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Sex Story - Doctor & Patient

Hi friends I am Rajesh 44 years a Doctor by profession.

I am a Psychological Sexologist I am an expert in the Study of sexual development and the development of sexual relationships as well as the mechanics of sexual intercourse. Study sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, such as erectile dysfunction, pedophilia, and sexual orientation.

I am 5ft 8 inches a simple Gujarati man who is a cleanliness freak.

Now let me tell you a recent true incident which happened with me. My Nurse Jaya had taken an appointment from a virgin Gujarati girl of 28 who had a severe fright of having an intercourse she was to come to me for consultation and remove her inhibitions about Making Love. Her name is Nidhi (Name Changed) She had a Boy Friend and wanted to Please him

It was a Monday and she sat on the couch in my clinic waiting to be called. I opened the door, looked at her papers with a brief description of her in my hand and said ‘Miss Nidhi Come this way…’

She followed me into the room. She was a Gorgeous girl 34-26-36 ‘Have a seat..’ I said, indicating the exam table. She sat down, put her hands on her lap and looked at me,

‘I am Dr. Rajesh ..’ I said shaking her hand briefly. ‘What can I do for you today?’

‘Well, I have this friend…and I want to make sure that I please him..’ She said nervously and I have also informed Jaya about my problems. She told me that she would masturbate till the age of 20 when she was in college but now she has stopped. I didn’t ask her many questions .

‘In what way do you want to make sure that he is pleased?’ I asked her.

She said ‘I want to make sure I feel right. I want to make sure I taste right, look right. I want to make sure I can perform properly for him..’

‘In what areas do you want me to examine? Do you have a problem in a certain area?’ I asked her.

She said ‘In whatever areas my friend might want me to perform. I don’t think I have any problems. But, that is what I want you to tell me.

‘Well then I think you need a full body exam..’ I said laying the papers down and going to the sink. ‘Please remove all of your clothing and lay down on the table..’

She quickly removed her clothing and lay them over the extra chair in the room then laid down on the table. And she stared at the ceiling, I was preparing for my examination. I saw her beautiful Body glittering in the Light, for a 28 year old she had a good pair of Breasts and a Inviting Pussy with a little stub of hair on her pussy was big and meaty.I already had a hard on in my 7 inch penis.

I walked to the table, stood by her stomach area and said, ‘There are several tests that I can perform to determine if your body will be satisfactory to your lover. The first will be visual. I can see your eyes are bright and clear. Your mouth is full and the lips are generous and pouty. Open your mouth. ‘She complied by opening her mouth wide..’

‘Yes, your mouth and throat are deep and wide..’ I said as I peered into her mouth. ‘Your breasts are full and quite a bit more than a handful. Your skin all over is a nice pale, ivory with pink patches in all of the right places.’ I moved my eyes moved further down her body. ‘Your pubic region is trimmed nicely and… oh I see you have shaved the lips bare. Very nice.’ I stated. ‘Lips are pink and full. Hmm…very nice.’ I picked up my chart and made several scribbles on it. I put the chart back down, looked at her and said, ‘Let’s move onto the rest of the exam. Now you must understand, I will not wear gloves for this test because I must be able to feel you body with my hands and fingers. Gloves prevent that.’

She nodded my understanding. I placed my warm hands on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them gently. My eyes focused on her breasts as my touches became firmer. ‘Let’s see how your breasts taste.’ I said as my mouth came down on her breast. My hot mouth fastened on her breast, sending shivers through her body. ‘Mmmm.’ she felt my tongue flick her nipple and then lightly bite it. ‘Your nipples are very hard. Wonderful response.’ I said, moving onto her other breast. My hands kneaded and caressed her breasts and nipples skillfully as she was enjoying my touch on all her erroneous zones.

I removed my hands from her tingling breasts and moved down to the end of the table between her feet. I pulled the stirrups out of the table. ‘Now scoot all the way down and put your feet in the stirrups.’ I instructed her. ‘Spread your legs wide.’ She let her knees and thighs relax so that they were open wide for my examination. She immediately felt my fingers caressing her pubic area and started to give feeble moans. My fingers stroked the satiny softness of her shaved skin. ‘Hmm…nice and smooth. I am going to take a closer look I said.’ And I spread her Pussy lips open to peer at her distended clit. ‘Oh yes…very good.

Your clit is nice and swollen, begging to be touched.’ I let my finger circle around and around her clit, sending shudders of anticipation through her body. ‘Very good.’ I murmured. I then started examining her pussy very closely with my tongue. I wet tongue licked her up and down in wide strokes, then he zeroed in on her clit. I sucked and bit her clit making her moan with pleasure. I pulled my mouth from her pussy and I inserted a finger into her pussy. ‘Yes…very, very nice. You are hot and very wet. Very pleasing.’ I slowly pumped my finger in and out of her pussy. My other hand came up to rub her clit as my finger started to pump faster into her. Her body stared to tingle even more as she felt an orgasm build inside her. I added another finger added to my pumping. My other hand rubbed and flicked her clit harder now. Her orgasm was about to ready to explode. She closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling I was giving her, and soon the waves and spasms of my pleasure shook her body.

‘Excellent. Excellent. Let’s continue.’ I said as I turned to the counter behind . ‘I need lubrication for this part of the exam.’ I returned with a large tube of lube and proceeded to lube my finger generously. ‘Your friend will want to access this part of your body also.’ She felt my finger probe around my ass. ‘Yes…nice and tight.’ I said looking up at her.

My finger pushed against her a little harder. Finally, with one shove, my finger was in her dark hole to my knuckle. It felt wonderful. I worked my finger in and out as she began to relax. ‘Yes, yes. Relax and this will be better for you.’ I encouraged. ‘It will help if your friend rubs your clit.’ I said as I put my other hand begin to dance on her clit. ‘Let’s see how much you can accommodate.’ I paused, then I let another finger press against her.I inched both of my fingers into her. Soon I had resumed my pumping of her ass. She felt my fingers widen, stretching her open.’Oh yes, very good.’ I praised.

Suddenly I stopped, looked at her and said, ‘Shall we continue the exam?’

‘Yes, please. Please don’t stop. Continue.’ She begged, wanting my attentions to proceed. ‘Fine. Let’s see how your friend will feel inside you, shall we?’ I asked as I unzipped my pants. As my thick cock sprung out proudly.

‘Take your feet from the stirrups and turn over I said.’ She did as directed, bending over and laying her upper body on the table, her feet on the pedestal. I stepped onto the pedestal at the end of the table and She felt my fingers probe for her opening and then my cock replaced my fingers. I slowly eased my hard cock into her wetness. I let out a small groan of pleasure. ‘Oh yes. Very good.’ I said huskily. My fingers were back to playing with her clit as I began to rhythmically push in and out of her.

She had the wonderful feeling that my cock was filling and expanding her. She felt my finger probe around her ass again and then ease back into my dark passage. Now, both of her entrances were being pumped open, to her great pleasure. ‘Oh yes.’ I moaned and grabbed her shoulder and forcefully plowed into her. ‘Harder!’ She begged. Harder and rougher I drove into her, mercilessly pounding her with my cock. Her orgasm erupted over my entire cock, causing me to pump his cock even harder and deeper into her. She screamed with my pleasure.

I abruptly pulled from her saying, ‘Get on your knees and show me how you will please your friend with your mouth.’ She did as instructed, kneeling on the cold, floor as I presented her with my wet cock. She greedily took it into her mouth, sucking it in deeply. She tongued around my head as her hand massaged my balls. My moans of pleasure became grunts of impending orgasm as she began to suck harder on my cock. Abruptly, I pulled out of her mouth and started to pump my shaft on my own. ‘Lean back a little.’ I said. She leaned back on her heels, waiting for the explosion. I groaned and she felt my hot, wet seed spray onto her neck and breasts.

After cleaning herself up and dressing, I gave her the assessment. ‘I believe, considering your willingness to please and your physical capabilities, your friend will be very please indeed.’ I looked at her and gave her a big smile. ‘Very pleased.’

All this was watched by Jaya who was there in the room taking down all the things happening and Nidhi’s reactions

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