Sex Story - College Friend !

Hey People,

This happened with my friend(classmate) during my graduation period. The heroine of the story is Sanchi (To say about her, she has a seductive figure with right fleshes and curves at right places and she does care a lot about her dressing) who is my classmate since 8th grade.

So even our parents know each other well. So during one semester break time, one of our common friends invited us both and a few of our old classmates for her marriage function and its previous day night party.

The function was well arranged and prepared as our friend was from a very rich family. The plan was to stay till midnight till the party ends. The function was around 30kms away from our home.

We both were from the same locality. So we planned to go together. The day arrived and Sanchi called me by 4 PM and said that her mom is leaving to her sister’s place as because her sister had a small accident so that she has to take care of her sister’s small kids.

She continued that so her mom has asked her to get back home before 10 PM (Her father was working abroad). I said its fine and will drop you back early.

So as planned I reached her place by 5.30 and I was awestruck, she was in a sleeveless black top and black long frock. She was looking like an angel. I came back to senses and greeted her, had formal talks and we started.

We reached there by 7PM after heavy traffic. We was bit late, still joined with our friends in a room. Being a high class party, drinks was been serving and almost all boys except me was switched off.

Even girls was having drinks as social drinking. So everyone insisted and we both also had to take a beer. I just stopped after 1-2 sip. Bt Sanchi took it on a one go. She was drinking like a professional.

Btw it was almost 9PM. By the time Sanchi had few more of drinks. So I asked her lets leave and let my friends understand my situation that I have to drop her before 10PM.

Finally we started back home. On the way, I asked her when she started boozing? She said its her first time. From her talk I understood that she’s not in full senses. Her talks and words was bit slipping off from her tongue.

Around sharp 10PM we reached her place. She was bit sleepy and tired due to the beer. She was not even able to stay straight properly. I knew this is gonna be trouble and I cant leave her before her gate when none is there.

I asked her keys and opened the door. Came back to my car, hold her and asked her to walk towards her home. She stepped in. I took my hands off from her. At the very next moment, she fall down due to imbalance. I was not able to let her mom know about this. So again I held her and took her to her bedroom.

On the way that happened! With a deep breath she vomited. Not only her dress and her floor, my dress and my hands got also soaked with them. I went in and cleaned myself, my dress and later the floor.

When I came back after cleaning the floor, I found her crying helplessly. Still she was not able to stay straight or clean herself properly. Her dress was almost soaked with it.

After seeing her crying, I understood I had no other option than staying with her for the night. I was sure she cant manage it herself. I called my home and said I am staying with my friends and will be back tomorrow morning only.

I then tried to console her by saying its natural and theres nothing to get feared or to get worried on it. I continued only we both know about this and let it be so. Her mind was getting fine, bt not her body.

Then I said to her I will help and asked her to clean herself and change her dress. Till the time I didnt had any bad intentions on her other than I used to enjoy her beauty sometimes.

I took her to the door of washroom by holding her hands and I took my hands off. She stood holding at the door for a moment and again she couldnt balance her body. My dirty mind confirmed something’s going to happen today.

With courage I asked her shall I help her to change her dress. She left crying and that was only she was able to do. I took the moment to convince her. I told her treat me just as a nurse or else its going to be worse and you cant sleep and relax properly today. She didn’t had any option. She didnt utter any word. Tears was flowing from her eyes.

I slowly made her sit on a nearby chair. After asking her to cooperate for the final time, I kept my hands on her top and asked her to raise her hands to pull them off. She couldnt do that. So I pulled a little bit of her top till her boobs, adjusted her hands in a position to get my job more easier and pulled the top off.

Damn son! Right now I am the one who lost my balance over my mind. What a pair of boobs she got and clean shaven armpit. Her sweating armpit and neck was driving me badly. She caught me and started weeping again.

I came back to senses and said relax dear I wont let anybody know this. She was sweating too much. I cleaned her sweat with my hands. And I kept my hands on her black petticoat. It came off in one pull.

She was having a damn sexy cleavage. Her cleavage had sweat droplets over there. My tool was fully erect and it was paining a lot. I picked her up and asked her to walk towards bathroom.

I got hold on both her arms. My hands were touching her bra cups. I asked her the permission to remove her frock and she nodded. She was still out of senses.

I kept my hands on her navel and started to slide down. He frock was also off. The fuck. Her sweat was smelling better than any fragrance. I kept my hand a couple of times on my pants to adjust my erection. I untied her hair. And opened the shower.

By the meantime, I almost kept and pressed my hands on her boobs, thighs, navel and all. After 10 mins showering, she was almost fine and she said she can take bath herself and asked me to wait outside.

I said okay and told her not to lock the door. After another 10 mins, she asked me to get a pair of night dress from her cupboard. I gave her a t-shirt and knee-length trousers. Suddenly I heard a noise and I opened the door and came to see her fallen down when tried to put on trousers. She was still on her towel. I came near hold her and took her to the bedroom.

Seriously her soap fragrance made me lose my control. On the way to the bedroom, I couldn’t control. I kept her locked towards a wall and started lip kissing while holding her one hand tightly.

Her lips were so sweet and my tool was like a mountain who is ready to pump the volcano. She couldn’t resist and she hugged me in response. She also didn’t have any other choice or any sense to resist. I laid her on the bed. Switched on AC.

Starting from her cheeks, I kissed on her eyes, neck, lips and that leads to another 5 min long liplock. She was breathing heavily. I slowly kept my hands on her cleavage and untied her towel.

The boobs were waiting for my treatment. I took the right boob and started playing with it. By the meantime, she was raised to full mood. I played with the nipples and slowly started sucking them.

She was moaning and holding my hair. I terribly sucked them and increased the intensity of her hugging. She started to insert her hands into my shirt and move her fingers on my bare back.

It was a sign for me to remove my shirt. I removed it. And came to her navel. Teased her without touching her navel hole and ran my fingers around it. After a few mins, I touched her navel hole and her lips opened in excitement and I caught it. Caught them sucking and sucking.

Then I lifted her hands and smelled her dove soaps fragrance from her clean shaven armpit. I bite at her armpit which gave her a tickling as well as shock pass through. Then I kept my right hand under her navel area and started teasing her by running fingers between her thighs and vagina lips.

She was breathing too heavily. I lowered my pants and gave her my tool to hold to reduce her excitement stress. She caught it and I asked her to move it to and fro. I slowly touched her vagina hole and started rubbing. She started to increase the speed and she started to moan.

She was wet. The juices came all way through my fingers. I again started fingering with 2 fingers and it was too tight enough. After 10 mins of continuous fingering, the hole became lubed and tried 3 fingers. She was screaming in pain and pleasure. I locked her screaming mouth with my lips. The juice was ooozing all over hair private hairs and bed.

I asked her to suck my penis to which she denied first. Then I started licking her hairy pussy and her salty juice taking lead a way through my tongue. She was having her first orgasm.

She was holding a pillow with one hand and my hair with another hand while I was licking her pussy. Then she came to hold my dick and sucked its tip first. She kept sucking the tip and slowly started to increase the area of sucking.

I asked her to shake it well with hands and take it in the mouth. She kept shaking and I was shagging her boobs in return and the gun was loaded. I asked her to take it in the mouth. She did and few of them splashed over her face and pillow.

We both went to the toilet and cleaned me and helped her clean her pussy while she cleans her face herself. Came back to position, I kept the tip of my penis between her vagina lips. She was ready to go in with her excitement and she guided my dick to its hole.

On the first attempt, it didn’t go in. On the second attempt, the tip went in with loud moaning, on the next shot the full went in with a loud screaming and deep breathing. Her breathing speed increased.

I slowly started fucking her. Her fleshy boobs were moving to and fro. She was breathing and moaning like there’s no tomorrow. I began to increase the speed of action and in another 10 mins, my cum was ready to shoot.

She didn’t want to take it in her. Took the dick out and sprayed it on her navel and boobs. Cleaned her body with a bedsheet and laid hugging for an hour. After an hour had one more session and slept nude the whole night.

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