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Sex Story- Elder Sister-1

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I am narrating a real story where I had sex several times with my unmarried elder sister Bhumika. It is a long story and it is narrated as it happened. We are a family of 5 – Mom & Dad – 2 elder sisters Shweta aged 27 (married & settled in new jersey) & Bhumika 24 & me the youngest Nishant 18 years. Bhumika sometimes calls me Pappu. It all started when Shweta came to our house for the delivery of her first child. She came in her 6th month of pregnancy and she delivered a girl child. We named her Payal. Post 4 months of her delivery & after a stay of 8 months Shweta was about to leave and we were all helping her in packing all that she needed to take care of herself & her child.

Let me describe my sister Chinu(Bhumika) who made me fall into her trap. She is –fair, tall & sexy. Myself well built, tall. We have a 3 bedroom flat and we had to switch rooms for this 8 months. I had vacated my room for Vidhya & I was sharing my room with Bhumika. Being 6 years older to me she used to be very commanding to me. Due to her intelligence, the presence of her mind always was Dad’s favorite girl & Vidhya Mom’s.

I was pampered by everybody. Shweta’s husband Naveen was expected to pick her in a few days, Vidhya had some clarifications with the doctor so she asked Bhumika to visit the doctor along with Naveen as she was very busy. But right from the beginning itself, Bhumika used to avoid Naveen and the reasons were best known to her only. So she said that she is free today and she will visit the doctor today or tomorrow with me.

I was an obedient child I used to be on my toes always to help, Bhumika asked me to check & fix an appointment. I made up an appointment immediately for the next day @ 11.45 am,

We reached the clinic at 11. As they always practice first come first serve despite having an appointment, and as we knew the nurses & receptionist, we requested her to send us as early as possible as it was the only consultation. She said ok & asked us to wait very near to the doctors’ cabin & asked us to go inside after the next 3 patients who were waiting. We both sat there, where we were chatting in a very low voice. We were also able to listen to the conversations between the doctor & other patients as the door was designed only 70% of the actual door size.

The first patient was a woman in her thirties. She said to the doctor that she has some pain in her breasts. It was a very awkward situation and I sat with my head facing the floor. Doctor asked her to lie down & show her breasts. We could hear the women moan also when the doctor was checking. After a brief pause again we heard the doctor ask -when did the pain start and when did you have sex lastly. The women replied pain from 4 days & sex almost 2 days before the pain started.

The doctor said it is some infection and advised her to avoid sex for the next 2 weeks. I was feeling very embarrassed. There was absolutely no communication between me & Bhumika. She was also pretending to be busy with her mobile. Next to go was a young couple. It seemed to be a regular pregnancy check-up with the conversations but the young chap suddenly asked the doctor – till how many months we can have sex?

The doctor replied 5 months and while going out we heard the chap said to her wife tonight we can have sex freely. The next to follow was a heavily pregnant woman. After some general conversations, the doctor asked her to lie down & take off her panties. The doctor then asked her to get admitted in the next 48 hours.

Never before this kind of thing happened with my sister along so I could not realize that Bhumika was calling me as it was our turn. She pinched my hand and said stop dreaming, come inside.

I was very embarrassed. We finished our discussion in 6 or 7 minutes with the doctor. The doctor told Bhumika to inform Shweta not to stop breastfeeding for another 3 months. I was really feeling shy and thought that I should not have come at all. This was all happening so fast that I was still in a state of shock. I started the bike and before we reached home Bhumika told me to explain the last point to Shweta.

I said are you crazy. She started laughing. While I stopped the bike I realized that Bhumika who sits single-sided way was sitting with her legs on both sides of the bike, double side way very very close to me. I could feel her breasts on my back but I just ignored it,

As soon as we finished our lunch & our next task was ready, shopping for Shweta. We left to Globus on my bike. She sat once again double-sided way, again very close, I could feel her complete body but I again ignored it. She said get ready for another shock & laughed loudly. I could not understand but anyway we kept chatting and we reached Globus. She said Akka has given 2 lists if we shop it together it will take time, u take one list & I will have the other if you don’t understand anything we will shop that later.

I agreed to her proposal and she took the lift and when to the children’s section. I opened the list I was shocked the first item was bra 34” 6 nos, second was panties – 90 cm – 6 nos all ladies items. I closed the list, called Bhumika. She asked what happened?

I said you have given me the wrong list. She said why ??

I said it has ladies undergarments.

She said buy them.

I said Akka pls I had enough in the morning not again.

she laughed loudly and said I gave this list purposefully.

I said it’s very bad Akka.

The store was almost empty as it was a weekday. She said me to come up lets shop together. She saw my face & burst into laughter. She said look at your face you are so innocent and pulled my cheeks & gave me a tight hug. I felt more relaxed & comfortable and we finished shopping on that floor.

We came near the ladies undergarment section and it was almost empty. She said to come inside, I said no she said nothing will happen and she dragged me inside. With my head down I stood behind her and she was selecting bra & panties. s

Se suddenly asked me how is this, I lifted my head I was shocked she was holding a panty with just 2 strings on the side.

I did not reply. She again asked shall I buy this one?

I said Shweta Akka will never wear but she said I will wear it. I kept quiet I could not understand what she was up to.

She continued to embarrass me as much as possible by showing different types of bra & panties. She also asked me to ring Shweta & ask her bra cup sizes. I said no & left her. I sat near the billing counter. Suddenly after 15 minutes, I got a call from Vidhya and she said to me to tell Bhumika C cup is enough.

I was wondering what was happening. I again went to Bhumika & said Akka told it is C cup. She said when I told you to ask you did not ask, now what happened?

I said Akka called me, I asked her what happened to your mobile, she said I have switched it off I asked why ???

She said it is my mobile my wish what is your problem, I did not want to argue with her and I continued to accompany her in shopping.

She brought me few shirts, she also purchased some clothes for her, she said let’s go to the trail room & try them, we cannot come back for an exchange, we went to men trail room. She came inside the trail room when I was changing to see if they suit me.

Then we headed to ladies trail room as it was a weekday, nobody was there. She took the full shopping bag itself inside. She tried some dresses came out to show me. I was commenting in yes or no, suddenly she said Nishant come here inside.

I asked what happened?

She said to come inside first.

As nobody was nearby I went inside. I was shocked to see here in bra & panty She said how is this one?

I turned around & said Akka what you are doing?

She said should I ask the sales boy here whether it looks good on me or not? If you cant help me why did you come with me?

I was watching her through the mirror. She was looking damn sexy.

She was looking at herself from the back, front, and in every possible angle. She caught me seeing through the mirror & told me to face her & reply. I said nice to buy it.

Again she called me. Now she was wearing the one with the strings. It was a more revealing set. And she asked me how is this one???

I said you look beautiful in whatever u wear.

he said wow, thanks Nishant & again hugged me tightly. I wanted to go home as I was getting hard on & mad seeing her in undergarments. I was really confused about what she was doing as she was a real strict kind of girl. It would take time for anybody to get close to her and she was not of this kind. This was the unknown part of her to me.

Again she called me. This time she was wearing a silk kind of nighty without a bra. It was light blue color and her boobs were clearly visible with her nipples pointed out.

I was having a real hard-on in my pants with my dick standing firm straight. I sat outside near the trail room waiting for the next instructions from my sister. Thank god she did not call me again. I had seen her several times accidentally in bra & panties as we were sharing the same room but never I had the feeling which I had today,

She called mom, informing her that we both will have our dinner in a hotel and will bring the dinner for you all. I was feeling very tired due to the hectic schedule, and I told her Akka that I am very tired to want to relax,

She told sure once we reach you can sleep.

We had our dinner. We hung a few bags on both sides of the bike and she kept a few things on the petrol tank holding it from behind. Her breasts were firmly pressed against my back and I could sense her breathing on my neck. After we traveled some distance, she asked me Nishant are you feeling bad?

I said no Akka, I was a bit scared but forget it.

She said, good boy & gave me a kiss on my neck. I mustered some courage asked her why did you do all this?

She said I realized you were very tensed in the hospital, you are growing, these things are new to you and I don’t want you to fall in the wrong path. So it is better you get comfortable with me as a friend. I want you to open up to me to discuss everything.

I said sure Akka. We reached home and I started taking care of the baby and Bhumika helped others for dinner,

After dinner, Shweta asked me shall we go to the supermarket & medical stores?

Before I could reply Shweta said Akka Nishant is very tired he has been running around non -stop. But he won’t say no, let him relax he has to work hard for the next 1 week. You prepare the list we will shop it tomorrow morning.

Shweta said ok & told Nishant sit let us chat for some time. We chatted for half an hour & I went to sleep as it was 9.30 pm.

After some time I felt a hand on my hairs, I woke up, it was 12.30 Bhumika was sitting beside me, I asked you did not sleep she said we finished our chatting only now, she was wearing as usual shorts & t-shirt, I had forgotten to change & slept in my pant & shirt, usually I sleep without a t-shirt bare & only shorts, she said you change else you would be uncomfortable.

To be continued...

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