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Sex Story- College Teacher

Hi, I’m Devesh. I’m doing my graduation, 2nd year. So it was like, I got a really good image in my teacher’s eyes, so for any work they got my name, here I would like to mention it guys that I’m not one of that ‘ chamcha ‘ kinda student.

So that day ma’am asked me to collect all the assignments from the class and hand her in the lunchtime so as the bell rang for the lunchtime I quickly collected all notebooks and took them to the faculty room. There were 4 teachers, ma’am, they all had just sat to start there lunch, I asked their permission and went inside.

And at the last was the ma’am I got to submit the assignment, our English teacher Divya. She was a very young teacher and might age around 28 or maybe less. She was fare in complexions and had a perfect body maintained. She got up and took the notebooks from me and asked me to take the notebooks that were kept at the place, so I took those notebooks and she went keeping our notebooks there.

That was a high shelf so while she was keeping the notebooks they slide off to fall but she somehow managed them not to fall by taking them on her chest. I quickly kept the notebooks in my hands and tried to take the notebooks from her. So I went forward and hold the notebooks from both sides but as the notebooks were on her chest, top of my fingers touched her boobs she didn’t react and for first I also didn’t notice.

But in a moment I realized that my fingers were touching her boobs. Oh God, that was Soo soft, and also did she. But she didn’t react and moved her body forward to shift the weight on me. Her boobs got more pressed to my hand. I shifted my head around the notebooks to hold them. My one hand, the right one was under the notebooks which the rest of the teachers could see.

But the other one, the left one was around the books which no one could see which was now pressed between the notebooks and ma’ams boob and as I moved my hand more around the notebooks to take a proper hold I felt something, her tits, I was instantly erected in my pants. Her boobs were so soft like silk and were really good in size.

I knew that she also felt it but she reminded calm and don’t react and so did I. I moved my hand more inside to get a good grip and got the notebooks in my hand and kept them on the shelf. I turned around after keeping the notebooks, ma’am was sitting on the chair now. And I’m sure ma’am did notice the bulge on the pants. I was wearing jeans and I guess you know how it looks like when a dick got erected in jeans, it forms a bulge.

I asked for permission to leave and she asked me to collect the notebooks back at the end of the 3rdlecture and I went to have my lunch. During lunch and the next lecture, the 3rdlecture I was thinking about her. I have never touched such soft boobs. I had got a lot of sexual experiences before in life and had touched so soft boobs but these were the best in the world, perfectly made by God. I lost my whole 3rdlecture thinking about her.

And as the bell rang I waited for ma’am to finish and ran towards the faculty room. I opened the door and there was just her, I didn’t notice that and asked for permission to enter. She said that she forget to check the notebooks and asked if I could wait for 10 minutes and she’ll check it really quickly. And that was like a bonus for me so I agreed.

She got up to get the notebooks from the shelf. Here I didn’t want to help her with the notebooks so they again fell and I get a chance to touch her boobs but as manners, I move forward to help her and took those notebooks and kept them on the table. She sat on the chair and started checking the notebooks and I was checking her out. Oh God, she got a perfect body.

Now it was my notebooks turn. Let me tell you guys, just don’t judge me but my handwriting is not good. So when my turn came, she looked at me and I understand her meaning. She started to check and at a moment she couldn’t understand what I had written, I was standing behind her so when I moved to tell her, I didn’t move around but I bent over her and my dick touched her shoulder.

She noticed it but again didn’t reacted. So another time also I did the same thing but this time I didn’t move back after telling the words but stayed there as if to see the checking and tell if something she couldn’t understand, quickly.

After some time she asked me to sit beside her on her left. I was standing and touching her by my dick on the right which she did recognize, so I was now worried as to what if she wasn’t liking my touches but was just ignoring it and now it’s enough.

So I turned around and sat on her left. She was checking form her right hand and kept her left hand on my thighs and said that my writing is not good and I should improve it and while talking she was waving her left hand on my thigh up and down continuously which made me more excited and my dick erected and she noticed it.

She looked at me and smiled a bit. I understood that she is in the mood. She was still checking notebooks from her right hand and her left hand was on my thigh, so I held her hand, and that too was so soft, and took it to my dick she looked at me surprisingly and I got up holding her hand on my dick and went to kiss her but as I touched her lips she pushed me a bit and pulled her hand.

She asked me to control and leave. I didn’t know what to do, so I held her hand with my one hand and hold her waist with the other one and pushed her on the table, and placed my lips on her lips. She pushed me a bit about said – ‘ what are you doing ‘ I replied – ‘ I don’t know ‘ and again started kissing her. And this time I didn’t let her.

I got her from her waist in my hands and keep on kissing. Her hands were on the table. She wasn’t participating but I didn’t stop. I moved to her neck and her lips again. I got my tongue in her mouth and then got her in mine. Here she started to enjoy, she wasn’t resisting before but was also not involved but now she was getting involved. She got my tongue and lips in her and was now participating.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I moved my hands to her boobs, she held my hand with her but didn’t remove it. Ohh those boobs, they were so fucking good. They were so soft. I couldn’t control myself and I took her both boobs in my hands and started to press them and squeeze them very hard like a mad which made her moaning. She controlled it. She was wearing a yellow kurta and white or kinda skinny colored pajama.

I moved my hand between her legs and as I touched her between the legs, also I was so mad with those beautiful boobs that I pressed them so hard that she couldn’t control her moaning but she held it with her hands on her mouth. And she pushed me back and took her breath.

I thought I spoiled the mood and she is now angry. She started to move towards the door. I was still, standing there. I didn’t know what gonna happen next. She just had moved a few steps and she turned back, hold my hand, and dragged me outside. I was so fucking scared, what will happen next.

And she took me to the girls’ washroom, which was next to the staff room, first the boys’ washroom and then the girls. And we went into a toilet compartment. We started to kiss and she was really aggressive. Oh, fuck that was Haven and was about to get better. I hold her waist and she was holding my face.

I moved my hands under her kurta. Ohhhhhhh her skin was so so so soft like a ‘Makhmal’. And I reached to her bra. Then I moved my hand towards her back and hugged her. My hands reached her bra hook. And I untied them.

And moved my hand to the front, her boobs. Oh, fuck they were so so so so fucking soft. I stopped kissing her and moved my head a bit back and pulled up her kurta to have a look on her boobs. Ohhhhhhh those milky white boobs and that black chocolaty tit, fuck, I was in love. I slowly touched those with my hands and oh fuck my body shacked. Fuck those boobs and tits, oh man, just beautiful.

I moved my hands over them and then slowly pressed them. I got the tits in my fingers and pressed them. I looked up in her eyes and, with a plane but the sensual look she looked back into my eyes and. Looking at those eyes I got her tits in my mouth and started too sucked her boobs one after another. Her boobs were so so so so so sooooo fucking good and for about 5-10 minutes I was just sucking her boobs without stopping.

I moved down to her naval and reached her pajama. I opened it. She was wearing a black panty. I placed my face on her pussy over the panties and started to kiss her panties. After about a moment I stopped and removed her panties and placed my lips on her naked pussy. I sucked her pussy lips and pushed my tough in her pussy. I sucked her pussy and she was controlling her moaning.

She held my head and pressed it to her pussy. I was getting mad. I sucked her pussy a hard time and moved up kissing her pussy to her belly to her boobs and opened my pants. I got my dick out and kissing her, I touched my dick in her pussy.

She looked at my dick and gave it a soft cute kiss on the top. And slowly took it whole in her mouth. Ohhhhhhhhh, she gave me a very very good job, it was the best. I’m sure she was very experienced, Oh fuck. But she didn’t went much longer with that and got up and placed my dick on her pussy and I pushed it.

Oh yes, she just wanted it to get wet. I pushed my dick and I went in completely in just one single stroke. Ohh, that was so smooth, I didn’t wait for anything and started jerking the hardest I can. She was not able to control her moaning and she closed her mouth with her hand and after some more strokes, she held her mouth with both her hand tries to stop her moaning.

In about 4-6 minutes I was like cumming. I spotted and took a rest and looked at her. She understood and smile bank. She was on the pill. She definitely got a boyfriend. So I again started to jerk and with all my power I jerked and cum all in her. The whole time she was controlling her moaning with almost no sound at all and the moment I cum inside her she rested with a sound of pleasure, aaaahhhhh. That was killing, both, fucking sensual and a bit funny and afraid mixed reaction, come on, we were in collage-girls-washroom. We rested our bodies on each other.

We hugged and I rested in the head on her shoulder and kissing it, and she on mine. After a moment we looked up and kissed, lips on lips – pasted with no gap. And I started to suck her lips and tongue. She pushed me a bit back and started to get dressed. I hadn’t got my pants off but just opened down so I got it up and she was wearing her bra. Here I held her hands and stopped her. I took her bra and started to dress her. I took it through her hands and turned her and closed her hooks. We dressed up. She opened the gate and I again held her hand and pressed my lips on her. She pushed me and went forward. She looked around, there was no one so she gestured me to leave and I ran out kissing her on her cheek. She first looked at me with those eyes making them big and then a cute smile and she went to the staff room. And I went towards my class. Oh fuck, I was last for the lecture by about an hour and I knew that I’ll be scolded and yes I did got scolded but nothing before that one hour.

So that was my story.

Thank you, guys..

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