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Sex Story-Cousin Sister

Hi, everyone, this story is about me and my cousin sister(my mom’s sister’s daughter). It happened a year ago.I am Nikit, 22 yrs old. Mumbai is my hometown.

But currently living in Pune for job purpose.I m 5.9 ft height, medium toned, I have quite a good sized dick(6 inches).

Coming to the story, My sweet sister name is Twinkle. She is 25 yrs old, still unmarried (she doesn’t believe in marriage concept). Her size is 32-28-34. She was one hell of bomb anyone could think of. She used to stay with her parents in Trichy. As she is the daughter of my mother’s sister, she used to come to Mumbai to spend her vacation in our grandmother’s house.

Even I used to join her and we were like usual brother and sister. As she is the only daughter to her parents, She has special caring for me. Till my 10th std, she used to come and we used to have a good time. Later she went to Pune for her higher studies and our frequency of meeting restricted only to family function. But she has the same caring for me.

After she graduated, she got a well-paid job in Pune itself and she settled there as a single independent lady. She bought a flat in a posh apartment and started staying alone. All these days I used to be in touch with her through phone calls. After I completed my studies, even I got a job offer in Pune. For my luck, we both were the same company but she was in a better position.

I informed about my job in her company. She immediately convinces her parents and my parents for allowing us to stay together in the same flat. Since she is my elder sister none had a problem. By the way, it was 1BHK flat. I finally moved in with my sister. I had never had any bad intention on my sister. She used to sleep in the bedroom and I managed in the living hall.

Daily we both went to the office and return together. She used to help me in a job and I was really happy. We used to be close but never asked about each other personal matter. One day, I saw her having an argument with a guy in office. She was sad entire that day. later in the evening, I asked about the incident, she told me she will tell later. while sleeping I asked and the conversation went like this

Me: Twinkle who was that guy? why he was shouting at you? I thought of breaking his hand..(with an angry tone)

Twinkle: He is my ex-bf. he is getting married next month. He used me and now marrying someone else for money. (crying)

Me: You had a boyfriend? but you never told me about this. I thought you are a complete family girl. and what do you mean he used you?? (shocked and angry).

Twinkle: Nikit you are not a kid. You are grown enough to understand all this. (started crying more)

Me: Do you mean to say you had sex with him? (angrily)

Twinkle: yes(went to her room)

I went to her room following her. she was crying holding her pillow.

Me:I sat next to her and said: its okay. I too had a relationship and all these things but never serious like you.

She was shocked to listen to all this. and she said Twinkle: I thought you are kiddo, seems you are pro in this matter. Me: nothing like that. It all happens.

She was getting comfortable with me and started sharing all her love story and how she got into that position by doing a favor to her boyfriend. She said she reached a higher position in the company because she allowed her boyfriend to use her physically.

I also told my story. from that day onward we both daily talk about these things before sleeping. Till now I didn’t have a sexual attraction towards my sister, we just share our sorrow. But one day, it was heavy raining so there is no power. we went to bed early. at 1 am, I was disturbed by someone’s moaning sound. I thought it might be our neighbor’s, As they are newly married. But there was little light coming from my sister room.

I thought she was working so her laptop is on. So I thought of checking out, I peeped through the door and was shocked to see my sister masturbating fully nude. She had her 3 fingers rubbing her pussy and another hand was fondling her breast. I was shocked and called her name, She didn’t hear as she was busy masturbating and was wearing a headset.

So I went near her and shook her shoulder, she was totally shocked and in hurry to cover up herself and laptop. In that hurry, she lost balance and fall on me as there is no power andI lifted her. I instead of holding her shoulder caught hold of her breast. She was again in shock. She rushed to the bathroom and came out wearing a bathrobe. I was checking her laptop and was shocked to see her category and it was incest, in which brother fucking his sister.

When she came I told, I didn’t expect this from you and moved out of her room. Later that night I too started having a feeling for her after seeing her fully naked but I controlled myself and thought its wrong to have such feeling towards sister. Next day morning, we just followed our routine but didn’t talk to each other. In the evening I broke the ice

Me: Twinkle you broke up with your boyfriend. its natural to have the sexual urge. But you were watching incest videos. How does that make sense?

Twinkle:I don’t know . I daily masturbate but recently I started having feelings on you as you take care of me very nicely. So for a change, I watched that.

Me: Okay stop it there, It’s not right. And went angrily to sleep.

After a few days, I realized even I started feeling for her but I m afraid and waited her to approach.

After that incident, She used to roam around the house freely. She never wore inners when she is at the home. try to show me a lot of cleavages and used to sit very close to me. All I was pretending to avoid her. Many times she used to call me while bathing and say she forgot a towel and ask me to get her towel. while giving she used to show her structure and try to seduce me. Even I used to roam only in sleeveless t-shirt and shorts.

Once she called me to pick a vessel from the kitchen shelf. I was supposed to climb a ladder so told her to hold the ladder. She was wearing track pant and low neck t-shirt. As I climbed the ladder and turned back. I saw almost entire her breasts, which was like sponge ball .I got instant hard on. She saw with her jaw dropping.I was in complete embarrassment. I don’t know what to do. In a fraction of section, She pulled my shorts and my dick came out like spring. I lost balance and fell on her. She shouted.

Twinkle: You little bastard, You lied that you never had felt on me and told its wrong. Then what is it(pointing at my fully erected 6inch dick)

Me: Sorry di, even I started having a feeling after that incident and now I saw your sponge ball, so could not control(winked).

Twinkle: Sorry, even I could not control after seeing your bat and gripped my dick in her hand.

Me: aaahh, wait I will take my chance and pressed her breast so hard like pressing sponge ball.

Twinkle: its okay, Let’s full fill each other’s desire.

She immediately undressed me and made herself nude. Sat on me like riding position.

Twinkle: Will you be my slave? I will be yours.

I nodded. and she gave blowjob for 5 minutes and I was busy sucking her boobs with my mouth and fingering her pussy with hands.

I gave a splash on her face. it went like a jet rocket, she got angry as I didn’t inform her.

As we both are not virgin, we know how to proceed further. I inserted my dick into her pussy and started ramming her pussy.I fucked her for 15min and we both cum at the same time. we switch to a different position and again started.

It went for 1 hour. Both fell down exhausted. After that, we both came up with an idea. We both shall continue until one gets married. She objected, she never wants to get married as she was cheated and took a promise that I should fuck her whenever she asks for.

I was totally fine. We decided like one day she will be my slave and the next day I will be her slave. Till now we have tried all position and I all situation. Later I told her I have a fantasy to fuck her on the terrace and to have a threesome with some other lady. She gave a suggestion she will manage to bring her friend.

So that’s all story about me and my story with sister...thanks for reading

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