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Sex Story- College Senior Girl

Hey, my name is Devesh. This happened on 18 August I remembered the date as it was the Independence week and we had an extra class on Saturday which should have to be off.

I was in no mood of going to college but it was my first semester and classes were just started so I didn’t want to be absent in the very first month of my college. But as I reached the college I got to know that most of the students were absent. My college was not an open gate college and was very far from home or even any big city. Transportation was available but not all the time.

I was from the Dwarka, New Delhi and the college was very far, near Gurgaon so I used to up down by college bus. So there was no choice for me but to stay at the college till the college ends. So I waited to do not but roaming around the college or being busy with mobile, talking with friends.

It was now about to 1 so I decided to go out to the bus parking do something there which I don’t know what I would do but just go. We were two friends like 2 of a friend gang, you all must be having in school-colleges. So we got out of the library and went to the buses.

Now we didn’t want to stop but we had to go, so I and my friend went to the buses there he sat in his and I in mine as our bus route was very different. Now we weren’t many students in the bus so I decided to sit alone at the last. There were total about 10 students on the bus and all of them were seniors. It is a 3-hour route to my home which sometimes takes 3 and a half.

I was sitting in the last window seat with an open window, even the AC was on but I wanted to enjoy the wind as no one was looking at me. I put on my headphones and went to sleep with an open window and it wasn’t even 15 minutes and the rain started, splashing a bunch of drops all together on my face and clothes, nonstop.

It wasn’t that much but enough to kill my sleep at least on the bus. I closed the window but it was wet by now, not much but it was, so I want to the 2nd last row, window seat. Looking out the window I looked around on the bus and I saw a senior girl was sitting alone on the 3rd last row on the opposite side. I struck as if I might have seen her before and went into my phone, searching her on social media.

The rain stopped and after some time as it was rained outside seniors decided to open window then to sit in AC. She also opened window and me too and also the rest. For first few minutes she was talking to her friends sitting ahead but then she put on her headphones and sat clam looking outside the window. She was wearing a red collarless kinda v-shaped neck shirt.

So with the wind that shirt got filled with air, like inflated or got up or was floating and her cleavage, upper boobs and bra were visible to me. I stared that for minutes, about 10 maybe. And then she looked around on the bus.

So I looked in my mobile and didn’t looked back for a min and then as I looked back, she was looking at me. And she called me by my name. I was surprised. Then she told me and I remembered she was a mutual friend of one of my old friend and we meet in the birthday party of my friend and there I drank for the very first time and did enjoy a lot.

She came and sat next to me and we were talking about the college and that night at the party. We were talking and laughing. We were laughing a lot talking about the party. We hold our breath and sat our head on the seat. My hand was lying on my thighs, she held my hand and set her head on my shoulder. She asked about my future plans and hold my arm with her arms ( kinda hug my arms, hope you understood).

She said she was feeling sleepy and was a bit worried about the vast syllabus. I said you’ll manage it very well, I’m sure and she kissed on my cheeks, I looked to her, she smiled a bit and she kissed my lips and I followed the flow. We moved a bit low to enjoy without anyone watching us.

We still were holding hands, fingers in fingers and I moved my hand towards her legs and the other around her waist. Her waist was so smooth and her jeans were very tight. I moved my lips to her neck and my hand on her legs. She moved a bit down as no one sees us and as the seat was 3 seater, not that openly or comfortably but we lied on the seat I moved my lips toward her chest and reached her cleavage.

I moved my hand which was on her leg, up and touching her boobs. I held her face and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and then the second and then the third. Now I was kissing her cleavage and moved my hand from her face to her chest and remove the shirt aside and while holding her smooth big, not too mature but that of a 21 year old girl, boobs in my hand. I moved up looked in her eyes.

She smiled a bit and I again kissed her on her lips. While kissing I remove her bra aside and took her very smooth boobs and that erected tits in my hand and feeling the boob with my fingers. I pressed her boob with my hands and my dick on her pussy. I pressed her tits and took my hand in her pant and as I touched her pussy she bit my lips so hard that it started bleeding.

We were all lost and then the bus stop and with the jerk, by the bus, we return to the world and got up. She quickly buttoned her shirt and we looked around, luckily no one noticed us and we got up on time as all the 4 who were getting off on the stop waved goodbye to her. And the bus started again. We both were laughing on that very very short margin of been caught.

Now other than we two, four more were left in the bus in which three were boys who were sleeping like anything and one was a girl who never use to talk to anyone but her two-three friends, so she was lost looking outside the window and listening songs as their stops were at the last and was about an hour left for their stop they were all busy sleeping and listening songs.

Next was her stop in about twenty minutes and then mine in next 15-20 more minutes. We looked towards each other and we both smiled then started laughing. She relaxed on my shoulder and I looked outside.

I looked back to her and she looked at me and we went kissing again. And kept kissing very hard, now it was her stop she pushed me a bit and got her bag. We smiled and she got off the bus and she looked at me and we laughed. And the next moment I grabbed my bag and ran towards the gate and got off the bus and ran to her. She was laughing continuously. I smiled at her and I started moving. She stopped me and asked, ‘’Where are you going?’’ and I turned to her and said, “ You tell me, I don’t know”.

And she said, “ Then why did you got off the bus?”, with no answer, I smiled at her and she started laughing. She got my hand and we started moving. The place was crowded so I slowly and gently got my hand off her hand and she noticed it.

With a smile, she got my hand and dragged me in a very narrow road and as we moved a bit inside that road, enough that no one could see us I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards me.

We both were laughing as a few minutes ago I was not even holding her hand but now I hold her by the waist and no gap between and with laughing I got my lips to her laughing lips. That was the softest thing in the world. And I didn’t want to stop.

I moved to her neck and she got her hands under my shirt. I also got my hands under her shirt and that beautiful skin was so soft. I hugged her very tightly and lifted her in my hand and was kissing very hard now. She pulled herself back and we again started walking. We reached her house. She stopped me a bit before her house and went to her house. Meanwhile, I called my mom and said to her that I’ll be late and I won’t be able to go with her. And as I hung up the phone. I saw her in the balcony and she asked me to come around the road towards the back

I went there and was hoping a back door to get in but when I reached there, there was no gate and she was standing on the second floor and she asked me to come up there, somehow. There was no stairs or any kind of help but the back road was narrow so I just climb up the opposite house somehow and then crossed the road gap to her house. And as I crossed the wall I grabbed her and lift her in my arms and we went into her room.

She called her mom that she is tired and is sleeping. She locked the door I grabbed her from the back and get her on the bed and got over her and touched my lips to her very slowly and softly. She took my lip between hers. She stopped me and said the balcony door is opened I quickly got up kicked the door and again got over her and was kissing her when she turned me around and came over me

She got off the bed to lock the balcony door and I was like ‘who’ll come from her yaar’. She smiled and ran over me and we kissed so wildly. I moved my hands to her chest and started opening her shirt, each button one after other. I opened her shirt and got my hand on her back. She again turned me around and came over me and opened my shirt. I took my hand to her back, they reached her bra.

I pulled her towards me and unhooked the bra and turn her down and got over her and removed her bra, her tits were so erected. I looked to her and she gave me a naughty smile, I moved forward and placed my lips on her. She got my lips and tongue between her lips. Our tongues were so involved in each other.

I got her boobs in my hand and was squeezing them. I moved my lips to her boobs through her neck and got her boobs in my lips. She removed my shirt and got her hands towards my legs and unbuttoned my pants. I also got her legs and unbuttoned her and moved her pants down and got my hand in her pants. Her pussy was wet and our body was so close that my whole body felt her shaking when I first touched her between her legs. It was her first experience.

Yes, she was a virgin but I wasn’t. I was a very experienced one. I fingered a bit and she started moaning but she controlled it to be so loud that someone hears it. She got her hand to my dick and hold it so tight as I took pace with my fingers in her pussy. So I left her boobs and her pussy and opened my pants. She got my underwear done and got my dick out. She took my dick in her hands and was excited. She started masturbating. After some jerks, I got her mouth and got my dick in her mouth and she started the blowjob.

She was really good and was enjoying it. I moved to her pussy and starts licking it and we got in a 69 position. Then I got my finger in it, it was both exciting and painful or pleasure full for her. She was holding my dick with her hand and was controlling her moaning so much, as fast as I do the fingering. After some time it got uncontrollable so she got me off. I moved up and we kissed very wild. I licked her boobs and pressed them too hard. She took my dick and gave me a blowjob, like a storm.

After that great blowjob for about four to six minutes I moved back and started licking her pussy. And then placed my dick on her pussy. Both my dick and her pussy were wet but as she had never done it before so it was a bit tight. So I moved very slowly. I was kissing her and my hands were on her boobs.

I slowly pushed my dick inside her and then gave her some jerks and after some soft jerks I started to give her some hard one to get into her and with every hard jerk I stopped for a while, it was her first time. In 3-4 jerks, I got it all in her. I waited for a moment and kissed her and then I started to jerk in pace keeping my lips on her as being the first time it was hard for her to control her sound. She cumin the next 3-4 minutes but I didn’t stop.

And after about few minutes of slow jerks, I got my pace and I met her so wild that it was very very hard for her to stop her screams, so I kept my lips on her so tight and she also got her hands on my head and pressed it. I continued my pace in another 4-5 minutes I was about to cum. But I didn’t want to take that out but I can’t cum inside so at the very last moment I got it out and the put it in her mouth and started jerking again with pace and I cumin about 2-3 minutes.

I cum whole in her mouth while jerking only. And really I almost choked her. I got the dick out and we both slept naked for a while. I was over her and I slept. After sometime she woke me up and now she was over me. It was my mom’s call. She put it on my ear and I said that I’ll be home in half an hour.

We looked each other and we started laughing and we kissed again and hugged so tight that even air could not have passed through between us. Her boobs were pressed on my chest like they were pasted and my dick between her legs.

And I again put my dick in her while hugging and turned her and got over her and started jerking again with all the strength and after about 5-8 minutes of jerking, I stopped and placed my lips on her and then I rest my body on her and took my face around her and started kissing her neck. She moved her hands from my butt to my neck and head. I slowly called her name in her ears she replied ‘ hmm ‘

I asked her ‘ I want to… ‘

She – ‘ want to …? ‘

I said – ‘ inside you ‘.

She turned her face the other side.

I got up and looked in her eyes.

She said – ‘ condom!? ‘

I nodded my head as no.

She gave me a worried and confused expression and me, it’s okay with her.

She took my head in her hand and gave me a naughty smile followed by our laughing. I kissed her and started jerking and keep kissing her for few more moments. I was very excited, I held with all my strength and in about 6-8 minutes I was like cumming. I looked in her eyes and she smiled controlling her moaning by biting her lips. I increased my place and have my shot into her. And feel her. My dick was still inside her. She hugged me tightly and slowly said – ‘ now I’ll have your baby ‘.

Fuck that brought the shit out of me.

I got up and looked at her. She laughed and pushed me away on the bed, off her. I was still worried and looked at her.

She did – ‘ don’t want idiot. I won’t get any babies ‘

And got off the bed, laughing. I asked her – ‘ where ‘

She replied – ‘ bathroom ‘

I said – ‘ wait I’ll also come’

And I ran behind her. We went into the bathroom and had a bath together. I wore my clothes and was about to leave the room from front gate that she pulled me back. She was in a towel, so I removed the towel and got her soft boobs in my hand.

She pushed me and started wearing her clothes, her panties, then her bra then her pants and a t-shirt. I got out the from behind as I got in. And she came from the front. She dropped me to my home on her Scooty. And she went to her home and me mine. That day I didn’t take her phone number, neither did she, we forgot. We searched each other on Facebook and we talk all the time, 24×7.

After that, we had sex about 7-8 times that month and that too during the exam time and now the exams are over

So that was my story. Thank you, guys.

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