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Sex Story- Elder Cousin

I am Jay from Bangalore age 26 working in Pune from Jaipur. Though I had many encounters this was the first one where I lost my virginity and introduced to the world of sex and learned so many kinky stuff with the help of my elder cousin.

Coming to the story this happened in early 2008 where I was studying 11th ( now I’m 26 ).

My name is Jay from rich background family. When I was studying 11th standard my mother became pregnant and she had to go to my granny’s place which is in Pune for her maternity though we have maids in the home no one really cares as family members care.

So she called my elder cousin and convinced her parents to send her to stay in my home till she came back.

After a few days, she came to my home. Her name is Priyanka and my mom made her aware of everything and handed over my home keys to her and my mom went to Pune.

As days passed we became so close to each other she was doing B. Tech. 2nd year at that time in Jodhpur, she was taking good care of me and my dad. As I was having summer holidays only we two were in the home because my dad leaves home by 8 am and comes at 11 pm and maids were doing all other chores so we were not having any works to do at all.

At the start, I’m not having any intention on her because at that time I was not aware of any incest relationship just used to watch porn sometimes and jerking off. I’m well built because I was in sports and chores I’m always an active guy.

As we were only two most of the time in the home, we had enough time to explore each other. As days passed we used to play games together, watch TV together, roam outside and watch movies like couples.

Still, I was seeing her as my sister only. One day I went outside to play cricket and after I came back I removed my clothes and went to take a bath. After my bath, I came back to the room. So I was just in a towel and saw Priyanka was sitting on my bed and sewing her top button.

At the time she was wearing the only skirt and slip ( kind of tank bra ) and she told me to sleep on her lap because she needs to clean my ear with earbuds. As I was not wearing anything inside the towel I refused but she forced me and made me sleep on her lap and started to clean my ear with earbuds.

But in between, she used to press my face to her pussy and boobs. My face was crushed between pussy and boobs ( I was totally unaware of these acts, I came to know later all these she had done purposefully ). She was exposing more than enough but I thought it as normal for a modern girl.

At night also we used to sleep in the same room as my father sleeps on the ground floor. We both were sleeping on the first floor in my room. Every day we watched TV in my room after dinner. I used to sleep early because I played a lot in the morning. She always sleeps after I slept switching off TV and lights and also wakes earlier than me.

One day due to power off AC was not working and I was not able to sleep. Just be as idol without making any movement trying to get sleep as soon as possible.

In that time I noticed some movements from Priyanka as it was dark inside she can’t notice my small opened eyes I was noticing through my corner of the eyes.

She woke and checked whether I was sleeping or not by calling my name twice. As she was confirmed that I was sleeping she opened her top and lifted her skirt started rubbing her pussy and circling her pink nipples.

Next moment she took my hand inserted inside her skirt. She was wearing neither any panty nor any bra. She was rubbing and pressing vigorously using my hands and inserted my fingers inside her pussy and next moment she held my tool and making it up and down fastly.

I was sweating a lot but didn’t know whether it was due to shock or satisfaction. But one thing I noticed she was having so much heat between her legs after a moment she released her juices with a big moan and swallowed my cum also still I was thinking is it is really happening with me.

After this memorable act, she tied back my pajamas and went to sleep even I was also slept by thinking what the hell has happened and not interested to stop that act by waking up in middle.

The morning when I woke she was not in bed I got fresh and went to the kitchen to have breakfast where I saw my Queen Priyanka. After yesterday’s incidence, I’m seeing her differently and trying to be more closely with her than before.

While having breakfast we were watching TV on the sofa , she rested her head on my shoulder and left boob was pressing against my arms, this was happening before also ( I started to think how dumb I’m, she was giving hints from so many days, by showing cleavage, revealing naked milky thighs, without wearing inners everything was coming in front of me now .

As she called my name I came back to my sense and stared directly her eyes she was confused by my act asked what happened to you , you are acting differently from morning I just smiled and from now I decided I won’t waste a single day and thought to make everyday fortune.

She asked me won’t you go to play cricket today as I made a decision what to do with her I said no and was waiting for the best opportunity. In the afternoon she went to take a bath and told me to wait till she had a bath to have lunch together.

I told OK and went behind her to my room. Once she went inside the bathroom I locked my room because maids were working in the garden area.

She won’t carry any clothes inside because no one enters my room as it was common after finishing her bath she came out naked inside the room and shocked by seeing me over there (it was not a big shock at all she just acted like that).

Next moment she took a towel and went inside the bathroom. By wrapping a towel, she came outside and asked me… Priyanka: why you are here Me: I told why don’t I have to…

Priyanka not showing much expression tried to show anger face and said I have to wear clothes so can you go outside for a while.

Me: All these days I had seen only half can I see it properly today ( my heart was beating fastly). Priyanka did the thing that I never imagined. She took off her towel and went straight to wear clothes. She just wore shorts without panty t-shirt without a bra.

Oh god what a beauty, milky thighs, big boobs maybe 36 at that time.Pink nipples, sexy bums kind of huge but fleshy on right places. Juicy pink pussy cleanly shaved.

Me: won’t you wear undergarments … Priyanka: nor my parents are here to tell and moreover, it’s summer so much heat so … Me: yep so much heat yesterday night only I got to know about it and winked … Priyanka: got doubt and went straightly to the kitchen to arrange lunch… Even she got hint because she was not as dumb as me. After lunch, we decided to watch a movie in my room.

I used to have marbles kind of toffees (fond of collecting WWE sticker, those toffees were famous at that time).

While watching I tossed up those marbles upward and trying to catch by my mouth. Priyanka laughed and told it so easy and even she tried to do it once she tossed it up and it straightly went inside her t-shirt.

Already devil inside my mind woke up, I inserted my hand inside her t-shirt and acted like trying to search marbles.

We both know what is happening but none of them are stopping I pinched it, rubbed it, fondled it as hard as possible and marble was on the bed. Only we both can see it but still, we are in the mood to stop but none took initiative to take to further. She moans like a snake hissing,Hissss ussshhhhh hmmm…

Not moaning loudly but making it sexy and erotic, breathing heavily and sweating a lot. Priyanka: she broke the silence and asked me whether you got what you finding. Me: ya but it sticking to some big mangoes (comparing nipple’s as marble). Priyanka: enough remove it Me: obeyed her order, due to this act I was sweating a lot and decided to take bath, Thought to seduce her more.

Went to take bath without taking a towel after some time asked her to give a towel but she denied it by saying she is not able it find it.And told me to come outside as she will close her eyes.

Both of us were so horny by marbel toffee act , even I jerked by imaging her inside bathroom still my dick was not in the mood to be calm.

As I came outside my 6-inch thick shaft was saluting her I thought she will close her eyes but she was seeing every act by widening her eyes. Me: what are you watching…

Priyanka: morning you watched me so now it’s my turn…

I just wore shorts without t-shirts nor underwear. Priyanka. : someone is also feeling so much heat huh? Me: ya waiting to release the heat. Priyanka: gave erotic expression and smiled by biting her lips.

The maid called her as they were leaving. She left the room to send them and to see their works. Me: frustrated to make things as soon as possible and my little bro (cock) was not ready to listen at all.

We both knew today’s night will be a sleepless night. For my luck or fate my dad called me and told he is visiting Pune to see mom, I was in heaven no one is between us to stop. Eagerly waiting for a night session.

Went to near shop bought scented candles and flavored condoms to rock that night.

An arranged room like a honeymoon room for couples after dinner as she entered she got to know what will be happening today. These arrangements were a surprise to her.

Priyanka: suddenly someone became so intelligent and bold to do all this stuff. Me: As she entered the room, I told her to take a bath and gave her a costly gown to wear. Priyanka: hugged me tightly and whispered I’m still virgin and loving what you did, Let’s break all boundaries today Me: even I’m (virgin) Priyanka: she bit my ear and told me you have to shave your pubic hairs. (as she won’t like hairy even I don’t like to keep after that ) Me: as you say, why don’t you shave it by your hands… Priyanka: let’s have a bath together…

We went inside and removed each other clothes. The view was a feast for my eyes by seeing her naked this is enough to become hard for me. She holds my tool and started to shave it was a new feeling for me. She shaved near anal also.

I was excited to fuck her there only. She stopped me by saying she has a lot of kinky kinds of stuff to do.Let’s do it one by one.

She started to piss on my dick and all over my body. I was excited by seeing all these. My desires to fuck her was becoming more and she rubbed her pussy on my nose and lips for a while by making huge moans. The Shower was encouraging us by sprinkling water droplets on our heated bodies.

Once all these done cleaned ourselves and came to the room made her wear a gown.

Me: I will take your virginity in this gown only. Let your blood flow on this gown s that the blood stains remain confined within these . Priyanka : you are kinkier than me …then we fucked each other like hell....we did it 4 times that night after 1st time she was crying as its hard to put a dick in a virgin pussy so put a lot of coconut oil on the pussy and my condom wearing dick after that i gave a smooth shoot which inserted full land inside her at once....and i grabbed her tightly to that she will bear the pain, after 4-5 minutes i start stocking in and out and she was getting comfortable.

For next 1 month we fucked each other many times.

Thanks for reading.

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