pulled me up, I slept beside her, she held me, made me sleep on her shoulders tightly hugging me, she said this is my first time & it was fantastic Pappu thanks & kissed me on my lips.

We relaxed in that position for few minutes, she held my dick, started to stroke it slowly, I asked are you sure Akka she said yes pls fuck your sister today, she increased her speed of stroking after few strokes my dick was hard, erect, raring to go, she got up had a look at my dick it was 7” & thick, she said Pappu it is very big, pls slowly I said ok, I got on top of her, placed my dick on the entrance of her pussy, I was nervous as it was the first time for me, she was my sister, she said don’t worry, she held my dick guided it to the hole & widened her legs. I applied little pressure she left a loud moan aah Pappu & held me by my neck,

I again gave a gentle push she moaned ah mama oh, oh, uff, no Pappu stop pls, it is very painful.

I stopped took a deep breath & gave a small push, she lifted her ass little & screamed in pain she said no Pappu I cannot it is very tight slow, it was really tight. I was also feeling the pain of my dicks skin getting peeled. I pulled out little & she said pls wait don’t push hard pls, after few seconds I again gave a little tight push I could feel the penetration deeper, she almost cried in pain & said Pappu pls take it out I may scream I cannot take it, it is very tight. I did not want to force & pulled out in a flash, she got little relief, she said go apply little oil on that monster, I said ok & quickly applied little oil on my dick.

I again got on top of her, positioned my dick at her entrance, she gave a slap on my ass & said don’t do it hard I said ok, I pushed in my dick little, she left a moan and held me & lifted herself little I again gave a thrust she again hit me on back & said bastard,slowly, slowly, pls aah, aah, how many time I have to tell, oh mama, ah, ah, I was almost halfway in & again pushed she again left a scream, said yes it is going but slowly Pappu pls, oh god, it is so painful ah, ah uff, uff, mama, mama oh god pls slow Pappu, mama oh god, she was breathing heavily, she had held me tightly.

After a small pause, I pulled out a little & gave a hard push, I could sense my dick piercing her pussy, I was almost 3/4th in her, she cried in pain, Pappu it’s paining she held me very tight I was unable to move, she slowly released me, I again pushed it hard this time, she lifted her body & said yes it is in pls wait, don’t do anything, I waited for few seconds again pulled out little & gave a hard push, she said yes Papu, slowly, slowly pls, it’s hurting. I started to pump her pussy slowly she was moaning in pain Pappu I can't pls it's very tight do it slowly, pls slow. I slowed down & kept giving her occasional jerks, after a few jerks she started to enjoy the pain.

I started to pump her slowly & after some 25 strokes I gradually increased the speed & pressure, she started moaning yes Pappu it's nice, ah ah ah ah, yes yes oh mama, uff-uff pls slow Pappu, ah, mama, pls don’t stop, yes yes, fast Pappu, fast Pappu pls, pls don’t stop, she was kissing my lips, I kept penetrating deeper & deeper with every stroke, she was going mad, yes yes Papu, Pappu – fast pls, yes oh-oh-oh god, do it stop, fast fast, oh my god, yes yes yes, keep fucking me, tear it, hard, fast fast, don’t stop. Pls pls. I kept pumping her with all my might, I was kissing her lips & pressing her boobs also, I was a turning out to a very steamy session.

I was about to ejaculate so I stopped she asked me what happened I told her Akka I was about to release inside you. She said it was ok, why did you stop, I said I am tired also, she said ok u relax & she made me sleep on her shoulders for some time in the same position, she was caressing my hairs & she was also slapping my ass, my dick was still buried in her hot throbbing pussy.

She asked me to pull out, she got on top of me, my dick was not very hard she took it in her mouth, started to lick it after few minutes it was firm again, she got on top of me positioned herself held my dick & placed it in front of her pussy, in 3 hard jerks her pussy swallowed my pussy,

I was very painful, she was moaning -ah ah ah ah, oh it's very tight, she positioned her hands on my chest, started to lift her ass & started moving up & down, she was thrusting very hard, she could not do it properly but it was very enjoyable, her boobs were jumping up & down I also started to lift my waist to ensure that my dick remained firm in her pussy, she slowed down after few jerks, I increased my speed & kept fucking her from below she was again moaning- aah, aah aah aah, yes, yes, yes, fast, fast pls, don’t stop oh mama – mama, aah aah, yes, yes, yes, oh my god, pls fast–fast oh yeah, yeah, after few hard strokes again I told her Akka I may release she said no Pappu hold & she instantly got up, I was aghast & said why Akka ??? .

She said one more round pls this time you finish it, I was really angry, I got down from the bed pulled her, positioned her half on the bed, another half below with her legs touching the floor, I placed 2 pillows under her waist, raised the position of her pussy, she asked me what are you doing, I said fucking you bitch & I stood firmly near the bed & pulled her from her waist, thrust my dick wildly in one hard jerk in her burning pussy , she tried to resist but I did not release my grip & in another strong push inserted my full dick inside her, she was literally begging me to go slow but was in no mood to listen, I started to pump her holding her from her waist she held me by my neck it was hurting her.

I was using all my force she started to again moan & abused me, scoundrel do it slowly, bastard it is hurting, ah, ah, ah pls slow, oh-oh I can't pls slow, Pappu, Pappu pls mama, mama, no Pappu pls slow, slow, oh my god, yeah, yeah, Ohh, Ohh, pls slowly Pappu, you bastard Pappu I will die, pls slow down, I said I can't slow down Akka, you handle it, she was sweating, after few hard strokes she started to move her pussy forward & started to take the penetration deeper – yes, yes, Pappu don’t stop keep fucking me, fuck, fuck, yes, yes yes, aah, aah, aah faster pls, fast pls pls, more deep, fast Pappu pls, oh god, oh mama, mama.

We were uncontrollable, I also increased the speed & started thrusting more harder, she held me tightly & said bastard fuck, fuck, fuck oh mama, mama, god, god, oh, oh yes, yes, don’t stop Pappu, Pappu I said I am coming to Akka, & increased my force, I was about to cum, I said Akka I will release she said don’t stop yes, yes, yes & she again stiffened her body & said I am also coming pls, pls don’t stop fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes yeah, yeah, we almost released at the same time, her pussy was filled with my huge load of semen, I could feel it, I released her from my grip & slowly took out my dick, she went to the bathroom, I cleaned my dick & waited for her on the bed it was 3.30, we had a session of almost 2 hours.

She came out after 5 minutes nude, looked at me & said last round was fantastic, did you enjoy, I said very much Akka, she said then let's keep enjoying till I get married, I told thanks Akka, she came, sat beside me, planted a kiss on my cheek. She dressed went to the kitchen, brought few bananas, chocolates & dry fruits, we quickly finished the, she again went & bought some juice also, she said shit we all have to leave to temple by 6.30, the temple was almost 3 1/2 to 4-hour drive from our home, I said Akka I am very tired I don’t want to go, she said even I am tired after getting fucked for 2 hours she looked at me with a naughty smile, we will not go I will manage you keep quiet, I said ok, she said let's sleep for some time, she set an alarm for 5.00 got up took the medicine box out, undressed herself, switched off the lite & said now sleep, she took me in her arms, we both slept naked tightly hugging each other.

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